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Written 1994

In my search for truth , God has given me many experiences and many birth pains. I have been given many insights into the soul and spirit for my own walk.

One day God showed me a dime spinning around and in this he gave me a revelation on creation. How life (LIGHT) was slowed down into slow vibration thus creating formation. When Eve the soul of Adam partook of the KNOWLEDGE of good and evil, creation was slowed down to even more of a dense state of being which was subject to decay.

We are in reality a spirit experiencing the vibration of matter, time and space. Within the vast scheme of things, spirits descent into matter, brought a slower vibration of thought. Thus ushering in the soul mind of choice and recreation. Mind became a thought field of change .

Spirit in reality as a whole ,is one. Yet, within itís rebirth cycle upon the plane of matter, became fragmented souls to play out the drama of space and time. Thus entering the veil of the illusion.

Spirit mind being the whole of existence. A light without shadow or form, was extended through the crescendo of thought causing formation and a separation within mind. A thought field of change and imagination was born within the womb of time. (Within true spirit there is no change or imagination.) Individual sparks of life or light stars was born. Everything of spirit then existed on planes and worlds of recreation within matter. The image of-- or the imagination of. The image or imagination of God. It took a soul for God to imagine through, for he is a reality that cannot change.

Spirit entered the rebirth canal in itís decent into the finite existence.

Spirit wrap itself within minds illusion of thoughts that come and go. Then became many facets of soul thinking. (In reality there is not but one soul.) Spirit became the shadow of the soul, vibrated into slower thought and became the material world or body.

So now we can see that the infinite was extended into and through the finite. The absolute or the existing truth was robed of the physical plane

To rebirth the whole of itself. Many facets of evolving parts. So that God could be made into spirits (plural) within many soul functions.

Creating a life force of rebirth and the appearance of gross enlargement. This was all held within the drama of the changing illusion.

Within this concept we see that the material worlds are only a manifest form of the invisible, through soul. The soul is the medium between spirit and body. That which holds all worlds in between. Soul is the womb and chamber of recreation. The very enlargement of all that God is. Eternity extended through the crescendo of thought, time and space.

Thus causing life--light to vibrate into living.

So we can see that the term God is both spirit and soul within rebirth cycles upon the plane of matter. God rebirthing through myriads of self.

Within this concept, we the soul see that we are both God and mankind, in the essence of spirits unfolding. (This in spiritual terms of the scriptures, was demonstrated through Jesus the Christ.) He spoke that he and God were one. He came forth as the second Adam to show all mankind their true purpose and identity of God. To lift the soul mind out of itís decention.

Upon the stage of earth within mans darkness of ignorance, light came forth into enlightment. Soul began to create the spirits world of reality.

Within this recreation, soul of mind unites with higher mind and evolves back toward the whole of spirit being. Yet, bringing the spirit into souls self to manifest upon the physical plane of existence.

Within planet earths decent into darkness, light could be rebirthed.

Within the chamber of darkness, the smallest seed of light can birth into greater brightness of being, causing darkness to be consumed.

We see a demonstration of this through the little seed being planted

within the earth. The seed tho very small holds the whole tree within itself. It must be placed within death or darkness to be rebirthed into the beauty of a life given tree. So out of the chambers or the invisible

World comes forth the manifest form.

We as soul are birthing all worlds and planes of being within the chambers of thought or mind. We the soul or womb of the spirit hold all worlds, planes, stars, universes, galaxies, etc. within the chambers of mind. There is nothing without that did not first come from within as spirit.

When soul descended it went to sleep to all reality. Now the soul knows by the senses. Yet , the spirit seed holds all planes of reality within. Now in order for the soul to climb out of its own ignorance that it created of the illusion, it must increase the light. The pattern was given in Jesus the Christ. To love God or embrace the infinite within self, and to do unto others as that of ones true self. For all are facets of one being.

To know and behold ourselves within and through all things. Brings forth the great mystery sealed within time and matter. Love is the key to wholeness of being. The expression of love is golden strands of eternity, spin forth within the great loom of time. Love is more than a word or a feeling. Love is a state of just being, seeing nothing but itself.

We experience the illusion of appearance in our drama of being. In order to know the power of life within. We are spirit experiencing the body of deaths illusion in order to come forth in the art of loving.

Tho we may descend to the lowest form. We can ascend unto the highest reality of being. We are a spirit with a soul and a body. To

Transcend soul thought beyond death into life. We must have an inner change of giving and receiving. Without giving and receiving, all is void and without the force of life. We are Gods soul in the earth in which he births ,or gives himself.

To really ascend is to become one with all things within ourselves. To take life into the very depth and destroy the death of ignorance. Just loving ones self no matter what things appear to be. Yet giving up thoughts to receive thoughts. Gathering up the fragments that nothing be lost.

To ascend within the collective self that we really are as the over soul of souls. We must condescend to all levels of our being in express parts.

When we find facets of ourselves in darkness, we stand inside the darkness as the light. For light or love creates light or understanding.

Light is fragments of truth brought to understanding through love.

What we term as enlightment.

To ascend one may have to come down to another level to lift up. One that is in true ascension, having great wisdom and understanding, can descend to the lowest to redeem facets of self. Wasnít this what God did through the second Adam ,called Jesus? There is only one body, one soul and one spirit. Yet, coming forth as a many member creation.

Soul must become as the Greek God Proteus who could change from one form to another. Which had the power of life and death and of prophecy to speak forth being. Those who could hold on to him until he changed back into his first form, could have life and the answer of true wholeness of full being.

Soul can change to any form or take many paths, to become the spirit of life that it is.

Yet, collectively to be proteanouse is to meet our many parts of self on any level. To bring the fragments of ourselves into one. To esteem ones self above another cannot bring ascension. Yet, to allow the inner self to

Love beyond and above all things ,will bring true ascension.

True ascension lifts all above self, until all is brought forth as the whole.

We came forth from the spirit , took on a soul of imagination to birth and create a greater expression of life.


Gleanings by ; Lola Whisnant



Kingdoms Of Mind

I feel for many right now there is a newness coming forth.

A new birth serge of life. We are going behind the veil of our own reasoning. We are beholding our very self in the mirror of all creation. It is like the storm lifting and the sun is bursting through. A new love is taking form within our heart.

What we have longed for in our humanism of the soul. To be clothed upon of our house from heaven. True Knowing!!!

Knowing that we are spirit , came out of spirit, manifesting

Spirit through love.

Many may be in hard tests or walking in strange realms.

Yet, it is in the test that God is birthed and enlarged.

When we walk in places of Joy, we are walking in that which has already been birthed. It is in the hard places that God births anew within us. We as humans have not truly understood this. If we just walked in all blessings and overflowing with life at all times. We would never experience , nor would GOD experience, more through us. This is where we were in the first Adam body.

So the hard places are for GOOD . We are coming to a place where the hard places will be as much God and manifestation of God, to us, as the excelling feelings of life. This is where all negative will give way to life. Until there will be only GOD!!!

Gods inner kingdom will then express outwardly.

We are the manifestation of divine mind. The unlimited mind!!

Mind is the kingdom of heaven. Love is the kingdom of God.

Mind is a kingdom of all there is. Wherein all things in all heavens, all earths, universes ,planets, stars, etc. exists as the now. The kingdoms of the mind, hold all of the invisible life and worlds within minds self.

Soul was given as the womb, or creator of spirits birth. Soul is a kingdom of thought that comes and goes Wherein spirit can ascend or descend. This is the kingdom of heaven.

This kingdom of heaven or mind holds all invisible seeds, souls or that which is or is to come. The invisible realms are only invisible because they are not birthed within thought. The souls or spirits of loved ones now out of the physical body, all exist within the kingdom of mind.

All is in growth of its seed self. All is in God as his soul mind.

Mind holds all things. In reality everything is one in spirit. The soul gives forth a different essence of being. We are in reality everything that is in the many expressions of self.

When we can really tap into the reality of our TRUE mind. We will behold all things as ourselves. Then we will be able to know as we are known. Then we will awake to the invisible kingdom. For all worlds are right here in mind.

We can pull in anyone and communicate in thought.

Desire usually births this. Those of ourselves that are out

Of the physical body can minister to us as well as we to them. For there is not but one spirit and in reality one mind.

This Jan. 2005, I had an experience in my sleep that gave me a new boost of life. A dear friend and holy bond of mine past from this physical realm over a year or so ago. When she

Left the body, I felt her presence with me comforting me with strength. Her presence of love came through me and out of my computer as I was doing up a card of roses circled around the words ď I will always love youĒ. This card went off the screen before I could save it. Later ,as I was typing the letter concerning her wake .The card kept coming across my screen. Over and over it did this. Each time I felt her love so strong.

I knew she was speaking to me.

This Jan. I was a sleep and she came to me. She was so young

And vibrant. She just shined with love and divine peace. Her

Presence just filled my being with joy. She came to give me a message. She sit down in my lap. A holy presence of her love, life and peace just went right into my body and heart. My spirit swallowed her up. Her strength is with me in a greater way. She came to me in her God love self. She came through the mind ,into my being, thru the sense world.

The kingdom of mind holds all things. Divine mind , or the kingdom of God ,is beyond thought .Yet, holds all reality.

We can pull in anything we need. For in reality all is one.

We in our humanism have not been able to understand the

Worlds beyond the natural senses.

God as divine mind is such fast vibration that spirit just remains still. There is no thoughts that come or go. It is only when substance is extended out into the field of thought, that God is made to think within the illusion or imagination of self.


Souls that are now in the invisible are within a greater vibration than the earthen senses. Yet they can extend self into

Earth through the kingdom of mind. For in reality all is one creation as soul. We will begin to see more and feel more oneness with all worlds, as the fullness of the kingdom comes into earth !!! When we can see only God!!!!

Gleanings by : Lola Whisnant