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The Weapon of Surrender





The greatest weapon we have against the enemy is our peace and surrender.  It absolutely assaults his hope of making us fearful and taking the situation into our own hands.  It threatens his very access to us~~~ our fears. So the Lord arranges some of our toughest lessons in life to address the fear and trust issues.  When he can tell that we have His image formed in us in this area of trust…He knows we will be able to watch ten thousand fall at our side and we will know the rest and peace of our God, in spite of what our eyes see or our ears hear around us.  It says that the eyes of the Lord are looking for those whose hearts belong to Him so He cans strongly support that man.  That is the total intent of God to control our hearts…to have them surrender to His love and His protection.  He is after supporting that person in whatever situation he needs to be protected from the enemy.  That man will be able to hear the voice that tells him to go to the right or to the left.  His life will be nothing but direction and destiny.  God has to know that our hearts are His and His alone first.  He does that so we no longer contain the capacity for fearing the enemy.  In the promised land the people still had the enemy but they had the hearing from the Lord and they had learned to trust that voice.  That is why the Lord must secure our trust in hear and to know the voice of counsel from Him.  We have to be convinced against the lies of the enemy that tell us differently that God can be trusted and that He has our best interest in His heart.  The place of protection from our enemy is the place of assured surrender to the One who is able to be trusted.  The rest of God that we are to enter into is a state of being.  It is a state of being within us and not a place outwardly except that we perceive it differently so it is SEEN as confidently a place where our God will create triumph and victory for us.  We will just stand and see the salvation of our God because our perception is now one of trust.  The renewed mind is in complete union with the mind of God…it is total and pure trust in the Father.  It is a peace without any understanding needed.  It bypasses our logic and our reasoning. The Promised Land is the land of knowing, beyond our understanding, the One who is sure and able to be trusted to go with us into the enemy’s camp and know that the spoils are made for us.  The absolute truth that we are with the One who loves to do the impossible and confound the wisdom of man is our most lethal weapon against the fears of the enemy.   The wilderness should have taught us to meet our fears and overcome them. God makes it very clear who has the door into the Promised Land opened to them~~~THE BELIEVERS.   The unbelief that was in the hearts of the people in the wilderness and was not chosen to be addressed by them in the wilderness, was not able to be taken into the Promised Land.   In the wilderness we are given grace to be an unbeliever…but when we are invited into the Promised Land of our Lives we are not able to bring unbelief into the Promise.  It would be a total contradiction and incongruity to the One who is looking for those who would worship Him in spirit and truth.  He is looking for those who know He is with them like a Dread Champion.  Jer 20:11 ~His outstretched arm and unfailing love taught them, in the wilderness.   “ I will be the God of all and they shall be my people…the people who survived the sword and found grace in the wilderness when it went to find it’s rest…the Lord appeared to them saying , I have loved you with an everlasting love therefore I have drawn you with lovingkindness…and I shall rebuilt you and you will take up your tambourines and there will be a day when watchmen on the hills shall call out, arise and let us go up to the Lord our God.”  Jer 31  ~~~~ we are getting rebuilt by God.  Rebuilt from the inside-out…free from fears…rebuilt by the union of our God with us.  He is bringing us back to Himself…”Behold, I am bringing the blind and the lame, the woman with child and the one in labor, a great company shall return here with weeping and I will lead them and make them walk by streams of water and on straight paths of which they won’t stumble for I am their father.” …..”and their life will be like a watered garden and they shall be satisfied with MY GOODNESS.  Jer 31  Oh, to be satisfied with only His goodness to us~ that is the gift.  Simple knowing who is with us and who could never be against us.  No one can be against us to make us fear when we know the One who is a Dread Champion and know He is on our side.  The rest and peace of God is the reward.  The enemy can’t cause us to be restless or agitated when our life deals us uncertainty and losses…because against all of those external issues going on are internal forces of peace and tranquility being built as a fortress inside of us.  The kingdom of the Promised Land is within has been being built by every pressure and trial that the external world tried to make us fearful with.  It fortified the internal walls that needed to be built for the temple to be completed in us.  The temple not made with hands but eternal in the Heavens!  Made here on earth but abiding and getting it source of Life from the Holy City where the Holy One abides.  A place of watering…the artesian well within them.~the River of Life that starts in the garden in Genesis and ends in Revelation in the same garden~~the New Jerusalem!   So the famine in the world is external and may be real but so is the bread on the table set for us in the Holy of Holies within~~ the darkness is external and real but so is the Light within the Temple within.  The pestilence is external and real but so is the feeding at the green pastures and the still water of the Shepherd.and whose flocks we are.  The overcomers don’t even get shaken by the external forces because they have no ability to fear.  The peace of God has been their learned existence…they only know the cave of His habitation…they have been using all their life experiences to go deeper into the union of their Lover.  He has been taking them to His mansion with many rooms and they have their own room with Him now…his bedroom where He has been whispering to them with love and trust and they have learned those whispers have more strength than any tauntings of the external life.  They have learned that their true life and substance is hidden with Him and their union with Him.  He feeds them from the table, then they are able to feed their enemy from that same table because they are well fed and nutured by their union of love… their true life with the one who is the Way, the Truth and the Life.

He is a “happy” man like it says in Job because he knows he has been disciplined by God and what has been disciplined out of him was fear.  He can hear of famine and not fear…of war and not be afraid..violence and it will not reach him…and he will know that his tent is secure and he will fear no loss..and he will go to his grave with full vigor.  Health!  Job 5:17  ~~~ we need to have the Lord discipline the fears out of us while there is grace for the fears…before the Jordon is in front of us and we are not able to cross because of our unbelief~~let Him use this external life and all it’s situations to expose the enemy (fear) within each of us and then let Him show us His might and strength when we rest in Him.  That is the most powerful weapon we possess in the Promised Land within…the peace that is beyond understanding.  It will provide a life of rest from our enemies and peace as our sword!