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            The Ever-Present NOW

Much is being said today about "NOW" so I wanted to take a closer look. Belief seems to be a future word as itís a "hope of becoming." To become brings this thought into the here and now. We know the mind of Christ always works in the now and is one of the first steps in understanding the present. Another key is learning the term "present and continuing." We are saved and being saved, we are delivered and being delivered, and we are perfect and being perfected. This is how we find the eternal--PRESENT and the fulfilling power is always in the NOW.

We find the vague, distant vision of belief or hope for the future becomes completed in the great, living, dynamic, all-powerful NOW! This is the place of the eternal and the point of power. Living in the realm of belief or hope is OK for a child. Even with the men of "faith" in Hebrews 11, they saw but it was "afar" they had a distant view. It was never brought into the present NOW and they all died in faith. We must not just have a hope or belief for but bring the reality of this new Day into the ever present NOW of our lives.

NOW is a perfect moment, with no lack, sickness, poverty or death. Itís the place Christ revealed when He said, "take no thought for tomorrow."
We become anxious looking to the future or trying the change the mistakes of the past. But itís only in the NOW that we experience the power of eternity, the great Light of Christ and the Almighty power of God. The Day of the Lord that John was caught up to is the ever-present Day that resides in the NOW. It has no past or future or time, it IS. The power to BE is only found in the NOW.

Have you ever thought, let me become love, or let me become peace or let me become this or that? In the now you BE LOVE, you BE PEACE for just to have love or peace you could lose it ... but to BE LOVE or to BE PEACE is another matter. Itís the expression of our Father. I AM Light and in this place we find, "ALL the Father has IS yours!" This is the realm of BE-ing. No longer do we look "through a glass darkly" or dimly, or off in the future. The veil has been removed in this Day and we live in the reality of NOW. Itís a perfect moment we are in.

                                NOW is your perfect moment, the appointed
                       time of the Father, to take hold of the
                           blessings and to become powerful.

In the eternal NOW we are no longer subject to time and space. Can we begin to live as though all is fulfilled? NOW is the point of contact and the place of power. Here is where the keys to fulfillment are and the hope of our future becomes the present.

Live NOW as though you already have the fulfillment, live NOW, as you are LOVE and arrayed in perfect LIGHT and watch it unfold as you.

There comes a certain moment in the experience of every person. when a touch of the Spirit breaks through into consciousness; when a ray of light penetrates, not because of the person, but in spite of Him. From the moment that ray touches him, the end is inevitableÖ. As He is going to find his way to the very center of his being, right to the throne of God.

Blessings,  Floyd
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