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    Floyd Watson was born April 18, 1948 in Beaufort County, NC.  He was the son of Mary Etta Floyd Watson and the late Edward Early Watson, and grew up in the small eastern N.C. town of Washington.  He was a veteran of the US Marine Corp. Having served in Viet Nam, Floyd was a highly decorated Viet Nam Veteran receiving a Viet Namese Cross of Gallantry w/star and Bronze Star with a combat V. Immediately after the war, Watson joined the peace movement and spent the rest of his life preaching the peace of Jesus Christ.  

Floyd was married to Gayle Nicholls Watson for 23 years, and they had 3 children: Isaiah, Bethany and Jeremy. He was a traveling evangelist most of his life, holding ministries throughout the United States, as well as various foreign countries such as Jamaica, Brazil, and Guyana, South America.

    These words encapsulate Floyd’s life:  There comes a certain moment in the experience of every person, when a touch of the Spirit breaks through into consciousness; when a ray of light penetrates, not because of the person, but in spite of him.  From the moment that ray touches him, the end is inevitable, as he is going to find his way to the very center of his being, right to the throne of God.

Recently, in his personal writings, Floyd described his lifelong search for God’s truth: "I looked in fame, money, travel, women, religion, and relationships; seeking that peace, that place of rest. Religion sidetracked me for years, convincing me that I could only find God in a meeting. In 1995, I found "wit’s end corner," the end of myself - on an NC mountain living in a cabin alone. I had to find IT, that which I had sought but had eluded me. Then the LIGHT came on. What I was looking for was not to be found outside of me but INSIDE. I found my true identity, my true life... it was Christ, the Christ within. All I will ever need is within... Anyway I found that peace/that place I had sought after for my life time. BLISS... JOY."

In 2004, Floyd experienced a severe stroke which caused loss of physical mobility and function. His strength of mind and purpose enabled him to battle back and regain the ability to walk, move his limbs in a coordinated fashion, and order his thoughts and words. Then, just 6 months later, he began having mini-heart attacks. These resulted in medical tests which revealed severe clogging of the heart arteries. In January 2005, Floyd underwent quadruple bypass heart surgery – just 2 days before the birth of his "angels," twin grand-daughters Isabella & Jadyn. Throughout these trials, Floyd exemplified a positive attitude and a happy heart! He sought God’s heart and will with single-minded purpose, believing in God’s purpose for him. When he was unable to travel and teach, Floyd continued to write and email the thoughts Spirit gave him, thereby maintaining a web-based ministry.

On February 26, 2007, Floyd crossed through the veil to walk into the heart of God. Free from the issues of the flesh, we know he continues with his spiritual purpose and path even now. Per his wishes, Floyd’s family had his remains cremated, and scattered in the Pamlico River of his hometown. Let the river flow!

Floyd’s family members include three children, Isaiah Watson of Belmont, NC, Bethany Lear and husband, Rick of Alpharetta, GA, and Jeremy Watson of Washington, NC; his mother, Mary Etta Floyd Watson of Washington, NC; one sister, Linda Browning and husband, Ed of Griffin, GA; one brother, Ed Watson and wife, Tonna of Washington, NC; and three cherished grandchildren, the lights of his life: 2 year-old twins, Isabella and Jadyn Lear and 5 year-old Cole Lear. He was full of love, light and joy as a father, and he was absolutely born to be a grandfather.

-Bethany Watson Lear

March 2007