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"But the hour cometh, and NOW IS, when the true worshippers shall worship the Father in spirit and in truth God is Spirit; and they that worship him must worship Him in spirit and in truth." John 4:23-24

What is worship? Worship (number 4352 in Strong's) is to kiss, to bow, to prostrate in homage. Spirit ( number 4151) a current of air, breath, life.
When we picture worship in our mind its someone on knees, with hands in the air, singing in the spirit or in another language but flowing from within. In a group when we call or feel to worship everyone sings whatever is in their heart and it flows like a river. Sometimes we just hold a note and many voices become ONE. I have noticed that to really break through we must be in a major key as minor keys are keys of travail.

Today I have been reading a lot about tones, frequencies and vibrations. We can see this when we understand "a spirit is an attitude" because if someone is in anger (attitude) we say they have a spirit of anger and when they walk in, the attitude changes the tone or atmosphere of the room. If someone is walking in love you can sense the vibration coming from them.

I was in a monastery sometime ago and the Monks would come out every 3 or 4 hours and do chants. It was beautiful as they flowed in worship together. One of the Monks used the term "toning" which I had never heard of at the time but over the years have found a better understanding. It is an ancient method of healing and just like electricity provides light, toning causes a flow of energy in our bodies. When we "sing in the spirit" we are toning and we feel the energy (spirit) flowing forth from our innermost beings. Many have been healed and had their lives changed in worship. The atmosphere becomes electric in ecstasy and excitement.

Science has proven that plants grow better and healthier with lively tones verses hard rock music. They respond to the peace and flow of life. Have you learned to speak kind words to your plants or even to your children. Your spirit (attitude), or tone of voice will get a response, positive or negative.

             Tone is the underlying force operating in our lives
             as words are vibrations that travel on tone.

Looking back at ancient times we find two things are present in healing rituals--- sound and chanting and sometimes rhythmic movements. Chinese used "singing stones" in their healing rituals. They were thin, flat stones of jade, which when struck gave off musical tones. They felt the key of "F' as a healing note. The Sufis used "Hu" and the Tibetans used "A, F sharp, and G" in their sacred sounds. Many mystics teaching use rhythm with the body, melody with the emotions, and harmony to lift the consciousness to spiritual awareness.
Everything on this planet vibrates in their frequency trees, rocks, plants, animals and humans. In fact Einstein said, E=MC2, which is we are all energy slowed down to become visible as MASS but if we are speeded up times the speed of light x 2 then we become pure energy again. This is the temporal realm the Bible speaks of. (Science just proved this: in super conductors they reach a place of twice the speed of light but the problem they encountered is you get there before you leave) Men that live only out of their senses vibrate in a lower realm, a carnal realm but as we worship (tone) we become lighter and lighter. Jesus proved this at the Mt. of Transfiguration as he appeared in his light body. How do you think he kept walking through angry crowds untouched? This is a reason we all need to meditate, because in meditation we slow down the vibration we are in. Tension must go and that will lower blood pressure.

We can see in the past century how life has changed. We ride in cars instead of walking, we sit more instead of standing, and we eat more which causes weight from not walking more. We used to sing and whistle and now we watch TV.
We all can see we lost something that ancient ones knew. Look at Stonehenge, the Pyramids, and many other unexplained mysteries around the world. I was told a story of a geologist in Hawaii that was studying in Kauai when he came onto some ancient temples. Not knowing how they got the boulders up the mountain, he spent a week asking questions and desiring to speak to an elder to get answers. He was told to walk up the path on Saturday and met one of the elders. As they walked they came to one of the temples and he ask how were these stones brought up? The elder told him to hit the stone, and it was stone. Then he picked up his conch shell and began to blow for about 10 minutes. Then he was told to go hit the stone again. This time he said it felt like cardboard and was told to pick it up. This was a 4 ton stone but he lifted it. The elder said easy we just picked them up and brought them here. He had changed the weight by vibrations. Crystals have been used for this purpose for years. In radios, TVs, telephones, computers, ect.

          You are the THINKER, not the thought, and you can
          Change your thoughts about anything you desire

Have you found we do not live in a world common to all people? We create our own little cocoons from our thoughts and feelings, memories, desires, reactions and evaluations. Then we say that's real and that's not, they're wrong and I'm right. If we do not break out of this thinking we become a spider over taken by the spider webs. This is where singing and making melody IN OUR HEARTS comes in. Do you want to try toning to break out of the self formed world you live in?

Stand erect, stretch high, relax, swing back and forth a few times then close your eyes. Begin to look inward and take a few deep breaths and let all tension flow out. Let the life within begin to flow let your body speak, let the groan flow forth. It is a feeling of release, emptying out, resting. Let your voice flow in the notes coming forth and realize they may become higher and higher notes. Enjoy. Next comes "hum-hugging" with a friend. Try to flow together in toning and watch what happens. I have experienced toning in groups out in nature. Once about 20 of us stopped on a trail in the Tennessee mountains to tone. All the hikers within voice stopped and listened. It was worship to the Father of LIGHTS. For parents, if a child is having an off day with an attitude hold them and tone and watch the difference. You will also find yourself toning in the shower, in the car driving, as it becomes a way of life.

There's a song I sing that tones, "It is the Lord (hold it as long as possible.) in a new appearing It is the Lord (hold it) Living as me. It is the Lord (hold it) in a new anointing To make ready for this Day of the Lord (hold it, usually in a lower key.) And you can use keys A, B, C, ect. Or Ah Oh.

         It is the voice, which releases the power in the body---
             it starts the motor and begins the flow.

OK, here's your new word for the day, ENERGY VORTEX, and this is what you become in toning or in worship. On my first trip to Sedona, Arizona folks were excited about the energy vortexes and science has proved that a combination of rocks will give an uplifting feeling. But in reality you will not find what you are looking for externally it must be found within. You are the vortex even as the carnal mind is the bottomless pit. Jesus said we are peacemakers, peace creators swallowing up all unrest in another's heavens. As we become more awakened to vibrations we will find how thoughts, emotions and voice relate to our body and why we have such a strong influence upon others. Just as if an angry person came into a room you could feel him, his spirit or attitude so we should be felt too. When we walk into a room peace, warmth, love, mercy, forgiveness, light just walked in. These are not just nice words but the very substance of our beings.

Try toning 10 minutes a day and watch what happens it's worship.


Stones of Fire Publications

February 1, 2004

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