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Another look at the Word… Energy



Energy is one of the terms we hear more about each day and to some it’s a new age term only. Some just see energy in a thunderstorm and others see it everywhere and in everything. Einstein said, “E=mc2” showing everything is energy slowed down to become visible but sped up times the speed of light squared, it becomes pure energy again. We are all balls of energy. Out planet is a ball of energy.


What is energy? The scientist tells us everything is energy, even what we see as solid matter. The encyclopedia says, “energy is the ability to produce action or effect” but this is not what it is , rather one of its attributes. We see many manifestations of energy every day… wind, heat or any motion. Our universe experienced a blast of energy when God said, “LET THERE BE LIGHT.” Here we see the spoken Word and it involves meaning, consciousness, awareness and Wisdom. Awareness implies consciousness and we know a conscious state of being is an advanced state of life.


          We are told there are five kingdoms on our planet

        the mineral, the vegetable, the animal, the

        human and the Divine. All vibrating at their own

                      frequency… pure energy 


Energy is the pure essence of consciousness and wisdom. Everything in the universe whether it is a stone, plant, or animal has its origin in wisdom and consciousness tailored for its special function. Music was played to plants… first hard rock then classical and a major difference could be seen. You can see the energy of trees breaking forth in the Spring of the year. Every cell in our body has a consciousness.  Only in Spirit can we see the truth of energy, science still has not seen the effects of emotions and thought as a form of energy.


                          Everything is in a communication of some sort



Several years ago I read an article on whales and how once a year they would dive to the bottom and let out a sound that could be heard around the world.. Communication becomes the problem just like folks from different languages. In the mineral world crystals have been used for years because of their resonance in holding vibrations. All our radio’s, TV’s and many other things use crystals. Even our DNA has a resonance of past events… a form of memory. When exchange of information takes place a sort of impregnation occurs (even words are seeds that fall into our gardens), and this means that new information leaves an imprint on the energy system, a memory. This is how memory comes into play cause change takes place. Even now we are re-remembering our origin as Spirit. Something inside is telling us we are not mere mortals, we are spirits lowered into this realm to have an experience. As we awaken our vibration gets faster, we become lighter. Jesus showed this at the Mt. of Transfiguration.

Everything in the universe, the atoms, sand, animals, trees, rocks, humans even the solar system has a personality. This personality interacts within its own perception of time and space and might not be perceived by other systems in other dimensions. I think of the movie “Powder” and how he was able to impart the animal world and the divine world into the human world.

                From the smallest virus or bacteria to the cells of   

             life, the human being, the Earth, we find a form

                of Being living within another form of Being…


Can we begin to see the multi-levels or different dimensions within our universe.  As we slow down and begin to think and learn how to get quiet and meditate a harmony begins to flow in all creation. We have energy centers within our bodies called charkas and if one is not working properly it causes dis-ease. One of the problems we have is the medical field for the past 100 years has treated us as chemical bodies. We are electrical bodies, high energy, light being’s and you can’t help a light being with chemicals. But they continue to build more drug stores. We need a fresh new view of our universe and the bodies we live in, even the plant and animal kingdoms too.

Once we begin to live in harmony with creation the wars and rumors of wars must cease in our worlds. It all starts with one   creating a new heavens and a new earth to dwell in. Then we look for the point of critical mass where “like a river this consciousness floods our planet.” We must break out of this three dimensional  way of thinking, this three dimensional world. Living in the realm of the five senses will only bring dis-harmony.

Prophet Ezekiel stood one day to proclaim, “OVERTURN, OVERTURN, OVERTURN” changes are in our midst. Are you ready? I want to be in a world of NO conflict and at harmony with our universe. For we are HIGH ENERGY beings living on a high energy planet.


Allan Dinall