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Thoughts and notes

I thought I would set this page up as away of confirming to those that need it that its ok to think outside the box. Here are some thoughts I had and some letters Iíve received.

I have just been getting some weird and crazy comments lately from folks who call or write to me regarding what they think God is and their notions about God.  We've all had them - crazy notions - having made God into our image of what we 'think' God is, but God, the nature of God is the most natural thing there is.  God is not weird, neither does it have to be exotic to be God. My goodness, its crazy how people think God has to be something so contrary to the Reality of the most sane and practical, natural and perfect a Mind could be.  Certainly things that those who have walked in the Spirit do are above the human idea of what is possible and thus are called miracles, but to God they are not miracles, just God being what It is. 


I'm just ready for the 'Real' aren't you?  IF preaching is foolishness, why do it?  If I have to be weird to be thought of as being 'spiritual', count me out.  I've been weird enough being human.  I know now there is no such as 'human' in Reality, and that All is God, but not all thinks it is, or perhaps that's the problem, 'human' is to "THINK" IT IS. 


When I consider my grandparents, who didn't know anything of what "I know", they were the most loving, precious, humble, gentle, joyful people I ever knew, and yet they were the very basic of basic 'Christians'.  Yes, they lived an illusion, and died thinking they were going to heaven to be with Jesus, the usual illusional ideas, but they were not weird. They were kind and nonpretentious. They lived the only reality they knew and were such a blessing in my life.  How is it that the further people 'go' in seeking God, rather than just being, the stranger they 'think' they have to be? 


Anyway, like I said, I'm up so thought I'd go on the net to see if I had heard from my daughter-in-law who broke her leg the other night, and was thinking that the answers I sent to you probably sounded a little strange in themselves, but I am looking at a Fountain of Life that flows deep within, and knowing that is the Life every seeker wants.  I remember years ago hearing a preacher speak about the "garden of nuts" in the Song of Solomon.  Sometimes I think all religious people are just a garden of nuts! But having been there myself, I understand.  Yet, have we ever been there, or was it all a momentary dream? Truly an illusion, delusion, a foolish thought that was nothing anyway.  Certainly if a day is as a thousand years and a thousand years as a day, the 'dream' we are awakening from was but for a moment, and no more. 



Good morning,

wow...interesting observations. I've known many folks like your grand parents and I've known many "fruits and flakes"...and it seems to progress in spirit we must think out side the "Box" of norm. And I guess the best picture I have... I think like an artist our words paint pictures... is of our country's development. Each of the 13 states was founded on a religious thought and through fear and using the word deception they kept everyone in the camp. BUT someone had a desire to see whats over the mountains. I see many mountain ranges that are in our path that MUST be settled in our thinking for us to break out of the box. Many camps are east of the Appalachian Mountains and many grave yards too. But as we cross we find several things. One there are many rabbit trails (of religious thought) and I've lost some friends up some I wouldn't go knowing one day they will be back. And there are many "pot holes" (resentment, bitterness, anger, gossip, ect) that some fall into and lose their way for a season.

As we press on I've decided to hang out with the free thinkers....I have found where the "fearful and unbelievers" end up but with free thinkers you've got the "nuts fruits and flakes" so I look for stable ones. Those that have found "wits end corner" or those that through the pressure of life have come to the end of themselves. These are those that couldn't live on words or forms but must have reality. They have found the substance of their being....they have found the I AM of their lives. Wish there was a better way to find this but you almost have to be considered one of the flakes to find it.( but a flake to a religious mind) I guess most think a flake is someone outside their box of thinking.

So what to do???? "Since your EYE be single...then your whole body be full of light" I must give folks the freedom to think and explore things I wouldn't cause my desire is to have a single eye. The sad things is some that think they are here but just in an ego/delusional state of being. I've known a lot of these...they have the words but their lives are empty. I have found first hand there are "seductive spirits" out there speaking these words. They show up naked thinking they are fully clothed. The other side is to find several that "think only the way we do" but I think that is how we got so many denominations.

So I've come to this conclusion..... Everyone is right where they are supposed to be and will be there UNTIL and everyone has an until word and they are doing what they are suppose to be doing. This is the only way I can be at peace with all men. It ALL starts with finding the LIFE within and living out of that. You have your own universe working in your space and I want to keep my planets aligned. I desire my world to be controlled by peace and harmony and mercy and love and if anything otherwise comes I either swallow it up and make peace or I step aside and let it go by. You cannot let unrest in your world. I have found anything you let in you have to deal with later. So WE BE and live in that rest knowing WE BE whatever is needed in any circumstance. For we have found the life within to be our only life.

When you meet folks you know instantly if its words or if its their LIFE. Jesus knew all mens hearts. Just listen to their hearts. My search is for those that have found this to be their life. I see it in you! So be blessed this day!!!!!

I enjoyed your writings on the Mystery of the Father. I believe I am starting to grasp who I  truly  am,  it's just that carnal thinking that always gets in the way.   But no longer!!!!  It almost seems sacrilegious to view yourself as a god, but as I was watching part of the Disney movie Hercules yesterday--when he was searching for his true Father and found him (Zeus, the Greek God)  he realized---"that makes me a god" to which his father replied "Yes".  I will free my mind like Neo in the Matrix---  I guess we truly just have to Know Thyself, and of course  BELIEVE...

I appreciate what you have written regarding the 'earthquake' as the heavens and earth are passing away, BUT MY WORD will never 'pass away'.  Have been through a personal quaking of my earth for the last month.  Brought to a final blowing off period one afternoon, after having gotten sick, which I had not been in about 3-1/2 years. Questioning how could I get sick anymore?  But the questioning and the explosive reaction brought on by the stress of it and the revealing of much 'yuk' that was hidden within still came spewing forth, and my husband and I realized in our venting 'AT' one another, "what are we venting at? What is this? Why each other?" Now that we know who God is, who is there to be angry at? But all this was wonderful, as it brought us closer together when we realized what was happening.  The old heavens and the old earth thing is passing from us, and a fervent heat/pressure/tribulation is melting all that we have only thought was real.  It is/was interesting and we are in a much better place now, but hey it had to happen, and if it happens again, we will be in a much better place 'to observe' it happening rather than to participate in it happening. Whatever it takes to shake everything that can be shaken, to reveal the TRUE, is okay by me.  Let it be. The wars and rumors of wars within are of more interest to me than that spoken about without. Without is not my world. Within is what concerns me, and that world is simply in the 'midst' of taking us out of the 'mist' -staken identity. So all is well. Continue to share!

The Journey...   
Ours is a spiritual journey to find the treasure within the vessel.
It is the greatest of all journeys ...not in time or space but rather in consciousness....Its one we must take for ourselves....He is inside knocking saying "Come in and sup with me"
Writings, teachers, ect are but signpost for usÖ We have the teacher within that will guide us into all truth.
Its the journey within...our garden
Natural man can not recieve   1Cor.2: for it is inner transformation.


We will find the reality of when 2 or 3 are gathered in my nature this year!!!!!!!

we will never come to NEW  IDEAS living in yesterdays thoughts
take courage...