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The Anointing that breaks every yoke

In my travels I continue to be amazed at some of the reactions that come forth when one begins to awaken. So many are waiting for another teaching or another minister that will help or set them free when ALL they will ever need is already within. Isaiah put it this way when he saw this Day we are standing, "the burden shall be taken away from off thy shoulder, and the yoke from off thy neck, and the yoke shall be destroyed BECAUSE OF THE ANNOINTING." It’s the anointing that breaks every yoke or bondage! It’s the anointing that sets us free! It’s the anointing that will teach us all things! And this anointing is none other than the Christ that dwells within. Lets take a closer look at this anointing in our journey to wholeness of Spirit.

One of the first things I began to realize is we all are a ball of energy. Some have high energy, some low and if the energy we are is not flowing freely then there must be a blockage somewhere. Albert Einstein saw this in his equation E=mc2. We are all energy slowed down to become visible but if sped up times the speed light, times the speed of light we become pure light or energy again. The Bible calls it the temporal realm, which is things that are seen are not eternal but the things that are not seen are eternal. James 1: 17 says, "He is the Father of LIGHTS."

Where attention goes…energy flows

So many feel or live in the realm where they are always fighting to get energy. To gain energy, we tend to manipulate or force others to give us attention and we gain energy. So one of the first things we will look at is "control dramas." Everyone not awakened and some that are awakening still live in a control drama. Some are passive and some aggressive but we must take a good look at our lives. "Judgment (making right of all wrong) must begin in us." You can usually start by looking at your parents. One drama will produce another so we must learn not to play into anothers. Lets look at four: one is "poor me"…they seek to make a person feel guilty for not doing enough for them. They gain energy when someone buys into this guilt trip. There whole conversation is how everything affects them. Their life is a mess, kids are a mess, house is a mess…they are not satisfied with anything. And if you play into this you feed it. It will produce an "intimidator" who wins energy by frightening others into paying attention.

Competition for scarce human energy is the root

of all conflict between people…wanting to rule

or control one another

When I began to see these I have friend that’s big. His make up is to raise his voice and everyone jumps. He could walk into room and throw a tantrum and litterly suck the energy out of everyone there. We began by calling him a "energy sucker" or "aura jacker" just teasing but he quickly saw the picture and stepped out of his drama. The key is to recognize IN US first and then quit playing into others dramas. Next is the "interrogator" which will produce the "aloof" personality. The interrogator is one that is forever asking questions…why, when, who and how. Always feeling left out and uninformed they gain energy by putting others on the defensive. They make you feel like you have done something wrong. The product is the aloof personality. In this drama we find one that is detached, secretive, and vague. They use this—hoping to entice someone into chasing them around in order asking questions thus gaining energy.

You might even find each of these working in you but first we must identify our particular drama or in some cases multiple dramas. Once we bring our control drama into awareness and stay connected with our inner source (anointing) we are free to look at ourselves and our lives in a more truthful way. We can begin to see the power struggles in this life and not play into them. Most folks that play control dramas have never found the source of life within.

Control dramas come from seeking a source outside

Ourselves to make us feel better. The Anointing that

Dwells within brings life, security, peace and power

To overcome.

You can see this clearly in Pentecostal meetings… they wait for something outside of themselves to come, move and change their circumstances. The louder you sing or shout the more likely God will hear and maybe He will come and do something. This is the kindergarten realm and we must grow up. Jesus said,"My Father and I will come and make our dwelling within you." Are we waiting someday for Him to come and do this or do we see 1 John 5:20, "We know HE IS COME." Remember, in school the student goes to the next grade and the teacher usually remains. The problem has been that the teacher wants the student to continue to need him thus having control over them….after all he says the Bible says submit to authority… and in kindergarten you learn this. As you grow you learn submission is for the unsubmitted…we learn to hear the voice for ourselves. A Kingdom of Priest after the Order of Melchesidec. We must see Jesus as the beginning of a new crea-tion of God in Christ. We must see that His name, His nature, His Spirit, His inner character and being are no longer seen in the man Jesus of long ago. The Christ of the living God has now become a new creation, a new breed of people in the earth.

The anointing is the flow of the Christ life within and is to flow out setting free all who seek it. It is the energy of our Father. This is why you love meetings where the anointing flows. You are set free just sitting in this atmosphere of high energy. But as the old prophet said," you must find your own well. Its fun drinking from another but the time comes where you must find the source within."

As the anointing (Christ life) becomes our reality we find we have the Christ mind also. Here we find the statement Jesus made, "Before Abraham was, I AM." Jesus, the man, lived 2,000 years ago but the Christ was teaching before then and since then. The Christ was in Adam speaking, in Moses, in David, in Jesus, in Paul and IN YOU. This state of consciousness appears and reappears throughout history. As we learn to exercise and use what we have in Christ we will find two words that describe or rule the mortal mind, "appearance" and "suggestion". When we see evidence of error—drunkenness, immorality, accidents, missing the mark, or disease. Immediately the word "appearance" comes cause we see the condition. But the error does not exist as a man that’s only a false appearance. When you recognize that, it disappears cause you have seen through it. Christ is IN everyman but most are still living the illusion, the dream world, eating of the tree of good and evil thus dying as men. Walking in MIS-TAKEN IDENTITY.

As the realm of Life, One power, reconciliation, love for all continues to dawn of creation why do so many fight it. There are wonderful friends I have that love the Lord but warfare is their makeup. The Spirit showed me they fight this awakening because they don’t trust their own heart. The promise of the new covenant is "I’ll put a NEW HEART IN YOU." Do we believe that or think we still have the old Adamic heart. Do we believe the 1st Adam is still here to be dealt with or did he go to the cross and only the LAST ADAM….CHRIST came out. In reality, a sinner has not been born in 2000 years, only incarnations of God. To see this we MUST ARISE OUT OF 6,000 YEARS of sleep (the dream world, the Matrix) SHAKE OFF THE DUST and begin to walk IN THIS NEW DAY, THIS NEW AGE, BE A BELIEVER.

THE DAY OF THE LORD IS AN EVERPRESENT DAY …NOW IS THE REALITY … not yesterday or tomorrow that’s the trick of religion, someday, sometime God might do something…HE DID SOMETHING TWO DAYS AGO. But religion has got to keep you fearful to keep control over you.



When Jesus asked His disciples, "But who do you say that I am, Simon Peter answered and said, You are the Christ, the Son of the living God." (Matt. 16: 15-16)
    This Christ was the same Jesus who told the weeping Mary, "Go tell My brethren.."  Jesus was not just being nice when He said this; He knew that His disciples were also His brethren. The secret of the ages, which is Christ in you, the hope of glory, was now opened to them. They were now told that they had the same Father and had now entered into the same inheritance as Jesus Himself.

Blessings, Floyd