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Travels and thoughts from February 2004

Jessy de Souza and I just finished a trip to Tucson, Arizona and we went 5,000 miles in 14 days. It was beautiful to see different ones again and how the Father is dealing with all in this moment. Everywhere you could hear the reality of living in the NOW coming forth… not looking for anything outside to change our circumstances but embracing the Kingdom within and hearing the voice within. Then we watch the outer reality change but it comes from within… A new heavens and a new earth are being created by the Christ within.
"ARISE, O many membered One."
On the way back we stopped in Alomogorto, NM with Elwin and Margit Roach then over to Amarillo, Texas to find a wonderful gathering at the home of Jim and Melba Crofford. Jim and Melba are so gracious and are the living love of the Father. Then we spent an evening with Tom and Joyce Willis in Okla. City. They are finding and desiring their life to be more free so they can travel. Both have an outstanding expression for this day and they gather at a coffee house every Sunday evening in Okla. City if you are ever passing through. Then we spent several days with Bob and Sue Steck near Springfield, Mo. A gathering in Sue's living room is a night to enjoy. With all the musical instruments and flowing in life. Beautiful time!
Next we stopped in Nashville Tn. To be with Tom and Doug Holmquest and Dougs family. After talking to CB Carter we found Max and Mary in Lenoir NC had been gathering over 10 days. What had started as a weekend just kept going so we were there for several nights. Hubert Stanley shared the first nite along with others. Hubert had gone through 3 years of darkness and had emerged as light. He spoke out of this reality and his words were life. Beautiful to be apart of this expression. Some places you just hear the words but in Lenoir we found the LIFE and REALITY of this walk.
We also got to spend some time with George and Adaire Monta and Vinnie and Darla Libassi in the mountains of NC. Beautiful spirits that embrace this LIFE.
Just finished up with schedule for Des Walter and if you did not get a copy its found in Stones of Fire web page ( I will be traveling with Des along with others for June and July.

"The Earth is the Lords and the fullness thereof" and we are the answer, the light, the salt.
You are more powerful than you ever imagined and as we awaken to this reality things start to change. Our state of being or the way we think and perceive things DO make a difference. Father has put His heart within a people and we find no accusation toward any, no condemnation, just a desire to bless, show mercy and forgiveness to ALL. We are thinking thoughts of love, life, liberty, and light to all and the consciousness of creation is being lifted. IT IS HAPPENING NOW. We have the Mind of Christ….and in this mind is no conflict, no war, no sin, no sickness, no separation, no death, no lack, as we have learned to embrace all and resist nothing. A many membered LAMB standing on Mt. Zion (Obed. 21) proclaiming "release my people" from the illusion of life… this matrix that many have dreamed up and called reality. Crying out "AWAKE AND CHRIST SHALL GIVE YOU LIGHT." This is our day! Many in days past spoke of it and looked for it and NOW we stand in all they saw and spoke of.

     Not pointing to another Day but
                          realizing WE ARE THE DAY

We found the key, the voice, the voice of spirit, that is speaking within. There are many voices on this planet but we have found THE VOICE.
You are not just someone out there alone, as the Day has dawned and a people is arising (Joel 2:1-3) Too many are trying to change a realm, a paradigm when the voice is saying, "COME UP HITHER, and I will show you things which must be." (Rev. 4:1) Remember Jesus told his disciples I have many things to tell you but you can't understand now. Well NOW the spirit is speaking these truths so we are finding a place that might not be written in scriptures but is written IN THE BOOK OF LIFE…WITHIN. We are the Living word!

Come up in your thinking, your consciousness. Don't just stand on the side of the road and watch the parade of life go by. Go to the top of the building (COME UP) and there you can see the beginning and the end. Have you read 1JOHN 1:8-14 lately? "THE DARKNESS IS PAST and the true LIGHT NOW shines" and "fathers who have known Him who is from the beginning." They see the whole picture, the whole parade for this Day has dawned in their understanding and ALL shadows have been removed. As this Day dawns,  in our understanding, it gets clearer and brighter and the reality that we are spirits having a spiritual experience comes forth. This is a perfect moment we are living in and as we stand it unfolds before us.
We are the expression of the Father on this planet, we are what's seen of the invisible God.

Religion, can have you back in the dream world in seconds, dreaming of another day but we are learning to stay awake. This which we have hoped for is here NOW… "For as He IS so are we in this present arrangement." More and more are staying awake across this nation. We are growing! So Be encouraged this Day. It's a beautiful place we come to when we realize EVERYONE is right where they are supposed to be and will be there UNTIL and everyone has a until word. This way we can BE at peace with all men.
No conflict with any cause they just have to be who they are until.

I just got a e-mail with this question, "What is the sin of the world?" There is no sin, it is you who make sin exist, when you act according to the habits of your corrupted nature; this is where sin lies…and you have been set free…TO BE!!!  So,
This is it and YOU are the ONE…take a deep breath… are you waiting for another? Are you trying to get where you have always been? This journey of life has been a journey in our consciousness. What a wonderful Day we are living IN…THE DAY OF THE LORD. To many a Day of darkness but to us a Day of His appearing within, a Day of JOY, for He is arising within His temple speaking words of LIFE. A body not speaking for Him but speaking AS HIM. Speaking words of kindness, mercy, forgiveness loving this creation called earth.

"Thou art the annointed cherub that covereth; and I have set thee so: thou wast upon the holy mountain of God; thou hast walked up and down in the midst of the stones of fire."
Eze. 28:14
This Day I will restore you, my covering Cherub, and set you afresh in the midst of my STONES OF FIRE!

Blessings of Life,

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