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The Christ Mind
As this thought is birthed we begin to see Christ in others and within our lives. But then we come to see there is no you and no me....just the One, CHRIST. Here we find that DOOR where there is NO warfare, NO conflict, NO problems for we allow what is to be. We find everyone has a part to play and we watch with no judgment or condemnation towards anyone.
"I was crowned by my God, my crown is
I received the face and the fashion of
a new person...
And the thought of truth led me on.
I walked after it and did not wander.
And all that have seen me were amazed
      and I was regarded by them
      as a strange person.
And He who knew and bought me up is
      the Most High in all His
      perfection. And He glorified
      me by His kindness, and raised
      my thoughts to the height of
      His truth.
And from thence He have me the way of
      His precepts and I opened the
      doors that were closed.
And broke in pieces the bars of iron;
      but my iron melted and dissolved 
      before me:
Nothing appeared closed to me, because
      I was the door to everything"
Odes of Solomon
The pursuit of Life has always been the revelation and realization of our true identity. Our life has been a masquerade and we all have hid behind our mask, letting our personality or persona be seen. Most has been birthed by a mis-taken identity or maybe a fear to be seen but all comes from a sense of separation. So we hide in our gardens (our soul or consciousness) and only let those we trust get close. Have you ever met someone that hides behind defense mechanisms so you can't get to close? They live in the world of illusion like characters on a stage. This way they can control their circumstances.
But now we find ourselves in the Day of unveiling and many are awakening from the nightmare to see clearly in this Day. The covers are coming back to reveal the truth of our lives. While most are still trying to live in their control dramas others are beginning to see the illusion and finding life in reality. We are Spirits that have been lowered into this realm to experience it.
Why are we here? To learn mercy, forgiveness, kindness, gentleness, love and too see beyond what most call reality.
          "For IN this world you will have tribulation
       but be of good cheer, for I have overcome
       the persona of this world"
Yes , our humanhood is a masquerade, and we have all hid behind our mask. I loved how Ruby Nelson put it in "Door of Everything".
"When I created you in my image and likeness , I made you perfect and placed you in a perfect world. I gave you a mind which is Whole, it is One with me. Within that one mind, however, are many rates of vibration, resulting in many levels of consciousness.
At the summit of the highest level of human consciousness there is a "DOOR" through which you can slip and be free from all the influences you are under in the sub-creation".
"A Door is set before you and the keys have been presented with which it may be opened.
My still small voice is there to guide you, to comfort and encourage you, to lead you by my hand."
"The total stillness conserves your vitality and lets it quicken the vibration of your consciousness and spiritualize the chemistry
of your cells.
Surrender indicates humility and willingness to lean upon my wisdom and my strength.
My lightning flash will let you know when the Second Birth has taken place.
WALK WITH ME straight through that Door and watch in exaltation as your humanness is dissolved. When this has happened, you will glance backward and discover that the "DOOR"
never did exist at all--- it was only a false belief which had become a part of you, the erroneous old belief that you were separated from your creator. The Door was not put there by me, you erected it yourself, therefore it was unreal. It does not matter now, however, for you are inside my heavenly kingdom where EVERYTHING AWAITS YOU.
Everything is not many things, it is One.
Everything is LOVE." 
A Pope was just selected and he is supposed to be the incarnation of Christ. But in reality every man is, they just don't know it yet. Has it began to dawn in your understanding yet? God doesn't have just one Son. Have you realized just as Jesus was a son, so was Paul, John, Peter, YOU!!!  Everyman was created in His likeness and image.
The real purpose of all teachers and leaders is to lead us to find the life within, not build their kingdoms. This is where our true identity is found not in a man or a system or a doctrine. We awaken the life in one another.
         Its in knowing when He died, we died and our
     mortality was swallowed up. Then we find our
     true Christhood.For we are born again!
As this thought is birthed we begin to see Christ in others and within our lives. But then we come to see there is no you and no me....just the One, CHRIST. Here we find that DOOR where there is NO warfare, NO conflict, NO problems for we allow what is to be. We find everyone has a part to play and we watch with no judgment or condemnation towards anyone.
Treasures in heaven are the fruit, the spiritual principles we lay up. Not wealth or even human health, its the LIFE within. So what if we lose or give everything away, as long as we are awakened, we see Christ as our substance.
Can you see the world awakening to Christ in every man, not just Jesus or in good men but in ALL? Our God is Omnipresent and is the same in all. Only as we awaken from the dream state can we really experience Him. In this presence we find fulfillment with ALL THINGS ADDED UNTO US. Take a deep breath, sit quietly and meditate on this. For you are what is seen of Him who is invisible... You are the form of Him who has NO form for AS HE IS SO ARE WE IN THIS PRESENT ARRANGEMENT.

Blessings of Life, Floyd



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