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Our Beloved Self

This is a thought that has been working in me for sometime and several scriptures that I have been meditating on are… "Unto the PURE are all PURE…for the PURE in heart shall SEE GOD". Also, "The Kingdom of God comes not from OBSERVATION but behold the Kingdom is WITHIN you."
Religion continues to say another day, some day holding out a hope that something will happen to change one's circumstances. Even some Kingdom folks are waiting for something outside of themselves to "come do something". 1John 5:20 says, "BUT WE KNOW HE IS COME". So we see the contrast of this Day we are standing in… Most are waiting for something to happen while others realize it happened 2,000 years ago and are awakening to the reality of living out of this new day. As in any new Day we awaken from sleep, arise, and watch the new day unfold before us. I hear the question, "WHEN?"… when will this happen? When will the Sons arise? And the answer….. Jesus came in the fullness of time and I believe we have stepped into "the fullness of time" for our generation. 2000 years ago our history was changed by Jesus saying. "I AM" the one your prophesies pointed too.
So what keeps us in the confines of religious thought??? FEAR AND UNBELIEF… Not now!!! Me??? Deception??? Sounds like someone needing a visit to the "lake of fire". IT'S TIME….. ARISE O ELOHIM …shake the dust of 6,000 years of thinking off for THIS IS OUR DAY to shine forth. Darkness has covered the earth and gross darkness the people…ARISE 'O SLEEPING ONE and CHRIST SHALL GIVE YOU LIGHT.

        The shaking that is taking place on the planet
        now in the forms of wars, natural disasters,
        economic, political and religious crisis are only
        the external projections of the consciousness
               of present day humanity.

Now I have to use three words that some don't like but I just can't find a better word to use… #1 illusion…. Means "a false perception, conception, or interpretation of what one sees, or where one is…a misconception of what really is". A man that has been hypnotized lives in an illusion of something being real that is not… same as the sleep state most of creation lives in.
#2 paradigm means pattern, example, model, and realm. Probably realm is the best as we all have found many realms (paradigms) we can live in. The fishing, hunting, Baptist, Pentecostal, Kingdom, Life paradigms. I have found there are so many different realms but all have a box they live in.(paradigm of thought). And they must be right and everyone else wrong… isn't it that way with every church. It's the "us and them" mentality but someone has to put the whole of humanity in their box. All men where made in His image (Spirit) and He made of all nations ONE blood, He died for ALL men, He paid the price for the whole field. The thought that helped me most is when I recognized, "Everyone is right where they are supposed to be, doing what they are supposed to be doing and will be there UNTIL…. And everyone has a UNTIL word". #3 consciousness means your state of being, your soul, thoughts.. its where you live in your thoughts, your garden. It's not seen with the eye…it's your secret place.  
Most of our lives have been the manifesting the desires of the Soul (mind, will, emotion, intellect, and imagination) and Body (fleshly appetites). This pattern has built a mighty fortress within; the infrastructure of this paradigm must be dismantled before Spirit is given total control.
The inner heavens of our thinking and reasoning and how it's effected our earthly expression on the physical plane must be shaken. All that has been built up out of duality and confusion must fall. Destructive habits and behavior must be transmuted into life-giving experiences and acts. Un-forgiveness of oneself and others is the stronghold of the old paradigm, which harbors the enemies of sickness, dis-ease, depression, fears, death and all the negative emotions attached to world of illusions.

       The previous paradigm is replaced as the gift of
       repentance, the changing of ones mind is received           
       on a daily basis. Give yourself permission to think
       beyond what you have been told that you can think.

The shaking that is taking place on the planet now in the forms of wars, natural disasters, economic, political and religious crisis are only the external projections of the consciousness of present day humanity. This must intensify until mankind changes his mind.
As collective consciousness changes so will the outer paradigm, this is called a "paradigm shift". The inspired ancient prophet said, "Don't remember the former things, neither consider the things of old. Look, I will do a new thing (paradigm shift), now shall it come forth."

          "If thine eye (perception) be evil (dual), thy whole 
         body (world) shall be full of darkness (ignorance).
         If therefore the light (highest idea) that is in thee
         be darkness (ignorance), how great is that darkness!"
         But if our eye BE SINGLE then our whole body BE
            FULL OF LIGHT and how great is that LIGHT?

Lets consider these words written 75 years ago by Lillian DeWaters.

"Perfection can only be found in and by the heart of anyone who is ready to look for, and identify himself with it.
Seeing Reality by Reality, Purity by Purity, we know our Consciousness to be our only world. It is here we live, move and have our Being. Our Consciousness is our King and our Kingdom. As King, we are to rule out every imagination that exalteth itself against the love we have for God--- our beloved self.
If only the Truth will make us free---then only the Truth must we see and Be. This seeing requires full surrender of wrong vision and feeling, whether toward ourselves or others. This will be easy to do if we love the Perfect, and its Way of Self-perfection, above and beyond all else---and if our Heart leaps to obey our beloved self.
Seeing the Perfect by the Perfect, fulfills the Eternal promise---the pure in heart shall see Reality. How can we be Pure in Heart unless we are Pure in Consciousness? Perfection is spontaneous when we have identified ourselves as this Consciousness---and have NO other gods before Me, after Me or beside Me.
This explains the statement that Heaven is within us. Our entire universe of Reality---and everyone and everything in it---is not external to us it seems, but is Consciousness alone. Therefore, make no attempt to change person, thing or condition---know yourself---remain true to the Perfect and Real, seeing nothing contrary anywhere.
When we live in our Consciousness as our only world of Reality, we live in
Perfection, we are inspired, we are FREE. To us, it is no longer a matter of changing others---even to see their perfection---we revert back to ourselves. We ask: What am I seeking? What am I feeling and believing? If we discover that we are not conscious of the Real and the Perfect alone, then we must become conscious of the Real and the Perfect then and there."

In this writing we find her experience in discovering her true identity and desire only to live and BE. I hear the Spirit saying, "Come up hither….there's a door of understanding open in the heavens". We don't have to live where we have for years…"COME UP HITHER". For where I AM, you may BE also. The air is so much clearer, the battles are over and the dawning of this new Day is here….ready or not.

With all that is being said about new age…we have stepped into a new age.
(Read Hosea 6:1-3)The problem most are having is trying to make the new fit into the old. But new wine still won't fit into old wine skins. Jesus said, "Let the dead bury the dead…YOU COME FOLLOW ME". I know this time we find ourselves standing in, is as earth shaking as 2,000 years ago. Will we put it off to another Day and another generation---go the way of the grave? Or will someone stand in the brightness of His arising and BE AS HE IS. Everything you will ever need is already within you… you have need of nothing. Let's begin to live out of that life. 

The perfect self....which one seeks so hard to have.... is really his very own. Identified as another, he cannot reach himself! Those who live as separate beings....outside of heaven....reap as they sow. Living in delusion and darkness, they have sorrow and tribulation.
Those who refuse to identify themselves in ONENESS with all...rather preferring to identify themselves with a mind to be educated, thoughts to be purified and a body healed.... shall automatically be denied the greatest possible joy.....Revelation....

Blessings of Life,

Stones of Fire Publications