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Rev. 11:19, "The Temple (naos: us... not bricks) is opened in heaven..."
The seals must come off our books (we are living epistles) to reveal the reality within. These seals are thoughts that have locked us out of the Garden of Life. We must pass through the firey swords to enter the garden and we have learned you only pass by embracing the fire and making it your friend. When Jesus said, "Resist not evil" he was saying whatever you resist you give power to.. so there is a place where we resist NOTHING and embrace all. Here we are FREE.

Let's look at some seals:  As we first begin to awaken we build the human spiritual conditions and sealed them within our consciousness and our belief systems, we created an interesting condition called Suffering. We have felt that the way back Home, the way to atone for what we perceived as a wrong path, was through suffering.

Have we given ourself suffering… suffering physically… suffering financially… suffering in relationships… suffering for the sake of others. We have taken on your own suffering… the suffering of the world. In our journey that you thought that the only way to get back was to suffer, suffer, suffer.

When we are ready to open that Seal of Suffering, we will find that the energy transforms to one of joy and creation. Some of us may have a difficult time opening this seal, for we might still think there is more suffering you must go through. Do we still think that life must be difficult. Have we convinced ourself of this so deeply that we give ourself only the bare minimum, enough to barely get by.
Allow the energy of suffering to be released from our consciousness. Allow all of the suffering we have ever gone through and the suffering that we experience right now to leave.

Let no man, woman, or church ever… ever… ever tell us that we must suffer again. Joy is the way of the New Energy. Fulfillment is the way of the New Energy. Be proud of who you are, what you are, and what you do. Express it in love!!!!

One of the next seals that must be broken is: the seal of SEPARATION that found its way in when Adam stepped out of the Garden. And we have found religion has re-enforced it.

This energy is deeply embedded within each of us. It has been with us ever since we left Home and crossed through the Wall of Fire. We have sealed it within, lived it, and believed it, and accepted that we were separate from Spirit. When each of us went through the Wall of Fire and felt yourself shattered, this created a sense of separation.

This sense of separation has stayed with us…burning for the Oneness from whence we came. The separation was an illusion. It had to be there. It had to be sealed inside so we could go off on our own journey. It served us well.

The churches of modern days have intensified and magnified the energy of separation. They have embedded it even more deeply within us. They have talked about how we were thrown from the heavens, how we were banned from the gardens. You are not separate. In reality, you never were!!!
Let no man, woman, or church ever again tell you that you are separate from God. Ever. This seal must come off!

Next, the realization of Self, but this also created Self-doubt. “Who am I? Who am I? Why am I here? Why am I no longer at Home? Why am I in a void?” The awareness of Self and Self-doubt also gave us the energy for Self-discovery.. We have been on a journey, discovering who we are, and who we aren’t.

The churches tell us that Self is bad or wrong. Understand and remember that we helped to create some of the doctrine and the dogma of the churches. But it is time to transform that energy, to transmute it into the New. They tell us the Self must be annihilated. They tell us to let go, to let some unknown God take over and that one day we will lose all remembrance.

In our Consciousness, there is Self. There is self-realization, self-understanding. We will remember the journey that brought us here. We will remember who we are. Self should not be denied. Self should not be annihilated.

Self is a precious gift of Spirit. It is our gift.  It is an essential part of our unique spiritual identity. We are the Creator of Self.  We have created our world. See the beauty of our Self. Then we begin to see
the unfolding of the Self, “I Am,” rather than the Self, “Who am I?” This is the butterfly leaving the cocoon.

This reality has always been within us. We always had the potential of the “I Am.” The “I Am” doesn’t need to question who it is. It doesn’t need to question what's going on around. It has a knowingness and an understanding at a profound new level. The Self behind this Seal understands things through the divine heart, not through the human intelligence. WE HAVE THE MIND OF CHRIST!!!

Allow yourself to be the “I Am.”

The Seal of Salvation.

We knew that some day, in the crossroads of our journey, there would be salvation. There would be release.

Salvation is you. Salvation is the release of all of the illusions. The opening of the Seals IS the salvation. Within the acceptance in our heart of four simple words – I AM AN EXPRESSION OF GOD ALSO – is salvation.

Transmute the Old Energy of salvation from one who comes to save if you happen to be judged appropriately. Release that from within you.

Salvation was always there. It was the acceptance of ourself and our journey. Understand you never needed to be saved, were we lost or was God lost? Or were we just asleep? You only needed to be reminded. AWAKE...

the Seal of Satan. It is within you, deeply embedded within you.

The energy of Satan is nothing more than duality, light and dark. It has been given its own power. But you know now power is an illusion. Satan has been given its own power, and its own identity.

Yes, indeed, the churches of today teach us that we have to choose God or Satan. They are essentially the same, all part of the same. But, it has been embedded within us, this sense of duality, that there is a split and a division. 

The energy of Satan, as you know it today, is an illusion. There is no Satan, as the churches would have you believe. There is no choice between heaven and hell, light and dark. There was only duality. 

The Seal of Satan to reveal that there was an illusion of duality, that energy is just energy, until you place a label on it. It is just energy of Spirit. Feel the dark forces who are in each corner of the room. Understand the game that they have played because you have asked them to.
It is just energy. It is within you. You are the Creator. Gently allow the seal to open..


Allan Dinall