Birthed in Love






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In my search to know the Lord
and to find my Father's plan,
I found the things I thought I knew
came from the mind of carnal man
Vain imagination!
of all I thought was Him,
had kept me bound to earthly things
and to a consciousness of sin
I looked for Him in ministries
I sought for Him in prayer, 
I often sensed His presence
but still something wasn't there
Strongholds in my life were such
that I couldn't measure up,
to the life of Christ I knew about
and desired to live so much
Question after question
pierced like arrows through my mind
What is it I am missing?
Why am I so blind?
I'd sing those songs of heaven
and wish that I were there,
what's the point of struggling so
to meet Him in the air?
I looked diligently to the future
for Him to rapture me into His peace,
but I was afraid before He got here
I might take the mark of the beast
Then I would think~of death and hell
and wonder why He ever died,
If my salvation depends upon
how hard I've worked and tried
I know that's not the Gospel
because I know He keeps His Word,
The fact that He said, "It's finished"
makes my striving so absurd
A lot more happened at Calvary
than I use to see in His plan,
He works everything by His OWN councel
and it's HIS sovereign will over man's
His Blood reconciled and forgave us
His Life restores us from effects of the sin,
It's not only His Plan, HE HAS PURPOSED!!
to reconcile every man back to Him
Now if I can believe that He did that
and that it was always His choice, not ours
I believe my salvation will progress
and I'll walk in not knowledge~but power
I finally saw the problem
I was seeking what was already mine,
The Christ that I so hunger after
was dwelling inside all the time.
The identity crisis is over
and the thieves who took it are bound
hanging on each side of Jesus
my past and my future were found
But right in the middle between them
hung The Almighty God of the NOW, 
He said "TODAY you shall have this"
It's my birthright and He's showing me how
Religion took care of tomorrow
Knowledge took care of the past,
But I lost sight of eternal
when the fire of the NOW didn't last
It's more than just knowing about Him
or going to where He is,
It's having Him walk in my garden
telling me I've  always been His
Woven throughout this message 
was the question "Just tell me how"?
Just how can I know eternal life
If I don't know the God of the NOW
By: Dianne Hassler
July 8,2002 to September 15,2002