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What was the great and hidden mystery in the life and teaching of Jesus?  What gave him almighty power, infallible light and triumphant success in every way and at all times?  Divine Revelation alone can furnish the answer.

Did Jesus ever say that his perfect knowing came from His personal thinking or from his application of Truth?  Did he teach that we are thoughts of God, images, ideas, personal minds or individual consciousness?  Did he declare that we are different from himself or we are to come into knowledge of the Truth in some other way?  The answers are the same---No.  He did not

Throughout the New Testament there are countless verses assuring us that the Son of God is our only Saviour, our only Deliverer from sin, suffering and death.  Emphatically they declare that we have Life Everlasting only by knowing the Son.  Let us consider the following:

"And this is the record, that God hath given to us eternal life, and this life is in His Son.  He that hath the Son hath life; and he that hath not the Son of God hath not life."

How definite and final, such statements.  When their mystical meaning is revealed through Divine Revelation  they will be found to contain an amazing and all-transcendent Light and Glory none can contradict.

In unequivocal terms, these statements declare our Eternal Life to be in the Son.  Since the accepted idea of the Son as a man-saviour or as a mind-saviour has never brought full compensation to the world, then there remains a mystical understanding of far deeper significance to be realized spiritually.

When we are able to translate the words, "this life is in His Son," into the language of the Absolute, then we know the secret of Jesus' success. who he was, and who we are---and just how we are to follow him.

Of all the characters in the Bible, Jesus was the only one who identified himself as the Father!  Said he: "If ye had known me, ye should have known my Father also: and henceforth ye know Him, and have seen Him…He that hath seen me hath seen the Father."  The Son of God identified himself truly, perfectly, spiritually as the Father.  Therefore in the language of the Absolute the Son signifies Self-Identification.

Self-Identification is Absolute-Identification---the Self knowing itself in everyone---"the Lamb of God, which taketh away the sin of the world!"

The one and only way for us to know ourselves truly is through Self-Revelation, Self-Illumination, Self-Knowledge---Self-Identification--- blotting out the dream of human existence, together with its content of sin, sickness and death.
"If the Son (Self Identification) therefore shall make you free (reveal the full Light of Being to you), ye shall be free indeed."…."Whosoever denieth the Son (refuses Absolute Identification), the same hath not the Father (is unillumined):  but he that
acknowledgeth  the Son (identifies himself as the Way Itself, as Jesus did) hath the Father also (has pierced the mystery of the Kingdom)."

When---from Heart and Soul--- we can say, "I and My Self are one; I am the Perfect Self; I am Pure Consciousness; I am in the Kingdom; I am the Infinite; I am that I am," then we have the Son God, and Eternal Life.

One Way alone shall endure---the Way of the Word made flesh, the Way of the Son in the bosom of the Father, the Way of Father and Son the same One, the Way of taking our very Own as our very Own.  No other prayer can say:  "I know that Thou  hearest me always;"

Ways of the world shall be transcended, one Way alone shall remain, the Way---I Am.  This One-Way is our Life Itself---not Life as an emanation, not life as an expression, not life as an image or a reflection---but Life as Life Itself!

Self-Identification alone satisfies. Self-Identification is the One-Self knowing Itself to be all Identities.  When we see and accept our only Reality to be the Self Itself---even as rays of light are the sun itself---we identify ourselves truly, even as did Jesus, as the Son of God, the Self-revealing Light.

Self-Identification simultaneously cancels the sense of separateness and duality---the same as waking simultaneously brings an end to sleep and dream.

Self-Identification interprets the hidden mysteries---"things which have been kept secret from the foundation of the world."  The Bible may be accepted literally, symbolically or metaphysically, but only when Self-Revelation envelopes us in Its Light, do we comprehend the real, vital meaning in the words---the Son of God.

By Lillian DeWaters from "Light of the Eternal" written in 1945

Forgiving Others

Who has forgiven another and not felt the softness of the Eternal steal over him like the breath of heaven, bringing him Peace, Light and joy, effable and exultant.
He who forgives is of pure vision. He lives happily and in freedom. The question is: Whom shall we forgive? And the answer: Forgive them that lack vision---them that lack Illumination and Understanding of Spiritual things.
Forgive them by seeing and thinking of them as they are in their real state, the state of Purity and Light. Forgive their sleep and dream, because of its unreality and nothingness. Our self can forgive us. Our self can forgive them.
IF we do anything ourselves, which later we know to have been wrong or to have been unworthy of us, and which now seems to be causing us sorrow or suffering, how quick we are to want to forgiveness of our Self--- instant and in full. We do not care to submit to any further chastening.
We should have this exact, same feeling for others. We should want to forgive them with the same speed that we desire forgiveness for ourselves.
In our dreams, has any wrong doing a different value than another? Are the dreams of one person of different significance than those of another? We know the answer. All that is true is TRUTH; all that is nothing is nothing.
From the state of pure Vision and Pure Love, we can forgive anyone, and EVERYONE. Unhappy memories will not linger with us. When the unfortunate incident or situation has been blotted out of memory--- as though it had never been---we know the meaning of FORGIVING OTHERS.
Some people find it hard to forgive. This is only because they do not know the way of forgiveness, and are trying of their personal selves to attain to it. Of course, it is impossible. They may pray long and earnestly to be able to forgive, they may be sincere and honest, but in their hearts they know that such forgiveness has not come, and they remain ignorant of the Way it is to be accomplished.
The reason one finds himself unable to forgive another---despite his true desire to do so--- is that he is seeing the other as a human being who has wronged him, and himself as the one who has been wronged.

From the state of separateness, never can one see truly how to forgive.
First, let him see spiritually. Identifying both himself and the other as Identities of the Perfect Self---which is the infinite I AM--- he will be stirred from within to know he must not harbor such arkness any longer. His whole desire will be to see as the Infinite only. Nothing will remain to be forgiven.
When we cross out personal sense entirely--- by abandonment of it--- we shall see no sickness or sin to be healed.
The Perfect Way is come upon the world, shining forth everywhere--
Knowledge that the Infinite is ALL, filling all space--- Infinite Freedom, Infinite Peace, Infinite Bliss. The Perfect Way ushers in a NEW HEAVEN and a NEW EARTH---"Behold, I make all things new."
Those of us who know by way of crystal Illumination, see the imperishable World of beauty, Peace and Love.
With the crossing out of all sense of the personal, there shall come from us the momentous words--- "FORGIVE THEM." 

by Lillian DeWaters   written inth 1930's

"If thine eye (perception) be evil (dual), thy whole body (world) shall be full of darkness (ignorance). If therefore the light (highest idea) that is in thee be darkness (ignorance), how great is that darkness!" But if our eye BE SINGLE then our whole body BE FULL OF LIGHT and how great is that LIGHT?

Blessings,  Floyd