New Poems from Jeannie Diazio






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Balance of Love, Peace and Hope

From the core of the heart
Up the spiral staircase to the Heavens
Origin of my soul
Helix of justice and truth
Harmony, peace and hope
Just being in the moment
Listening to the divine presence
Abound by solitude and calmness
Unstirred by noise
Complacent in our nature
Recognizing the simplicity of it all
Setting forth a multitude of vibrations
Full of vitality and positive energy
Merely nothing more than gratitude
For life itself
Commemoration of Eternal Love
Our Almighty God
Sacred Vows

I do pray with the noblest of intention
For each and everyone
That they be able to partake of the interior
beauty of your grace
Into intimate matrimony of the soul
Once wed by your spirit
We are anointed with the gift of your
blessings and goodness
A love so fervently and piously
Resplendent of fine perfume
Fragrance of quintessence
Incense of heaven
Magic unveiling a profound allure
Cascading flow of sacred vow of unity
Impels the heartís desire for divine love
Betrothed with marital bliss
Natural state of grandeur awe
A life of eternal enchantment
Once beheld we wish to stay joined
In Holy union with your celestial affinity


Freedom of ego
Abandonment from self-dependence
To the conformity of society
Right to expression of character and ideals
Transcending your thoughts and emotions
Into a translucent pattern of purpose
In agreement with the divine energy
Higher waves of frequency
Diametrical planes in symmetry
Conclusive to the symbolic nature of law and order
Achievement of reaching the pinnacle
Summit of oneís potential
Limit without boundaries
Level of consciousness
Being at one with Christ