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2004 Our Date with Destiny

(we are just a voice crying in the wilderness…prepare… a bridge for those finding their way out of the "box" religion has captured them in)


In a time when everywhere we hear of wars and rumors of war, in this Day,  "the weapons of war are being changed into the tools of the harvest." Religious thought has kept too many trapped in the "one day God is going to do something" long enough. He did it 2,000 years ago and proclaimed "IT IS FINISHED… ALL I was sent to do is complete." If this is true then for 2000 years religion has said we must DO something when our job is to rest. Hebrews 4:3 says, "We who believe do enter into rest… (my question is believe what) … that the works were finished from the foundation of the world." Were they???? Was He The Lamb crucified from the beginning? Have we been trying to get somewhere that we are? Have we been waiting for something to happen when we are the happening? Prophet Obadiah called it a "rumor" but in this Day its reality. Saviors have awakened, no longer shadow boxing, this Day has arisen in their understanding and now judgment…the making right of all that is wrong is at hand. Psalm 82.  We have learned we don't fight darkness but rather cut on the LIGHT. A warring spirit will be blind as a bat to the purposes in this day. David could not build because he was a man of war.

              There was a time when man was pure, spiritual being,
            when he lived entirely from within himself, when
            His thoughts always remained at the center of his
            being. Life flowed out from within, ideas came from
            within, means of action came from within, and whenever
            there was an apparent need, all that he had to do was
            to close his eyes, go within, and let it come forth into

IDENITY is the question here. Who are you? Acts 17 says, "You are the offspring of your Father." There is a "Himself" company now on our planet that know the heart of the Father and live out of the Mind of Christ. While many wait for Sons to arise… others await for Fathers to arise. 1John 2:13-14 "I write unto you, Fathers, because ye have KNOWN Him that is from the beginning" Fathers know how to reproduce! Fathers know wisdom and have understanding and a vision for this Day.
As a son, one is limited, doing only that which they see the Father do, and moving in accordance with the Father's will. But as we are received into the very fullness of Christ, and HE DWELLS WITHIN US PERMANENTLY --- then ALL sufficiency of the Spirit abides within and there is an ability to impart to all.

                   There is a Fatherhood realm

There is a position in God where we shall be able to impart Life. I know in my life as a pastor I felt so helpless with all the problems and situation folks found themselves in. All you had is the pat answer…pray and put a band-aid on until next time. I knew if I didn't find the realm or did not have a word to penetrate to heal one then I was in the wrong place. It took two years of searching within to find the reality.
I saw we have ten thousand instructors, law givers, those who yet minister their laws of condemnation unto death, but we have few fathers. Very few who are able to impart even a measure of life to the needy. The law was a ministration of condemnation unto death, but a father is to be a ministration of life unto righteousness. There is the difference. Isaiah 22:20-22
In 1 Corinthians 1:3 it speaks of "the Father of mercies…" While it is true that all judgment is committed into the hand of the Son, John 5:22, and the mature sons of God shall execute all judgments written, Psalm 149:9, yet there is this counter-balance realm. Those who have become true "fathers of mercy" and flow with divine compassion and grace of God. These are they that will not accuse nor impute trespasses, BUT RECONCILE all men.
2 Corinthians 5:19
James 1:17 speaks of the "Father of Lights" and so these fathers in the Father will not gender any more shadows or darkness (FOR the day HAS DAWNED IN THEIR UNDERSTANDING), but shall give forth light, until the whole is enlightened. No more part light and part darkness, but their whole being shall radiate the light of God, bringing glory to Him. A people that have the "Father's name written in their foreheads." Revelation 14:1 For they shall manifest the true nature and character of the Father.  

You are the dawning of this Day, the brightness of His coming, the dead that have walked out of the graves of religion to find this life. YOU are the answer to all of creations ills. "ARISE, oh ELOHIM, come forth for there is NOTHING outside of you coming to change anything. YOU are the answer!"
"Behold, what manner of love the Father hath bestowed upon us…" 1John 3:1
"Lo, the Lord comes in holy myriads of Himself." Jude 14
"Having willed it, He begat us with the Word of truth, into our being a certain kind of firstfruits, the Himself creatures." James 1:18


With all the news and problems around that are affecting every family we must learn to separate ourselves. I don't watch the news everyday. I know what's happening but refuse to allow it into my world. I watched folks that allow everything in and it causes DIS-EASE. Our gardens (souls, Consciousness) must be a haven for peace and harmony. We must find the place of quietness and meditation. You will never bring change on our planet with accusation (finger pointing) or condemnation towards anyone. Are we not the answer? Religion would say Jesus is the answer and He is in that realm but He also said I'm the "firstborn of many" and "forerunner" which shows more responsibility than most want. Most want someone "out there" to come and change their situation. Jesus said, "I did" now you arise and walk as I. For those that see Him as He is, are "AS HE IS!" Has not religion made "the door" into an idol not realizing a door is a way into something. Its much easier to just worship the door than to become. The door is our journey INTO the Christ…Jesus showed the way!
Change begins first with each one of us and in the way I perceive others. Our heavens are to have no conflict for we have learned to resist nothing but embrace all.

#3 Saviors are here… NOW

"But upon mount Zion shall be deliverance, and there shall be holiness… and saviours shall come up on mount Zion to judge the mount of Esau; and the kingdom shall be the Lord's" Obadiah 17, 21 (Zion is the dwelling place of the most high…His people. Saviors are delivers. Esau is the carnal ways.)
I believe heaven is a present reality and right now we can have heaven or hell or we can continue to live in the dream world. When Adam was put to sleep he never woke up. All in Adam have lived out of their dreams and nightmares until "Christ awakens and gives light." I also believe there are different heavens we can live out of. The first being the earthly, where most of creation lives living out of their 5 senses. Next the religious or realm of religion. Here most try to live a little better and follow their dogmas or rules. The third is for those that have left "mother's house for Father's tent" In mother's house you will never grow up but remain under the rule of man in a local assembly. Fear keeps you here and the "God is going to do something" is your hope. All groups here think they are right and everyone else must be wrong. Time to enlarge our box!
In the fourth heaven you have ceased "doing" and have a desire "to BE." Here you continue to grow and experience this life without fear or condemnation or conflict towards any. Here the battle is over and all thoughts have been brought into captivity. You begin to experience the "mind of Christ" being your mind and you only desire "to be as He is." I remember what the Father spoke to me several years back. "What I desire is for the invisible to become visible in this Day, so when folks encounter you they encounter me. When you look at others you see me." This is the place or harmony with creation and our lives being lived in peace and perfection. It all has to start in our earth, our consciousness, our gardens. Refusing to live off the tree of "good and evil" but also exercising ourselves to discern good and evil and understanding its place in the journey of life. Here we have found "a new heavens and a new earth" wherein dwells righteousness. Not trying to fix everything but realizing there is a "door opened" in the heavens we can live out of. It's a door no man can shut when we hear the voice "come up hither." You can not change a heaven just come up to a new one!
He went to prepare a place for us and has been working in us to prepare us for the place, now He calls "COME UP!" Not in some rapture or some beautiful Isle someplace but entering into the reality of His life.
Now we see in this Day the "heavenly company" has heard the cry of the earthy to be released. THIS IS THAT!

#4 What I see unfolding in 2004

I must tell you a story of my experience first. In 1974 I was in Toronto Canada in meetings. I went to bed that night and found myself in a dream that soon became a vision. I was on the ceiling of a large room and there were many around a big table plotting the coarse of our country and the world. Most were good men thinking they were doing the best of the whole of the planet. But some were evil in their thinking. They were the force behind the scenes that run governments. As they were making their plans, the spirit spoke to me to speak confusion and I did. I woke up to find in the paper that the meeting had broken up last night in hast and many were seen leaving in anger. Over the years I have found myself in their meetings listening to their plans. About 6 years ago they had one on a lake in north Georgia. Here they laid out plans to reduce the population of the world by 50% in 2004. They felt the planet was over-populated and the only way to save it was by creating a means to do this. Looking now at the world's situation: germs, bacteria, and chemical warfare is the means and the public consciousness expects it since 9-11.
In the past few weeks my spirit has been ringing with the thought "Unless the days were shortened even the Elect wouldn't be delivered" I must say I didn't like this thought---but it kept coming to me in different ways. Really I don't like thinking in these terms but it seems to be part of my journey. So what do you do with this? What do I do with it? In the past month I have never seen things dry up like they have. Finances have been totally cut off. One thing I have learned is when this happens "get quiet and be in an attitude (spirit) to listen." I know we are the salt and the light of this planet and I know we are to influence what happens. Most think this means get a Christian President in but guess what…"MY KINGDOM IS NOT OF THIS WORLD!" In times past I have just sent out thoughts of peace, love, no conflict, harmony….but in this day I sense a new direction.
We are to visit the realms of conflict, in spirit, and begin to change them from the inside out. "ARISE O ELOHIM, judge (make right all that is wrong)" I know I can only do what comes to me to do cause I refuse to strive in anything. I know we are the answer and we are not motivated by fear. We have read the last book so we know the outcome. I LIVE IN THE NOW!
SO…..2004 looks like an interesting year before us and no one has the answers. We all must get quiet and hear the voice within and watch it unfold before us. After all we have "the keys of hell and of death!"
These are the thoughts working in my universe, my heavens. I would love to hear what's happening in yours!

I have a wonderful desire to see "the kingdoms of this world become the kingdoms of our Lord and of His Christ."

Blessings of Life,
Floyd Watson

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