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Getting Back to the Garden

read Joel 2:1-3



First step is getting all the animals back in the cage. Adam named or natured all the animals out of the EMOTIONS he found within. When he left the garden all the animals or emotions escaped. The Lion ate the lambs and the emotions ruled the man.

In Noah’s ark all the animals came back in and lived in peace until they got out again.

So, how does this affect us? One of the reasons we are on this journey is to learn not to be controlled by emotions. Do you know folks controlled by anger, fear, bitterness, resentment, or controlled by "control drama’s"? These are some of the emotions we are bringing back in to re-nature or name. Anger must be re-named peace and harmony… the Lion must lay down with the Lamb WITHIN US!

                                One of the best pictures I can share is this.

                        The secret to Life is coming to realize

                               you are not your body.


After years of frustration with my Christian life this is what I came to. We are spirits inhabiting this human body and only as we develop our spiritual consciousness will all fear and anxiety disappear. Only here will we find the true peace we are to live out of.

In this day so many are finding this frustration, lack of success or lack of harmony with their Christian walk. All the promises of "God is going to DO something someday" are not happening. He did something 2000 years ago and now if anything happens in our world or in this world it will happen out of a people that have awakened to the life within.

Without God I AM nothing, but when I realize I AM His expression in this earth realm then ALL powers of HARMONY unite in me to express all that He is. In this I am learning to practice the presence of God in all situations, consciously daily and in the moment.(THIS IS HOW WE BRING THE EMOTIONS BACK IN) After years of trying to be I have found the place of perfect peace, joy and harmony with creation. My new bumper sticker says, "HAPPINESS IS A INSIDE JOB."

All the animals (emotions) have been re-named or re-natured

for we are finding our way back to the Garden of God.


Blessings of Life, Floyd




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