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The Cloud Moved Yesterday

(…And Saviours are needed to arise and BE THE LIGHT, BE THE SALT

for in 2004 the word is OVERTURN, OVERTURN, OVERTURN. Great change is upon our planet…ARISE O’ ELOHIM begin to make right all that is wrong! YOU are a more powerful be-ing than you ever imagined…and you have been prepared for THIS DAY...NOW)


And now the glory of the former has departed. Yesterday’s leftovers is being served. Reminds me of 2Kings 7:3-9, Here four leprous men were sitting in the gate at twi-light. They came to this conclusion, "Why sit we here til we die?" They can’t go into what was because all they are eating there is horses heads (man’s reasoning) and dove’s dung (what’s left when the dove took off).

So they decide to travel over the hill and let the enemy capture them cause all they could do is but kill them. To their amazement the enemy had been destroyed and a complete feast was waiting for them. And here we stand in this Day. Pentecost is serving yesterdays leftovers a new word is breaking but almost everyone wants it to fit in their doctrine or thought. New wine still can not be put in old wine skins. The only way this life will be manifest is to let the dead bury the dead….follow the cloud for THIS IS A NEW DAY.

You are going to have to lay your ministry down for the five fold ministry can not enter….there has been a changing of the Priesthood!

As I ask the Father how He was going to get all these streams together He said easy….Just dry them up. A remnant will press higher to find the river of life. I got this crazy thought the other day. We are standing again in Genesis 6. The sons are either going to continue with the daughters (different denominations, doctrines or churches) or ARISE from their slumber and begin to make right all that is wrong. OUR PLANET IS IN TRAVAIL and needs us (Psalm 82) but do we repeat Genesis 6? AWAKE, O ELOHIM!!!

Read Joel 2:1-3 Blow the trumpet…a prophetic voice IN Zion (that’s IN you)

And tell the inhabitants to flee (all doubt, fear) for a people is arising, a great people like has never been before. They found its time to kick the walls of separation down and all imaginations must go. This new Priesthood will have fire in their eyes and the land before them is as the Garden of Eden. For there shall be no more curse. The glory of this later house shall be greater than the former. We will either be pioneers walking into this day or join the others that go the way of the grave.

Who do you say I AM?

Consciousness is the problem. The sense of guilt that is felt, the rejection, and the alienation from God (separation) is what has produced the world we know today.

Our separation came when religion told us of a God out there someplace. Also within ourselves we felt guilt that was convicting us of sin (mis-taken identity). We can now see how this realm of condemnation and fear of punishment was birthed. This is the religious matrix! The only way out of it is to return to our true selves. Who are you? We can no longer live out of the five-sensory realm of life. In fact that is the matrix that has been pulled over the eyes of the world… living out of the world of touch, sight, hearing,

smell and feeling.

You will never find God in the Bible or in books… just about Him or His acts. No man will find Him unless He opens their understanding and when that happens your world is turned upside down. We must develop a "listening ear".

Did not Jesus say, "Search the scriptures for in them you think you have eternal life, but you would not come to me"… not the man in the Bible but the risen Christ that dwells with you.

We must learn to see one another after Spirit…

As beautiful and powerful Spirits of LIGHT!

Our world has been built on the idea of the five-sensory personality that grows and learns through fear and doubt. Fear of the physical environment and doubt that we fit naturally into it. For if we choose to walk the shifting pattern of fear and selfishness we will attract to ourselves this reality and try to destroy those otherwise minded. This is where wars come from but the destruction of life will NEVER save our planet. Our fears must be swallowed up in LOVE. Love then trust for without trust, you are not able to give and to receive love in reality. God is Love and only as we learn to trust our loving Father can that love become manifest in our lives. Whenever you read books or the Bible read them with one thing in mind…God is Love.

So our choice, negativity upon negativity and a man like Hitler will arise. OR

We agree consciously to bring to a level the thoughts (mind of Christ) of our Father’s heart toward this creation. Thoughts of love, mercy, forgiveness, compassion, no more accusation or condemnation, this is the energy patterns that will challenge the fear ridden thoughts of flesh. We must understand how powerful ONE is! Your thoughts, your actions matter every second. BE CONSCIOUS of this every moment. We can no longer live a nice life or even a nice flow that does good things. OVERTURN…stay awake THIS IS OUR FINEST HOUR!

I love what my friend John Lewis just wrote. "CALL THE MIDWIVES"

"Today while sitting in meditation, I heard the Spirit within saying, "I am calling for the midwives to assist in the birthing and development of a new consciousness, fresh revelation knowledge and the higher life that’s being produced. You must defy the decree of the old order of thinking that operates from the realm of fear, limitations and illusions. Don’t allow your fear and ignorance to slay the man-child/thought/idea that can be the deliverance to the whole house of Israel; your body, soul, and spirit."

So many in this hour are finding past beliefs or the box the have been comfortable in doesn’t satisfy anymore. The religious prison camps can’t hold you anymore. So our job is to confirm in anyone that comes into our space the reality of their being, knowing it takes a fully awaken being to awake another out of sleep. "ARISE shine for YOUR light HAS come and the GLORY of the Lord IS RISEN upon you…" NOW lets begin to awaken a sleeping creation. THIS IS THE TIME…THIS IS THE DAY OF APPEARING!

Blessings of Life, Floyd


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