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Living in the place of no conflict



I have been asked several questions about how can you live in a realm of "no conflict" and how can you "resist not evil."

It starts with learning "that which you resist you give power to." How many times have we said I'll never do that again and the harder you fight not to the more you do it. When we fight we give power to a situation... but as we learn to embrace we take the power away. I use to fight "fiery trials" til I learn to embrace the fire and it became my friend. Our God is a consuming fire, my ministers a flame of fire and we have found fire purifies so its not bad... we all need to walk through the fire to get back into a garden relationship. Anger, impatience, lust, fears, and on and on. We can take the power away from each.

We also have learned we "mirror each other!" If someone brings something out of you its because it needs to come to the light. Have you ever said, "that person makes me upset or mad.?" Its because its in you to be upset or mad.

                                           We have found a realm beyond forgiveness...

                                                                   don't be offended

Since WE ARE SPIRITS LOWERED into to this earth realm to have an experience, WHAT ARE WE LEARNING? Lets look at the forerunner, the firstborn and how he dealt with humanity. It says, "He ate with sinners (those living in a mis-taken identity), and wine drinkers, and prostitutes." The religious mind would say he couldn't be a holy man doing that but Jesus never saw a prostitute, a drug user, a alcoholic, someone wrapped in fears, he only saw a whole person doing wrong things, He saw Christ in everyman. He saw them for who they are not what they were doing. In Mary He saw a person, the Christ, not a prostitute, even if thatís what she was doing. HOW DO WE SEE OUR FRIENDS OR FAMILY? Do we bind them to what they are doing or see the reality of their being?

What the religious world calls demons are only "thoughts or teachings"

we have given power to in your heavens. Some have a big devil and I tell them if you need one... you will create one, but in my heavens I don't need one. Look at a family controlled by anger or fear and how it was passed down through generations. It only has power to those that give it power. True deliverance is not fighting darkness but cutting on the LIGHT.

                                         There is only ONE POWER in our universe...

                                                        NOT TWO, just our Father!!!

Only one that is fully awakened can awaken another or else the blind leading the blind and both fall in the ditch. "AWAKE THOU THAT SLEEPEST AND CHRIST SHALL GIVE YOU LIGHT!" I tell those trapped in warfare, "WHAT ARE YOU FIGHTING?" It's just an illusion that has been given power in your heavens and you believe it so you have something to fight. Jesus said at the cross... "IT IS FINISHED", the battle is over, who are you fighting? Satan was destroyed...the one that accuses the brethren day and night... think about it...what accuses you?

 The carnal mind where that snake lives?

A free man is one that accuses no one for he realizes "everyman is right where he is supposed to be, doing exact ally what he is supposed to be doing and will be there UNTIL...and everyman has a UNTIL WORD!"

The Spirit says, "COME UP HITHER!" Find the place of no conflict! Where you see the whole picture, for "It is the GLORY of God to conceal a thing but THE HONOR OF KINGS to search it out." Proverbs 25:2

You really can live in the place where you resist nothing and embrace all. Its where you take away the power of anything thinking its ruling in your heavens... and we learn we are creating a new heavens (way of thinking...the mind of Christ) and a new earth (body) wherein dwells righteousness or right thinking and doing. Only FEAR can keep you out.

                                       "...AND BEFORE THEM THE GARDEN OF EDEN."

                                                                            Joel 3:1-3

What was put at the gate of the garden to keep folks out? Cherubim (which are imaginary beings... your imagination) and the fiery sword (we must embrace fire to enter). We have found the garden is not a piece of real estate but rather a consciousness in our soul or garden... where we find the TREE OF LIFE! Meditate on these thoughts...the one within will open and make them real in your experience. Amen



"Never, never, lose sight of the fragrance you bring into the lives of those around you. How often have you walked past a garden HIDDEN behind a fence or a hedge and have been overtaken by the sweet perfume that rises in the air simply to bring pleasure to the passer by.

You are the planting of the Lord, you are the garden of His delight, each and every bloom that bursts forth from within you in its different colors and hues speaking of revealing each truth that makes up the Christ, who you are."

Blessings of Life, Floyd


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