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Be Still



Reb Yerachmiel once traveled to a distant group to teach meditation. The room was packed with students. The Rebbe put his finger to his lips and asked the people to be still. "Too noisy," he said after a minute or two. "Please be quiet." The room fell silent. You could hear the anxious breathing of the students. The Rebbe waited. "Shh," he said. "Please, it is still too noisy." The students looked at each other. No one spoke. "Too noisy," Reb Yerachmiel said again. "You cannot meditate until you stop the noise inside. Too much chatter of the mind. Thoughts, feelings, opinions, judgments. Too much noise. You cannot meditate until you stop the noise. And then you won't have to."

Meditation is a distraction. We imagine that if we learn this or that technique we will become holy. What does the Word say: Become Holy? Or Be Holy? It says Be Holy (Leviticus 19:2). There is no becoming, no need to change, no sense of time. Be what you are, holy. Meditation will not make you holy. You are already holy. Meditation simply allows you to realize this fact.

The Psalmist says: "Be still and know that I am God" (Psalm 46:10). If you would be still, quieting body, heart, and mind, and opening to the greater silence, then you would know that "I"-- the self that you are this very moment-- is a manifestation of God.


Then a wonderful reply and song from Linda Walters from Camden, SC.



The IAM is not self-realized (although it still exists) UNTIL one becomes still. I always knew that God existed, but I did not know he lives INSIDE me until I started my meditation practice. Then, as the “still time”  became more important to me (my life started working much better- I had clarity and insight never before experienced!), I realized that when I was “still”, there was absolutely no division in my will and the will of God, because they were one and the same. Then the phrase, “I and MY Father are one” became much more meaningful.


The ego (The king of the physical earth) wants everything and everyone to bow down to him. He wants to rule over the earth (physical body), including your thoughts. Meditation allows the king of the Spirit to reign, and there is no contest, because HE bows down to everything, since HE holds everything, including the ego as reverant. THIS KING does not conquer by might, but by the unconditional love it bestows on everyone and everything, including his ”enemies” (the kings of the earth).


Many people feel that the ego is a “force to be conquered, felled, or controlled”. But, this king also has his place in the scheme of things. He protects your physical body from harm, and he will WILLINGLY bow down to the King of Spirit if/when he encounters the love. Only with love are all things possible. When we are at war (conflict), we are only battling different facets(faces) of ourselves, different members of our own family. Since we do all agree that we are ALL God’s children, that makes us all brothers and sisters of the IAM race.


A new Song:

CHANGE THE WORLD, WE CAN CHANGE THE WORLD! Together we can do it, just take my hand…. CHANGE THE WORLD, WE CAN CHANGE THE WORLD- spreading the truth, all through-out the land.


We are all God’s children, so that makes us family-so lift up your voices and sing along with me, to CHANGE THE WORLD, to CHANGE THE WORLD!