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              Ever Learning



(in writing this I understand everyone is right where they are suppose to be, doing what they are suppose to be doing and will be there UNTIL and each has a until word. This is to be a picture for those finding their way out of the religious world and seeking the path not known to those that have been captured by religion… IT’S A SPIRITUAL JOURNEY)



2 Timothy 3:7 "…ever learning, and never able to come to the knowledge of the Truth." I saw this scripture used against those seeking the reality of their life but in fact it’s against religion. The definition of insanity is doing over and over the same thing hoping for a different outcome. As you look around you can see those that are hearing and doing the same things 20 years later in different fellowships. Its always the same thing, Jesus is coming, hold on so the devil doesn’t get you, watch for the rapture, press in so you don’t lose your inheritance or you will be cast into outer darkness. What does this kind of thinking produce in someone? Fear is the main thing. Religion taught us we were mere mortals and if we walk the tight rope, be good, go to Church and obey our pastor then we MIGHT make it to the pearly gates.

HOW INSANE and to watch those live in this deception for 20 and 30 years is amazing. Does that sound like 2 Tim. 3:7?

                    The reality of this life must be based

                          on the fact GOD IS LOVE.

Today so many are hitting this wall not knowing which way to go. The first thing we must come to is our walk is like a school. Notice the teacher usually stays in the same grade and the student’s progress. Most teachers are just trying to build their own kingdom and use fear and a promise of someday to hold folks in their group or church. Remember that ole dragon in Revelation?

His head is the TRADITIONS OF MAN which make the word of non effect (communion, tithing, the rapture, ect) and the tail is the lies of the false prophets pulling you from the heavens. It’s the voice trying to keep the eagle in chicken pen. "Who do you think you are? Get back in this pen!" The stars were pulled from the heaven by the tail of the dragon.

                 We will never find the reality of truth until

                 You hear the VOICE WITHIN saying, I

                 AM THE TRUTH, just as Moses and Jesus.

I use to say "to have a human experience" but saw the reality "unto the spiritual is all spiritual." So who has ever ask the question WHY ARE WE HERE?

So can we be ever learning and find the truth? Yes and it will be FOUND WITHIN. Not only Christ IN YOU but CHRIST AS YOU. Since your eye be single to this reality then and only then will you be full of light and you will see a perfect world. (How many times was it said, "It is good, it is very good…Who said it was bad?) "For unto the PURE is all pure" I always wanted that to be my life and only found it when "the accuser" was kicked out of my thinking (heavens). It’s seeing this world as a play and everyone has his part. Just let everyone be who they are and accuse none for they’re just playing their part. Have you ever said, "that person makes me mad or angry or whatever." Could it be the Father showing YOU what is inside your world. We are to be at peace with all men.


                      God is Spirit, we are Spirit and

                 To worship God in Spirit we must be Spirit


I use to think worshipping God in Spirit was singing in the Spirit but its so much more. Our lives are a worship as we learn to live out of Spirit. In the Christ mind having the Father’s heart we can not accuse or condemn any man. We desire only to bless, forgive, show mercy and love all men. It’s to realize we can trust the voice within, we can trust our heart. So many hold the Bible as the absolute but do you realize it’s only been available to more than a few for several hundred years. What did believers do for 5 thousand years? The VOICE within. The Bible has truth and knowledge but also mythology and duality and its recorded side by side. ( It’s the tree of the knowledge of good and evil and the TREE OF LIFE at the same time… which tree do you want to eat from?). When our hearts are open to light of truth above all else then it is pure enough to admit new Revelation. I love the song Lester Higgins sang, "We are the living word, wrapped in flesh and bone… walking through this land bringing LIFE to man… We are the living Word of God" Do we trust the voice and the life within?

                 It all starts in our consciousness. The perfect

                World can be seen by believing and living out of

                the Christ mind. When we find Christ as our total

                being our total existence we have found THE TRUTH.


Blessings,  Floyd



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