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"All things are yours"


This thought has been in my Spirit for the past few days. I encounter so many this day that think they are experiencing lack and my question is why? Jesus said, "Ask and ye shall receive it… Believe that you have it." And the infamous one, "Your Father owns the cattle on a thousand hills." So whats happening here? If one has a large sum of money in the bank but is ignorant of this fact it can do him no good. Even if he knows its there but doesn’t draw on it, does it have a practical use for him? Likewise, if an individual has great spiritual wealth but does not claim it or utilize it in the needful things of his daily living, it is of no practical value to him.

How do we bring the reality of "you have lack of nothing" into this present drama of existence.

If a person cannot locate the bank and is ignorant

Of his identity he is not likely to receive any funds

From the bank

Identity seems to be a key to unlock the mystery. Asking for money at the bank (so many answer this by telling one to pray) is not enough to secure it. One must establish his identity or in some way prove the amount belongs to him. Then he is entitled by the bank to draw on it. We see here one must establish his Identity and prove that the amount credited to his name belongs to him. Only then can you draw on this account and to bring it into this reality. Now we start to see the promise, "All things are yours." Are you claiming your Identity?

When a situation arises and is set before us we must first realize--- the answer co-exists with the problem. I know I am finding a place where with every need the provision comes with it. Sounds like the ministry after the order of Melchesidek is rising. Living out of the reality of an endless life!

Ok, back to the question… How can one work out the problem of existence so as to reap the answer,--- of all good things?

Lets look within and know we are Spirit and creators as we have the power to actualize form-creation and this ability is in everyman. There are three things to consider: the answer, the problem and the solution. The answer is: an awakened being to the truth of his Identity, the offspring of the Father. Knowing he is complete and really has need of

nothing. The problem is human existence and how to live out of spirit in a natural world. And thirdly, we seek a solution. In most problems that arise we seek a solution or the right answer then the problem ceases, for it is swallowed up of the answer. What is Divinity? Divinity means your true state or Beingness, which belongs to the Christ which you are. We must be established in the consciousness that our Identity is Spirit, is Christ and we are Perfect. For we have seen that abundance of all things is our Identity in Christ and only in this realization will we ever find the power to understand why…"all THINGS are yours." All is yours because you are Divine, you are Spirit, you are the Christ of the earth.

What is the process to bring ones unseen spiritual wealth into visible expression as object of his desire? First, understanding the spiritual bank is Christ. "Ask in my Name and ye shall receive" the name is the nature or ask in the consciousness of your true Identity, your actual Name not blindly or ignorantly, but with open vision, knowing that your request is for that which is already prepared, established, and at hand. "Ask what ye will " WOW!!!! Whatever pleases your true Self; for this insight assures you that the Giver and the Gift are one. You are both the Giver, the one who has, and the one that receives the gift. SELAH…..stop for a moment and consider this!!!

Make no point of separation but rather harmonize your sense

With your Self. Understand that the Unseen and the seen, the

Reality and its symbol, the Idea and its expression, Heaven and

Earth are ONE.

Here it comes… Your Soul, Spirit, Being, is your source, your bank…Your wealth consists of infinite, unrestricted, unconditional reality of the Kingdom of God. Remember what Jesus told his disciplines? "I have many things to tell you but you are not ready to hear" This is that Day the reality is being brought forth. "If I will not open you the windows of heaven and pour out a blessing, that there shall not be room enough to receive it." I don’t like to project the possibility outside one’s self. I know that’s the trick of religion…one day, like the carrot in front of the donkey you hear the promise but no reality. We must ring this thought into the NOW of our lives. I also understand it is being seen by some now but not in its fullness but we need to move beyond the realm of lack, need, limitation and touch the Life within and begin to live out of it.

DEMONSTATION is the proof of Christ in our midst. Only this will cause one to arise out of a material view point into Spiritual understanding and the fruit of peace, glory and harmony with all. Only here can we begin to transcend the beliefs called limitation and lack. Jesus said, "Seek ye first the Kingdom" and this has much more depth in it than most have seen. It can’t just be a mental process; it must penetrate and fill our mind a transcending state of consciousness. I SEE the demonstration already accomplished! As we enter the state of completeness, unity, wholeness here and NOW. The next step is……One can ask for he sees it at hand; it IS prepared; it has already taken place. As our mind becomes clear to see no separation or duality. For it has been swallowed up in ones own recognition of his own Divinity and he lives in this reality….the Kingdom of Spirit.

If one can see this…All things are his

In this state of being you are not reaching for that which you see at a great distance or outside of ones self but in withdrawing the mind from the so-called external universe, and seeing the Kingdom of wealth is at hand. In this we discover that ALL is his, and that he is ALL. Let one acknowledge his own IDENTITY and he shall know his wealth. Then he will no longer wish as though he were looking for that which he does not see, seeking for that which he has not found but sitting at table loaded with great abundance.

If you have not found this place seek with your heart…for Jesus said," Let not him who seeks cease until he finds, and in finding one shall find rest unto his soul." Abundance, Supply, and Prosperity are yours!

I really felt like signing this, "The ramblings of a mystical traveler" for its hard to teach something that can only be experienced to know the reality. So these thoughts are only guide post along the journey of Life.


Blessings of Life,

Stones of Fire Publications