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Its amazing how noisy change can be. All over you have those that claim to be this or that but it all comes back to fruit. They might be saying the right words but a parrot can say the right words too. One of the first lessons I learned is: you can only be to someone what they see you as. Whether it be a prophet, pastor, teacher, gardener, a good cook, or whatever. It’s the EGO that wants to be seen and to ware the badge saying I’m a prophet or a bishop. Knowledge brings power and most want that power over others. Revelation 2: 6; 15 “So hast thou also them that hold the doctrine of the Nicolaitans, which I hate.”  Nicolaitans is man ruling over man. Its just EGO ruling, with a little knowledge that has a show of power.

I remember being in the mountains several years ago planting some trees when some guest arrived. Later that evening I was sharing when they stopped me to say, “we thought you were the gardener. Who are you?” My reply was, whatever you need me to be. If you see me as a teacher then you get a teacher, or pastor or prophet or even a gardener. This same thing happen to Jesus

When he ask them, “Who AM I?” Good teacher, maybe Elijah but Peter looked beyond the outer man to see the Christ. “Thou art the Christ, the son of the living God.” So, who are you?

The Bringers of this Dawn are those that have the nature of the Lamb. They ware no badges cause they know they can only be what another perceives them as. Same thing with those that MUST minister or share… just BE and watch the opportunity arise. The scripture that I read for years and wanted understanding is, “Unto the pure is everything pure.” Only as I understand that this world is a play and each of us the actors can I then see every man has a part. I choose no longer to eat from good and evil… putting sense evaluations on everything and judging it… to see Christ everywhere I go. I want to eat only from the tree of Life in the midst of my garden.

This is the route to “unto the pure are all things pure.”


                God has no enemies, if He did He wouldn’t be God


We are standing in a new age, a new day. As it unfolds before us the beauty is unbelievable. A new creation man arising to walk as their Father, to speak as their Father and to only do what they see their Father do. Is it someday or IS IT NOW? They are walking the earth today but not seen with natural eyes, just yet.

As I see and understand that I can but confirm the Christ in everyman and call the Christ forth will I see the appearing that is taking place. “The Temple (naos: you and me) is being opened…” The seals are coming off to reveal the true substance of your being. YOU ARE WHATS SEEN OF HIM WHO IS INVISIBLE! YOU CRYSTALIZE THE ONE WHO HAS NO FORM! And NOW your life is beginning to manifest the reality.

Are you still waiting for someday for it to happen? That’s where the religious world lives. We are to live in the NOW of our reality. The Bringers of the Dawn are those that are calling forth the Christ in everyman. They realize everyman is right where they are suppose be doing what they are suppose to be doing and will be there UNTIL… and everyman has a until word. The Bringers see when the lights are beginning to come on and know how to climb the walls into another’s garden to confirm the Life that is breaking forth. They know how to awaken another from the dream world with all its nightmares. As Isaiah spoke, ”Awake thou that sleepest and shake off…” (The dust of 6 thousand years of the dream world)

The Bringers of the Dawn are in the earth but those that live in the five sense realm will never see until they awaken to see we are all spirits living in a human form. Then the lights begin to come on. And with one voice they can shout, “IT IS GOOD… IT IS VERY GOOD.” Whoever said it was bad?  It was all part of the dream when something was after you and we had to get out of here quick. The earth is the Lords (the Elohim…the many membered Christ) so you ask when or how is this planet going to be changed?  Read Psalm 82. When the Elohim ARISE, AWAKEN and begin to make right all that is wrong. It all starts in your world, your universe, then and spreads one by one.


Blessings of Life,

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