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             The Pendulum Swings

                                                                    Part 1



Everything in our universe is alive


What is energy? The scientist tells us everything is energy, even what we see as solid matter. The encyclopedia says, “energy is the ability to produce action or effect” but this is not what it is, rather one of its attributes. We see many manifestations of energy every day… wind, heat or any motion. Our universe experienced a blast of energy when God said, “LET THERE BE LIGHT.” Here we see the spoken Word and it involves meaning, consciousness, awareness and Wisdom. Awareness implies consciousness and we know a conscious state of being is an advanced state of life.


Modern Science says, “everything is in motion and everything vibrates”. From pure Spirit all the way to the heaviest form of matter all is vibrating. From electrons and atoms so small the naked eye cannot see them to worlds and universes, everything is in vibratory motion. We are finding even on mental planes we send forth vibrations. In fact millions of varying degrees are flowing in the room you sit in.


          Einstein said, “ E=MC2” in which everything is energy vibrating in a visible state in varying degrees but if sped up to the speed of light squared everything becomes pure energy again.


If you have ever become angry you find yourself vibrating at a lower frequency… a more dense form. In meditation you find yourself in a higher frequency. Have you ever wondered how Jesus walked through a wall or disappeared in front of people?

Can you see this principle working around you?

Even after eating a heavy meal you feel more dense.


As we learn this, we find we are more able to control our own mental vibrations. When circumstances around us get confusing we have a secret place… a place of peace to retreat to. I know when I’m alone or with others I can worship or sing or hum (tone) and I know I touch a higher vibration.


        This is the place you will find the power you

             are looking for just as Jesus did.


In different homes you will find varying control dramas being played… all for power over another. Poor me dramas, aloof dramas, or intimidation or interrogation but each one has a frequency. Every home, as each individual, vibrates. I have found when I go into a home where meditation is practiced the air is so much clearer. The good news is as we see this principle we learn not to play into someone’s drama but rather be an observer.          


So since everything is in motion, we have an action and reaction principle working all around us. This works in our bodies and all around us… even worlds, animals and matter. As we understand this we can learn how to use and not be used by circumstances around us. Enlightenment is power!!!  Now we can see how the masses are carried along, obedient to their environment and those stronger than themselves. It’s the chessboard of life we choose not to play anymore… no longer moved by other wills and environment. Here we have become the ruler of our world.


“Science has proven that plants grow better and healthier with lively tones verses hard rock music. They respond to the peace and flow of life. Have you learned to speak kind words to your plants or even to your children. Your spirit (attitude), or tone of voice will get a response, positive or negative.” Taken from article “Worship in Toning”


Music plays a big part in our surroundings. Science has watched how different music affects plants and even students studying.

When we open up and just flow in song or worship I really believe we vibrate at a higher frequency. All the cares of life fall off and we begin to touch freedom… to BE. All manifestation of thought, emotion, reason, will or desire, or any mental state or condition is accompanied by vibrations. That’s how you feel people, even at great distances out thoughts send out vibrations. It’s written, “Jesus knew the hearts of all men”.


     We are told there are five kingdoms on our planet

    the mineral, the vegetable, the animal, the

    human and the Divine. All vibrating at their own

                 frequency… pure energy


Love is the door to everything.  Remember the first time you looked into someone’s eyes and said, “I love you”. The feeling, the vibration, the energy… Love is the greatest, for as Life is Light so Light is Love. The Love of God shed forth through the hearts of men.



…………………I LOVE YOU…………..


Blessings of Life, Floyd

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