Parable of the Seeker






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The Parable of the Seeker

A seeker kept appealing to God show me your dwelling place, show me your life, show me the kingdom in reality. And the answer kept coming back, "in time, when you are ready." The seeker sought a sign from outside himself as religion has taught for thousands of years. But the day finally came when the Master said come. I will show you my secret temple…the place of my abiding. It’s a three-room house but I can only open the first door. The rest you must find for yourself. "It is the Glory of God to conceal but the honor of kings to seek it out."

Standing in the first room the seeker found man’s concept of God in the form of a "golden statue." Many sat around worshiping the golden statue but the seeker knew there had to be more. He knew he must press into another room. As he came in he saw just few had found this place. But they were worshipping a "crystal statue" of God. He found he could breathe more freely and felt more freedom. There was a greater lightness in the atmosphere but after a period of time he knew there had to be more. Many voices called out, "don’t leave us, don’t go, you might be deceived." But he knew in his heart he must press on to find reality.

After many days he found the entrance to the third door. When he entered the room was empty. There was no one there but himself. He discovered all he ever sought for, all he ever desired was in this room…it was with him, it was in him. "My Father and I will make our abode within you" While many continue to seek outward signs he had found the reality of life. "My Father and I are ONE" This truth can only be found when we turn within…"I stand at the door and knock…come IN and sup with me and I with you." There is no other place to find happiness, peace, contentment, or security, except within our own being.


True happiness is only found within

The kingdom of God comes not with observation…it is an invisible kingdom… an invisible universe but only to our outer senses. The outworking is found in the words, "I have come that you might have life and that more abundantly." Finding this spiritual life is living by Grace. Living by Grace is attained only when things and thoughts have been overcome. Grace is a life in which we find all things appearing to us in the order of need, sometimes even before we ourselves are aware of the need. It’s finding the place where with every need the provision flows with it. It’s living out of the invisible universe.

The secret of this inner life is…there are no yesterdays

There are no tomorrows---only the ever-present NOW

Meditate on this thought… NOW I am living in the fullness of God; NOW I am living in the fullness of love---love for one another, love for the truth, the love of the Christ towards all of this creation. The essence of love is ONENESS WITH GOD. Seek with your whole heart and the path will open for you have one living within that will guide you.


Stones of Fire