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Sometimes you wonder if there are those that are listening so I gathered some of the responses to the article on "Have you experienced Darkness" it was amazing to me. I have just sent this to a few to say when you get a thought send it out. Even if its 2 and you'll never know whp it reaches or how far it goes cause like this one I've heard from 3 different countries and 15 plus states.

Dear Bro.
Your message on darkness was sent to me by a friend. It was water in a dry thirsty land. I have been out of Mother's house for 4  years. I have been much at peace knowing Father knows what He is doing with me. During these four years, I have witnessed my Dad, baby sister, my neice's Dad, a good friend's husband, and my husband go to be with the Lord. Even though I have felt numb spiritually, I have had Father's peace. You have helped me to understand that I have been experiencing the darkness of the day of the Lord. The scriptures you shared are very rich and pregnant for me.
Thank you and God bless you.
I forwarded the
Darkness, the Seal's and the update on your travels were life giving. I told Margaret the other day that I almost get aggrevated when I think about the lies we have
believed !  I'm so glad we don't need to listen to "man"
anymore, He (spirit) will bring all things back to my remembrance.

Keep the e-mails coming.  The first thing I do when I switch on the Computer
in the mornings is check my e-mail.
  I was sent your paper on Darkness and it blessed me so much.
I was discussing with my friend all about
        the things you wrote about and it help me understand and
answer some of my questions.
        All the blessings of love and peace from the Lord of Glory.
Hope to see you at Linda & Barry meetings in June.
        Love in Christ Jesus

Hi; this is really good. It bore witness with some things and
added to what has been given to me on the spiritual fulfilling of the
feast of tabernacles.

very nice, you have stirred me again,
Hi Floyd,
            Just read  Have you experienced DARKNESS?  Sounds like an awesome meeting
In Ga.  Always good to here a word to stir up our pure mind.  I had an experience  14 years
Ago in a meeting in Wash. of being caught up in a vision of all consuming FIRE AND LIGHT!
I remember thinking, don't let it be a long time before I experience this again!   Now I know
Time is not the issue!  I just want that LIGHT TO SHINE FORTH IN ME to the rest of Creation!   Hope to see or here from you soon.
Wow, Floyd-----That is BEAUTIFUL.  Sounds like the voice of experience speaking

Wonderful... in 1978 a new babe in the Lord, not knowing the scriptures, I experience an undescribable darkness for two days, it was like there was a total separation from all existing thing, and the scripture Isaiah 54;7,8 was giving me,so I have tasted the darkness, as well as His light, Praise Him for both experiences, there is no darkness unless one experience the light.
It was good talking to you. Have a good evening.
thanks for sharing the message with me it is a LIFE changing article
Hi Floyd:
Thank you for the message on Darkness.
Also, do you know whether or not you will be coming with Brother Des in July to Fremont?
I hope you can make it, it will be nice to see you again.
Blessings to you, as always.
Thanks Floyd, I have forwarded this article you wrote to a couple of people, I really appreciate you, keep on keeping on. There are many that just do not seem to see this unfolding from darkness and becoming the light.

Thank you for this timely word....I met a brother in Christ last night that emailed me this morning with a dream he had at 3:00 a.m.  He was standing outside and was looking at the moon and then the moon was covered and there was complete darkness. He asked me if I could help with the interpretation. I couldn't but went on in my email and there was your wonderful word. I have emailed him but if you have anything to add...i'm sure he would be blessed
Hello Floyd, We just wanted to thank you so much for sending this to us.  You put into such beautiful words what our hearts have been speaking! We say Amen, Amen and Amen to this! We have been sharing this same message with our family and friends, so it is so encouraging to hear others speaking the same Truths. We plan on forwarding this to alot of people. You know the scripture says "God robes himself in darkness" 
This Word is SO IN MY SPIRIT, that I HAD to pass it on. God's Secret Place IS DARKNESS. And we stumble around in the darkness until we , first, feel something that is there. And then, bless His Preciousness, we begin to reach out and finally see with eyes that have become "accustom" to darkness, and see WHO we actually FELT. I pray that the eyes of His Forrunners are allowing DARKNESS AND LIGHT TO BE THE SAME TO THEM.....  Enjoy this Word
Floyd, EXCELLENT Word!!
Thank you. We have translated this word in Spanish and sending copies all over