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Matters of the Heart



As I awoke I heard the Voice within saying, “I have put my heart within a people”. I first thought of David who had a heart after God. In the natural his life looked like a mess, though he was the king but his heart was after the things of heaven. “The mouth speaks what the heart is full of” and the scripture in Luke, “Love the Lord your God with all your heart”. While man’s religion looks on the outward we must begin to look at the heart and there we see the seed of Christ in everyman. Instead of binding someone to their “mis-taken identity” we want to loose them to the reality of their life and you can only do that when you see the heart of another.


Think of Joseph’s heart! Rejected of his closest family, thrown in a pit, sold into slavery, prison and yet when his brothers came before him the first words out of his mouth were “God sent me before you.” God put me into that pit, God sold me into slavery, He understood he never got out of the hand of his Father. He never accused anyone but embraced all that he experienced. So, what is your pit? What is your “rejection of man”? What is the prison you have found yourself in? Has your reaction been to blame and accuse or to sit quietly and embrace all that has come your way?



One of the scriptures that has really set me free is when Jesus said, “Resist not evil”. What he was saying is that which you resist you give power to. But when you find the place of non-resistance you give power to nothing but the Most High. What I heard in this was, “Resist nothing and embrace all”. This is the place of freedom. Not to fulfill the natural but to follow your heart and be true to your heart. David had a heart after God, and we, as we awaken to this life will find we have a heart only to do as we see your Father do. WOW!!!! Isn’t that what we have desired all along? Is that the pattern the elder brother set? “The words I speak are not my own, of myself I can do nothing, but I listen to the VOICE within”.


What keeps us out of this reality? Our belief system? Fear and unbelief? Warfare? I remember my friend Les saying that the Father spoke to him to be “Ever changeable until He who is unchangeable comes”. We must see life as a journey, as a school and remember the student progresses and most teachers stay in the same grade. What worked in the 1st grade might not work in high school though it be part of your foundation. We evolve in our thinking or consciousness and to do this “fear and unbelief” must pass away. It will lock us in a box of doing, in the box of religion. Only a free man, one not bound by fear can set another free. When the Father said, “It is good, it is very good” He was talking about our earth. Who said it was bad and we must get out of here? This is the happening place and we all are learning to overcome or come on over. Warfare is another thought that will keep us out.  

For if there is a war in your heavens it makes you blind though the reality is right in your midst. The weapons of war must be turned into the weapons of the harvest. I love the saying, “To those who see no war, no conflict, no strife will the Father open His life.”


All these thoughts are the cherubim (the imaginations) that guard the way back to the GARDEN within. Remember, the tree in the midst, the tree of Life that we desire. It is found within our garden and only as we pass through the fire and the imaginations will we find it. “IT IS THE GLORY OF GOD TO CONCEAL IT BUT THE HONOR OF KINGS TO SEARCH IT OUT”.

For “the leaves of this tree are for the healing of the nations.” (Revelations 22)


How do we find the heart of God? We lay down all crutches, all concepts, all accusations, all warfare, all conflict, and all condemnation towards any man, to find THERE IS ONLY ONE POWER IN THIS UNIVERSE!!! As Shakespeare said, “The world is a stage and we are all the actors”. We all have our part to play but as Jesus said He came to reveal the Father’s heart so that’s our desire. We have come to reveal the Father, to reveal His heart to creation. For it’s a heart of no accusation, no condemnation but a desire to bless, show mercy, forgiveness, love, acceptance, to proclaim “all is well” to a generation of people that have found themselves on the planet at this time. As we love the Lord your God with all our heart then we find we are the heart of the Father in this visible realm. Showing forth the mercy and love of our Father.

FOR WE HAVE COME TO REVEAL THE FATHER to a sleeping world that has found itself in a nightmare. “Awake thou that sleepest, and Christ shall give you LIGHT”.


Blessings, Floyd