Remembering from Whence we Came






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Remembering from whence we Came







Jude 5 “I will therefore put you in remembrance, though you once knew this…”


Job had to be put in remembrance for through the trials of this life and all he had gone through he was ready to curse the Day he was in. The Father then spoke, in chapter 38

“Where was thou when I laid the foundations of the earth?” REMEMBER “when the morning stars sang together and ALL the sons of God shouted for joy” Are you starting to remember Job? You were there shouting and now you want to curse the Day?

 Part of the outcome of Job life’s is found in 40:10, “Deck thyself now, with majesty and excellency; and array thyself with glory and beauty.” Remember Job from whence you came. I heard in this “cloth thyself in LIGHT for since your eye be single your whole body is full of light.” Remember Job, you fell asleep and starting living in the dream world now “AWAKE THOU THAT SLEEPEST.”


                              For the earth is but a garden created

                                          by the Elohim


The prodigal son found himself in the same place. He told the Father, “give me a portion of goods” for I go on a long journey. He stepped out of the heavens to take an earth journey just like Jesus did, just like we did. He needed his portion or inheritance which was an earth suit… a human form.

Jude says, “ And the angels which kept not their first estate but left their own habitation, He hath reserved in everlasting (a time word) chains under darkness (chains are the DNA of human remembrance) UNTIL the judgment of the great day.” The great day judgment was the cross. That once again we can begin to remember we are not flesh and blood locked in those chains. Jesus proved this at the cross. His body was ripped from him and all the blood came pouring out. Swallow up my blood and my body and you will find LIFE.  We are spirits, Sons of the living God. We ask to take this journey just as the prodigal and now as we awaken from the nightmare of human existence to find the reality of Life.

Religion helps to keep you in this dream world too. It has its own nightmares it tries to put on you. Fears and bondage and promises are all it has to offer. But now in this Day we are remembering. You see you need NO man to teach you only to stir up your remembrance. I like how Peter put it 2Peter 3:1, “…I stir up your pure minds by way of remembrance.” Are we ready to jump ship or are we beginning to remember from whence we came?

Psalm 126 “ When the Lord turned again the captivity of Zion we were like them that dream.” For we have stepped out of our dream world to find ourselves in our Father’s dream. Think on that!

Blessings of Life,