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Jesus said "follow me" and we worshipped Him... selah (stop and consider)
Deception is a word you hear in some camps but I have found the greatest deception in the world is religious deception. I'm RIGHT, God told me! The Lord said! end of conversation. How many external voices are trying to tell you what God is saying? Folks so locked in their "box" of understanding that I am RIGHT and everyone else is wrong... is so sad. Its just a power play (knowledge is power) and when you find the root its... EGO.
I love what Des Walter said on this, "First of all, let me say that the thing we call EGO is probably the greatest threat to Christianity that we have to face. A great deal of Church life is founded by Pastors and other Church leaders ministering and functioning out of their own EGO, that multiplies like a virulent disease on contact with others. There are only TWO antidotes to this problem that are available to us, and these are L-O-V-E and T-R-U-T-H, and both of these are absolutely free and freely available."
Our society today suffers from an expression of individualism that asserts the rights of an individual against the rights of the community. This attitude is reflected as a great deficiency in LOVE. The general focus has been turned inward, viewing the SELF as all that matters. Ethnic issues are causing fighting and bloodshed around the world while other nations are in conflict over land and sovereignty.

"The Garden" represents the HEART of man, and is designated as the only place where we can find God. Such an understanding brings to life all the facts recorded, and in no way destroys the Truth... God wants to communicate to us. Thus right at the beginning of man’s existence, we find God and MAN walking together as ONE in perfect harmony. There is only one authority resident in this man Adam, and that is the voice of GOD speaking from the Garden within his heart. “Of every tree of the Garden you may freely eat, but of the tree of the KNOWLEDGE OF GOOD AND EVIL you shall not eat of it, for in the day that you eat thereof, IN DYING YOU WILL DIE.”

How simple life was for this man, who did not walk in confusion as to what he should or should not do. For him life was uncomplicated and certain. The voice of God did not give lengthy lists of do’s and don’ts that must be memorised, for the VOICE was always there when it was needed, giving guidance and direction to preserve the PEACE and beauty of the Garden. This is Paradise, expressed as LIFE in harmony with God. In the glory and order of this paradise man functioned as ONE with God."

The great deception  in Christianity today carried the title of CHRISTIAN but is simply a masquerade on the part of the ego. Man can dress up and go to Church on Sunday and sing the hymns and hear the sermon, then return home to a war zone that is camouflaged as a family. Man can declare in song that JESUS IS LORD, yet be driven by an out of control Ego to cheat and defraud. He may serve as a deacon or an elder but never hear the voice of God within. The great zeal of many Pastors to captivate their congregation and win souls for the Lord,  is but the function of a disguised ego.
One of the shockers of the day. I turned on TV to find a movie called "Power of the One" this morning. The One a child was being introduced to the Hitler kids army...the excitement, friends, the hip hip hurray... then I saw the news that said... "This last month America has passed laws that rival laws set into motion in Germany in the 1930s." What are we to do individually? Something to think about~~~~~~
     A Friend is someone who knows the song
       in your heart and can sing it back to you
          when you have forgotten the words.
I so appreciate everyone that has touched my life. What a joy to experience this life together even if it was just for a moment.
I have so many across our land I call friend and a little bit of each one is in me. Each one of us has met on our journeys to find reality in this life. So many different paths we have found our selves on yet giving each other the freedom to hear, think, and follow. It so sets you free to know we are not mere mortals working our way somewhere but we are Spirits lowered into this realm to have an earth experience. Smile, be happy, enjoy the journey ALL IS WELL IN THE HEAVENS.
Seems folks ask all the time "how and why" do we meditate. Most have such an active mind it's hard to get quiet and others seem to fall asleep.
2Cor.10 tells us  what can hold up our progress is learning to bring every thought into obedience to Christ. It all starts when we find the voice within. All you will ever need is already there its just getting quiet to find it.
I read something today from Living By The Word by Joel Goldsmith I really like concerning this thought. "Meditation has for its purpose admitting the light which is God, letting loose the light that is stored up within. The kingdom of God, spiritual light, is within us, and we must open out a way for the light, hidden within us, to escape. Meditation has nothing to do with overcoming sin, disease, lack or unemployment; it has nothing to do with stopping evil men from continuing their evil practices. Meditation has to do with us as individuals realizing and releasing the light that is within. In the attainment of that, the darkness disappears, and the darkness is any and every form of human discord. The darkness and its forms vanish the very moment light is introduced.
Therfore, we go into meditation that may realize ...I and my Father are One. Where I AM, God is, and because of God's presence, there is peace, harmony, wholeness,  and completeness
The place whereon I stand is holy ground, for in
the presence of God there is the light of truth.
    The light dissolves the darkness
God's presence is my sufficiency in all things. In God's presence is fulfillment, and I am here in meditation to realize this truth and to be a transparency so that the kingdom of God within me may be released in consciousness, thereby dispelling every appearance of darkness , and discord and inharmony. If  I realize and feel the presence of God, everyone within range of my consciousness, receptive and  responsive to God, feels it, and feels the effects of it.
Remember, Jesus said I have meat you know not of? I have meat the world knows not of. I have within me the realization of a divine Presence, of a spiritual Light; and this is my bread, my meat, my wine, and my water. This presence 
is always within me and goes before me."