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Science and Spirituality





Oct 2004 issue of Time magazine has this on the cover. “THE GOD GENE” and ask “Does our DNA compel us to seek a higher power? Believe it or not, some scientist say yes.” In the recent

best selling book “The DiVinci Code” we find science and religion coming together. In this book it shows the conflict religion has with science. Most Christians are so wrapped in fear they don’t want to think about the possibilities but science and religion are getting closer. When we discover every cell in our body has a consciousness and is a universe within itself we have to start a pursuit to find the truth. A dear friend of mine who studies DNA said God had written His name in every strand of our DNA.


Several years ago scientist found the death gene and have been working on it. They feel by manipulating it they can cause life to go to the age of 200. And now they found the God gene that cries out for Itself. When we come to see we were never separated from our Father (religion did a good job of trying to show separation) then we come to know our Oneness. We are the expression of the invisible… the very offspring of our Father.

Have you come to realize you ARE what’s seen of Him who is invincible. God is Spirit and Spirit can not be seen except in a individual. He made all men in His likeness and image and put His seed within to cry out at the set time.

Another thing my friend Tony Salmon shared is,” scientist found the earth’s frequency is getting higher as its rotations slows. Several years ago it was about 8 hertz’s which is our sleep state.

I can’t remember the exact figures but now its up around 9 now and they feel up around 13 in the next 20 or so years. 13 is our awakened state so we can see everyone is going whether they want to or not.” “Every knee will bow and every tongue confess”

There’s the possibility!


                            Science without religion is lame,

                      Religion without science is blind”

                                         Albert Einstein


Henry David Thoreau once wrote, “With all your science, can you tell me how it is that light comes into the soul?” Now we are beginning to understand what Einstein meant when he said, E=MC2. WE are all balls of energy (light beings) that have been slowed down to become mass but if sped up times the speed of light squared we become pure energy again. That’s how Jesus showed up with Elijah and Moses on the mount of transfiguration.

Vibrating in their light bodies. Have you ever eaten a large meal and felt dense? As the earth’s rotation slows our bodies get less dense. WOW, instant weight loss!


I believe the change starts in our thinking. “As a man thinketh,

so is he.” Our cells have been programmed at a certain age to head downhill. I believe if we live out of the mind of Christ we can reprogram our cells to live. In the mind of Christ there is no death, poverty, lack, conflict or accusation towards any one. I believe we can hit the point of critical mass…that this mortal put on immortality. Are the cells of your body crying out for change?

It’s happening in ALL creation.   Selah




A big step in understanding oneness is  when a larger part of your mind welcomes higher truths over the part of your mind that doesn’t like what it hears.
You must realize that within you are two voices. One voice does not 
want you to progress which is the ego, and the other part wants you to shed your earthly ways so you can soar like an eagle.

Why crawl around on the ground like a caterpillar (one of the greatest eating machines on our planet), when you can fly like a butterfly???  Its called BEING BORN FROM ABOVE!!! But YOU have to find your own way out of the cocoon.

Blessings,  Floyd 
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