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             The Narrow Way



We have read Paulís heart many times, "til Christ be formed IN you", til you awaken to the reality that all you will ever need is IN you. Itís the call to leave the dimension of the five senses and the illusion of separation. Finding the narrow way is finding our Father as our life and only IN Him will we find Life.

Jesus said, "Ö because straight is the gate, and narrow is the way which leadeth unto Life, and few there be that find it."


         We will never find the narrow way in the 

          external world, It will only be found within.


The broad way leads only to frustration, tribulation, and continuous problems and the end is death. This is the place where most are waiting for something external to change their life. If I just get to church every Sunday, read enough, pray enoughÖ itís the realm of outer darkness, which is the place of no light or understanding.

Here one associates himself with human birth, reasoning,

Beliefs, fears, needs, health, wealth and happiness. THE AMERICAN DREAM. Identifying as anything but the ONE. In the broad way, one follows men, teachers, pastors but never become the reality of being the Light and the Truth.

Just as a caterpillar must find itís own way out of the cocoon, we must find the reality of our TRUE IDENTITY. It will not be found in the world of appearances for here you will only find sin, sickness, limitations or death. One may desire honesty, purity or perfection but he will never find it while living in a human existence.


           We are Spirits having a spiritual experience

                 Not humans trying to be spiritual


The narrow way admits none of the systems or methods of the human way. All human ways and means, mind and thinking are left outside. Itís the unconditional way of Spiritual inspiration, illumination and revelation. Itís the place of perfect joy, peace, abundance, happiness, wholeness, life, love and truth. No amounts of learning, spiritualization or practice can transmute one into this realm of spirit.

No one can see this place without LOVE, cause its love that causes one to give themselves completely to God, the perfect One. I read something the other day that is a neat picture of our progression. In this we can see there are different dimensions we can live inÖ

"3rd Dimension:  This is the density where human beings emerge.  It is a vibration, which creates the illusion of separation and thus, the challenge toward awakening.  This the frequency that expresses the most separation from the whole.  It is the dimension where many people get locked into the belief that only what is perceived by the five physical senses is real.  This is the most intense of all levels where many lessons are learned.  The opportunity for growth and acceleration of the soul is maximized in this dimension.

4th Dimension:  Presently on Earth, the 4th dimensional reality is overlapping the 3rd.  In humanities case, this can account for an increased desire for unity, peace and unconditional love as opposed to the illusion of separation, which characterizes the 3rd dimension.  The vibratory rate of reality is stepped up and therefore one may be faced with personal issues in a much more rapid and intense way.  This is the frequency of responsibility for what one has created.  Negativity becomes more difficult to maintain in the 4th dimension.

5th Dimension:  Also known as the Golden Age reality, where dreams become reality and where souls become unlimited.  A 5th dimensional being has no ego apart from the Higher Self, and therefore experiences perpetual freedom, divine grace, beauty, creativity, joy, wisdom, prosperity and abundance. It is the Christ realm where YOU ARE AS HE IS."

In this picture we can live in any dimension we desire but a door has been opened in heaven and the call has gone forth, "COME UP HITHER."


The narrow way is the place of perfect harmony where we live in the realm of no conflict. Where we are at peace with all men for WE KNOW everyone is playing their part in the play. Itís the place where we realize everyone is right where they are supposed to be, doing what they are supposed to be doing (playing their part) and they will be there UNTIL and everyone has a until word. This way I can be at peace with all men and allow them to be who they are without becoming a part of their control drama.

The narrow way is the Christ way. It is I AMÖ it is not I will be when I heal or when I overcome. The words I AM signify this present reality. "I AM!" The I is the Infinite, perfect, single Self, Mind and Being---universal and eternal. The word "AM" means everpresence, uninterrupted, stillness, serenity, calmness, IT IS DONE, IT IS FINISHED, and it is always here and now.


           We are what God ISÖ and nothing else, 

           for Spirit is all that does or can exist


"When that which is perfect is come, then that which is in part shall be done away." Its amazing to me but all most all of Christianity is waiting for His appearance like Heís coming back in a earth body. 1John 5:20, "FOR WE KNOW (do we?) that HE IS COME." He has come IN His bodyÖ the Body of Christ. What a grand and glorious new heavens and earth that is being created. Whatever knowledge is perfect, it will remain; but whatever knowledge is imperfect or partial, it will become useless and shall come to an end. Perfect knowledge is revealed to those prepared to love it above all else.

This is the beauty of this Day we stand in, for those that have found the narrow way .. THEY HAVE FOUND the reality of I Am the Way, the Truth and the Life.

Blessings,  Floyd