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Looking into space one night and thinking of its vastness I heard this cry  coming up from within…"Who am I?"  When we realize that this planet is but a "Speck of cosmic dust" the universe takes on a whole new meaning.  Most everyone on the planet just considers the "me, my & I" and how it affects his life.  As we are awakened to the vastness of our heavenly Father, we come to see how most are sleep walking, living out of their dream world.  Many more are "hypnotized" by many different things including religion.  To be "hypnotized" means to be in a "state or condition which can be artificially produced and is characterized by marked susceptibility to suggestion…a sleepy condition."   

A television audience watched as a man was hypnotized to believe that when he awakened there would be a white dog growling behind him, and for thirty minutes walked around looking behind himself and jumping.  The audience roared as he tried to get away from the imaginary pest nipping at his heels.

Many of us have thought we had "something" after us, trying to destroy us. We've tried to deal with the "dog."  We've written books about the "dog." 

We've had conventions to discuss the "dog."  Some go to counselors to try to get rid of their "dog," and everything goes fine until the counselor's "dog" shows up.  

Some Christians with varying doctrines believe something is back there that's going to get them, especially that one in red flannel underwear with the pitch fork.  He's not real, but someone that is "hypnotized" cannot be wakened by another who is also in a "dream state."  It takes someone that is fully awake to awaken another!  Praise God, some are awakening in this hour and beginning to stand on this planet with their vision in the heavens!  We must remember that the real purpose of pastors, teachers, evangelists, prophets and apostles is to lead us back to the garden within us, confirming the mind of Christ in each one.  

In 1972, as this question of "Who Am I?" was stirring in me, I had a visitation.  While not really seeking the things of heaven, I had one of Those "life-changing" experiences.  I was sitting alone in a dimly lit room, and a "light being" or angel appeared…a being made up of what appeared to be, as best as I can describe it, "living light."  The whole room lit up and the being began to speak, not in words to the natural ear but in thoughts to the mind or consciousness.  I lost all sense of time, so I don't know if it was 5 minutes or 5 hours that passed.  As this was happening this picture was being painted in my understanding:  

"For you are not mere mortals but rather spirits that were lowered into this realm to have a human experience.  Here to learn by experience the Love and Mercy and Forgiveness of our heavenly Father, for we were predestined to this calling from before the foundations of this world were laid.  The Spirit Children of our Father became clothed in flesh, with memories of the past veiled.  Some have cried to get out of this existence; but, like Job, heard the voice of the Father saying, 'Where were you when the foundations of this world were laid, when all the Sons shouted for joy and the morning stars sang together?'

1 We, as Job, were lowered that we might learn the heart of our Father."  

The light being went on to say that this would be a world in which we would learn to handle tangible things and receive "denser bodies" than we had ever known.  Here we would have the opportunity to be tested and tried in all things and so prove ourselves worthy for this great honor.  Jesus was our forerunner and showed the way.  Here we would learn to walk as Him and talk as Him and do only that which we see our Father do.  

At this point I hear the Spirit saying, "If I tell you earthly things and you believe not, how can I tell you things of heaven?"

2 "Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither has it entered into the heart of man, the things that God has prepared for those that love Him.

"3  "…for I will work a work in your days, which you will not believe, though it be told you."

4  We have…"the mind of Christ" and need it in this hour of unveiling.  

The light being continued, "For this earth is but a speck of cosmic dust in the plan of the ages that our Father has for us.  This earth is but a school ground where gods are trained; and we, His holy advancing Ones, will eventually be called upon to use the powers of our own perfection in the process of creation.  The cry of your universe will be,' LET THERE BE LIGHT!'

 5 For all the Father has is yours!  For after your graduation from this realm of 'godhood' is finished you will be called to first create a world and then you will be the Elohim over it."  

At this point, let me add that the first thing I did was to confer with "flesh & blood" (the "elders") and they told me that this was not God, and led me into the slumber of religion.  Remember the "tail of the dragon" that pulled some stars out of heaven? (read Isaiah 9:14-16. The head is the traditions of man and the tail is the lies that keep you in the dust realm.) 

Some of the lies that come from that tail are "Who do you think you are?" and "That is not for NOW."  Anything that would keep us in the earthly and not allow us to realize we are NOW sitting in heavenly places is a lie.

So my life took a 23-year detour, but Father is so faithful to lead us to the right people or books at the perfect time.  Another who had an encounter like mine encouraged me to write my experience so it could be shared.  So I write this to confirm what is already in you, for we must desire a deeper understanding of why we are here and WHO WE ARE!  Only by the Spirit can our minds be renewed to be released from traditional understanding into this pure understanding. One of the biggest lies is that there's something outside ourselves that's going to come and rescue us and get us out of here!  All you need is already inside you!  "THE KINGDOM OF GOD IS IN YOU!"

6  "My Father and I will come and make our abode in you,"

7 and we still look out there.  "I stand at the door and knock…

"8  He's inside knocking, waiting for us to come in and sup with HIM!  Our promise is this:  "Perfect Love casts out ALL Fear.

"9 All life is a "Spiral of Eternal Glory" bringing forth perfection, exaltation, achievement and eternal progress of which there is no beginning or end.  Our spirits are eternal!  We are not mere mortals, but spirits having an earthly experience, finding there is no beginning or end.  Scripture clearly states, "We are His offspring."

10 This is our lineage or ancestry…God's endless-generations that are reaching beyond this world and this planetary system and this galaxy and universe.  This is our DESTINY. 

Many things are there to distract us from our destiny; the lust of the flesh, lust of the eyes and the pride of life; but we have a JOURNEY set before us.  Let us launch out BELIEVING, for all things are ours.  The path is getting clearer and clearer each day.  


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