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Come To Me

Inspirational Poems
By Dalton Wallace



Let not your heart be troubled,

I am here to set thy spirit free,

At any time and in any place,

If you will only come to me.


I desire to lift your every burden,

And swiftly set your spirit free,

 Learn how to count your blessings,

And bring your problems unto me.


Spiritual anxieties weigh you down,

But they can never set you free,

Come to me, you will find true rest,

You must learn to trust in me.


Your heart need not be troubled,

My love will conquer every fear,

Come to me, I am the only way,

I will give you ears so you may hear.


You will never know the living God,

Who controls both wind and tide,

Except you come to the Christ within,

Learn to commune with me inside.

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