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By Dalton Wallace



(He that has ears to hear let him hear)


He that continues to live will continue to die and not live, but he that ceases to live will cease to die and live forever. Selah!

  A person may not be what they think they are, but they are definitely what they think

  A person is not who he is because of what he does, but he does what he does because of who he is. A dog’s bark doesn’t make him a dog. He barks because he is a dog.

   Why do we, who claim to be Christians, find it so easy to find fault, criticize, and condemn the darkness in the lives of others and yet we seemly find it so hard to let our own light shine?

  All happiness depends on happenings. There is much unhappiness, incontentment, unrest, and heartache in this world because of adverse happens or circumstances. There is joy, rest, and a peace that passes all understanding as we are conscious of Christ who dwells within who is our life no matter what happens in the external world.

 The multitude of fruit of the harvest is the same quality as the seed that fell into the ground and died lest the Seed abide alone. Out of the of the Seed springs forth a new life or a New Creation Being.

 Stop acting like you think a Christian is supposed to act. Start becoming as He is and the actions will be the unconscious expression of a New Creation being. Our father doesn’t need actors. He is not in show business

 The weightier matters are Judgement, Mercy, and Faith. Judgement to our self, mercy towards others resulting in faith toward God. Too often we feel sorry for ourselves and judge others. How could anyone with such an attitude expect to have any faith?

 There are three realms of faith. There is natural faith that everyone operates in everyday when they dial the phone, turn on a light switch, etc. This faith is based upon natural knowledge which we accumulate through our natural senses. Then there is spiritual faith which grows with spiritual knowledge and operates through the spiritual senses. However this is not the highest realm of faith. There is the Faith of the Son of God. No longer will it be our faith in him, but the operation of His Faith as he dwells in us.

 There are two trees inside our garden. The tree of Life (which is Christ) and the tree of knowledge (of good and evil). We are still deceived by our minds in thinking we know what is good and what is evil. The truth is we’re still in the dark spiritually because we’re eating of the wrong tree. We’re deceived in thinking somehow that makes us like God. In him (Christ) is light (life and understanding) and in him is no darkness at all. Good and evil simply doesn’t or never existed in the spirit realm.  Everything God created was very good. He never created evil or death. All death and darkness are created in the mind of natural or carnal man by partaking of the wrong tree.

 It is an indisputable fact that we face many truths everyday, what is not a lie is the truth. Yet, there is an absolute truth that we can know and this truth will set us free. This truth is not a statement, idea, or simply verses from the bible. This Truth is a Person and He will set us free from everything that has us bound, whether it is sin, sickness, disease, poverty, disability, pain or whatever.

 Many missed their time of visitation when Jesus, the son of man, walked the earth. He did not come the way they thought and they did not know him. They only saw a flesh and blood man. We would do well in this our generation to take heed lest we think his coming is a certain way and we too do not know Him (who is our Life) missing our time of visitation.

 Isn’t it ironic that most of our life even if we claim to be Christians is based upon the knowledge of good and evil which man was told to participate of that would surely mean death?

 The word, seek, means to locate or find that which is lost, misplaced, hidden, or otherwise veiled from sight. We are told to seek life, light, righteousness, the Kingdom of God, and that which is lost. Obviously we know where death, darkness, and all unrighteousness are. Everything we are told to seek in the scriptures will be found in us. The reason it is so difficult to find is because it is buried under a heap of our garbage. I am speaking spiritually here. Let him that has (spiritual) ears  to hear, let him hear!!

There shall be a people who shall awaken and discover that as He is (now) so are we in this world. They shall discover that the same spirit (Christ) that dwelled in the son of man (Jesus) dwells in them and they shall walk even as he (Jesus) walked.

 Since man’s mental fall, the majority of men have been content either willingly or ignorantly to live the lower life of the caterpillar, whether they are aware of it or not, feeding on the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil. So-called Christians think that to partake of the good fruit makes them good while thinking those who eat the evil fruit are bad. Some partake of the best leaves while others partake of that which is not as great. The truth is that to partake of that knowledge whether we think it’s good or evil causes the same result. Contrary to some people’s belief, the Life that Christ comes to give is not simply to make the caterpillar more comfortable or happier. Mortality is swallowed up of this Life. If the butterfly still had the caterpillar’s mind, he would never fly. The only way to come back into His presence is to be transformed by the renewing of our mind in order to have the mind of Christ, We cannot do this by ourselves even if we memorized the entire Bible. It can only be done by the Holy Ghost as we yield to Him.

 The word imagination comes from the word image. The definition of an image is a false god or a replica or statue of something but axially not the very thing or person. The god of the imagination varies according to one’s concept or belief about what we imagine. Some believe he is a god of good and evil, peace and anger, and love and hate based on what they think or what they’ve been told. He rewards people by these merits. This is not true with the true and living God. He is a God of Love and nothing else. The question that we must ask ourselves is which god is real to us. Do we know the true and living God or is our god a god of the imagination?

 Beloved, now are we the sons of God. It does not yet appear what we shall be, but we know (are fully assured) that when He appears, we shall be like Him, (why?) for we shall see (with spiritual eyes) Him as He is (presently). I John 3-2. When Christ who is (presently) our Life, shall appear, then shall we also appear with Him (not as a separate identity) in glory. (Col. 3-4).  The wordappeardoes not mean splitting the eastern sky someday bye and bye, but it means to uncover or reveal that which is unseen because it has been veiled or hidden from sight (spiritually). Our mission is to find Life and bring it into view so others can see it. Amen!!

Jesus said, I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life, no man can come to the Father but by me. He didn’t say come to me and I’ll show you the way and tell you the truth so you can enjoy your everyday mortal life.

 I have heard it said many times over the years that someone was so heavenly minded that they were no earthly good. Never have I heard it said that someone was so earthly minded that they were no heavenly good.

 There are two worlds or two realms and these two are so entwined together or coexist that the natural man cannot see the difference between the two but to him who has spiritual eyes to see, they are as diverse as light and darkness. We have all been deceived into believing a lie thinking it was truth. The natural world is governed by the knowledge of good and evil even though man was told to partake of it would surely mean death. He either thinks God never meant what he said or he has changed his mind. (How foolish) In man’s mind he categorizes others of God’s creation by this knowledge as well as his mental concept of right and wrong. In this world there are opposites such as love and hate, life and death, faith and fear, peace and turmoil, etc. None of these negative forces exist in the Spiritual world. God is a supreme reality and rules over all his creation, which includes all of mankind whether we know it or not and no matter what gender we may happen to be. In the natural world, God, a place called heaven, and an eternal burning hell all simply exist in the imagination of natural man. In the natural world there is an existence which man thinks is life which is actually death and darkness which is temporal with no eternal value. This life is manifested through fears, frets, frustrations, anxieties, worries, and a myriad of other things. In the spiritual world and the kingdom of God is only Joy, Peace, tranquility, etc. and a song that no one in the natural world can sing because they don’t know the words or the music because they’ve never heard it. This shall surely change for the knowledge of the Lord (not about the lord) shall cover the earth as the waters cover the sea. God’s Word is true (now and forever, and that Word is not simply verses in the bible) no matter what man’s concept or interpretation may be. Men who live in the natural, physical world have tapped into the Spiritual world at times and received healings, blessings, and a variety of miracles but the sad commentary is that many times he tries to bring them back to this world and looses them. He also doesn’t understand how he obtained it. He even tries to sing the same songs or do what he did but it never works by any manmade formula. In the natural, physical world man’s hopes and dreams are farther along in some sweet bye and bye. In the Spiritual world the realities are now. The only thing that separates these two worlds is a veil created by man’s mental concept. Even though that veil was rent it has been mended in the mind of natural man and now divides the natural world from the Spiritual world. Man who thinks he is in control has no ability to sustain his life for one second. Everything in the natural, visible world that we can partake of with these five natural senses, including male and female, is but a shadow or type of a Spiritual reality. It is a sad commentary that we can live our entire life here in shadows and types thinking these are the realities. (What an illusion) If you consider I am loosing my natural mind, consider this also, no one can have the Mind of Christ, which is spiritual, and the natural mind at the same time. One must loose the one before he can gain the other. Why will we all die like men? Selah!!

 Man believes what he chooses to believe based on what he has been told. One of the first questions presented to man after his partaking of the tree of knowledge was “Who told you?”

 In the days when Jesus walked this earth, mankind could not distinguish between the son of man and the Son of God. I venture to say that this problem prevails even greater in this our day.

 The sad thing is we have lived our entire life among shadows and types, or outward manifestations, being deceived by our natural canal minds, thinking or believing they are the realities. We grumble and complain when other people’s types and shadows don’t fit the molds in the world we have created. Many read the bible with the same frame of mind.

 Isn’t it ironic that as the flood of corruption escalates in the lives of mankind that natural floods seem to follow suit? As storms seem to rage in the lives of mankind, natural storms are stronger and more numerous. As people’s lives are shaken by natural circumstances, there seems to be more earthquakes and volcanoes in the natural realm.

 In John 19, we are told that He is the vine and we are the branches. No one could argue the fact that the same life that is in the vine flows into the branch. If the life of the vine and the Father are ONE, where does that leave the branches? Selah!

 Even though we are told to cast down imaginations, our world is filled with imaginations. Among these are a god of the imagination, a devil or satan of the imagination, and a heaven or burning hell of the imagination. Consider the fact that most imagination is not real. It is just an illusion, a creation of our own mind. When we have true understanding as our Father turns on the light in us it will do away with all imagination. Selah!!

 Behold, a wonder now exists in heaven and this woman shall bring forth a man-child who shall rule our nations with a rod of iron which is the Word of Truth. In due time she shall bring forth for she has definitely been impregnated by the divine Seed of the Living Word. Even now the flood is brewing in the religious world.

 In this natural, material world there is a system called Time which is governed by the five natural senses. Everything in this world is comprehended by these senses. In God or the Spirit world there is No Time.  Man has tried to figure God out by natural standards. With Him there is no difference between a thousand years and a day. The Truth is that the present is forever and eternity is now. The realm of time and the spiritual realm will only meet in the NOW.

 Most of us never consult God’s choice in a matter. We simply go where we want to, say what we want to, and do what we want to. Then we want God to bless us and when we experience tragedy, we wonder why. The truth is it was simply a result of our own way.  (Can you hear this?)

 He that cometh to God must believe that He is (present) and that He is (Now) a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him. God is not lost but He is lost to many of His creation. When man finds Him, they’ll find their true self and He’ll not be where they think He is. True faith does not believe in an unknown God of the imagination. It is impossible to come to a god unless we know where He is. We cannot come to a god who isn’t present.

 The life of man is simply a sowing and reaping. It doesn’t matter if you are a king or queen or a street sweeper. No one is immune to this law. We sow or plant a seed (thought) based on our understanding then we reap the fruit or a harvest of that seed. Be assured that every seed will produce a harvest. We don’t have a chose in the matter. We will definitely eat the fruit of that harvest. Many of us seek doctors or medicine to ease the pain or discomfort and I’m not knocking that.                Some even ignorantly accuse their God or ask why certain things happen. The actual truth is we planted the wrong seed even though we may have done it in ignorance.

 I used to think when I saw a jet far up in the sky, sometimes so far that you could only see the smoke, that those people were closer to God than I was. I flew the airways before and I probably wasn’t as close to God then as I am now. I discovered that God is not up in the sky or in some specific location but fills the entire universe.

 I Corinthians 15, 22 says that in Adam all die, even so in Christ all shall be made alive. Most will agree that in Adam all die but they think only some will be made alive in Christ and the rest will be doomed. Does not God have power over all of his creation? If God be for us (and he is), who can be against us? There is no other power in this universe that can oppose God.

 It is strange that most everything in the bird and animal kingdoms is reverse from that of modern man. The male is usually more colorful, beautiful, and more dominant than the female counterpart. It is also the male that entices the female to mate with him. In the world of natural man it is the female which adorns herself and is more beautiful enticing the male.

 Good and evil or right and wrong are not absolute but are subject to opinion. There is a law or principle that Father has set in motion that is absolute. Every man that ever lived or ever will live was or will be subject to this law, no matter what status they may be or whether they are mindful of it or not.

 Every aspect of life is a result of a choice or a combination of choices that we make or have made. It doesn’t matter what physical gender that we happen to be. Every choice is preceded by a thought. Most choices are made in the soul realm because of something we have been told without any influence from the spirit. We may have been told by those we consider spiritual or someone who we consider an authority on the subject. It will be a great day when we bring  every thought into captivity to the obedience of Christ who dwells within us.

 The greatest problem that we believers have is believing. When the scripture says all, do we believe it means all or do we think it means some? When it says none or nothing, which means zero or zip. It doesn’t mean a little or a few. For instance, it says all things are possible to him that believeth. Do we believe that?

 There is a vast difference in knowing that Christ dwells within than being in Christ. We may know that the Kingdom of God is within us (because Jesus said it was) but are we living in and being governed by that Kingdom? To say that Kingdom is only Righteous, Joy, and Peace is like saying fire is hot and colorful. Describing something is not the thing itself.

 Which God are we conscious of, the true and living God who is Love and is no respecter of persons, who gives life and breath to all, who says everything he created was very good or are we mindful of the god of the imagination? This god is governed by good and evil, right and wrong, love and hate, etc. none of which is absolute but will vary according to one’s interpretation. This God lets little children be abused, starve, or die of some disease. He allows birds and animals to fight and even kill one another. He blesses some people but makes others suffer. He heals some but lets others die. This god is definitely a respecter of persons. He is the god of this world and our minds are blinded by him. He only exists in the mind or imagination of natural men. How could anyone ever know or come to the true and living god if we believe He is up in the sky? Selah!!

 Everything God does is for his sake or his good pleasure. He created man for himself. It seems man thinks or has the general consensus everything God does is for man’s sake or man’s good pleasure and God exists for him. Selah!!

 Suppose for a moment that this world was full of caterpillars. Some were even lay members, preachers, and evangelists. A few of these caterpillars said that we need wings so we can fly. They would be deemed crazy or off the deep end. To suggest such an idea would be absurd to those who consider that they were born a caterpillar and will die or go by way of the grave as a caterpillar. Even though some have flown over the past 6000 or so years, they are considered special cases.

 There is but one life in this universe. If I am not sharing that life I am I just giving my opinions which aren’t worth anything?

 Why does God’s creation try to categorize things as if that makes them superior spiritually than others? When Father said to us through the son of man (Jesus) he said without me ye can do nothing. He didn’t say without me you can’t do supernatural things or miracles, which is very true. The fact is you don’t have any ability (apart from Him) to awake each morning or take the next breath.In Him we live, move, and have our being.  He even gives you the ability to scratch your head. He promised never to leave us and He is always present whether we’re aware of it or not. Everyone is a part of His divine plan. Can you hear this or are you too religious?

 To be governed by the knowledge of good and evil is to forget that everythingour creator made was very good, and everything He does NOW is very good. He works in you both to will and do of His good pleasure. He doesn’t do anything for an individual’s purpose unless that’s a part of His will. Our selfishness is not a part of His will; still we ask and wonder why He doesn’t answer us. He works everything according to the counsel of His own will. If we fit into that will He hears and answers us. We think Pharaoh was evil and Moses was good, yet our Father created them both. Our Father never created evil. If Father never had a Pharaoh, He would not have needed a Moses. Both served his will or purpose and He created both of them for that purpose. (Read Romans 9 14-21) Many things that happen we consider evil when if we knew the Truth, it is actually good. We blame the devil or satan for what we consider evil without any understandingof whom or what he is or where he comes from. Our Father doesn’t have an adversary who opposes His divine purpose and will, yetall things were created by Him and for Him and He never created evil. In Him is light and in Him is no darkness at all. Darkness only exists in the mind of man. We forget that we are His workmanship. It is He who hath made us and not we ourselves and everything He made is very good.eHeHH By His grace I am what I am. God has always had a people who gave glory to His name and He is raising up a special people or firstfruits in this hour that will have the same Spirit that is in the Only Begotten Son. To be one that He is raising up we must be governed or controlled by His Spirit. These shall do the works that He (Jesus) did. and greater works. None of us are better than others because we decided to be. He decides everything. Even Jesus said I of mine own self can do nothing.

 All of us want to be smooth stones, but we want to avoid the jagged stones that Father uses to remove our rough edges. We often consider these stones evil, even though Father uses them for His divine will. Can we be like Him and love them? If we love those that love us or if we bless those that bless us, what thanks do we have? Even those we consider sinners do that. Selah!!

 It is time; yea it is high time we ask ourselves these questions. Do I love the true and living God which is also to love all of his creation no matter who, what, or where they are or am I self-righteous and legalistic trying to fit others into my mold of beliefs, ideals, and opinions?  If they will not concede do I cease to associate with them? Do I partake of the tree of Life which is Christ or do I partake of the knowledge of good and evil which is death? Do I love those that love me and associate with those I want to love me or am I different than everybody else? Am I truly the light of this world which dispels darkness or do I argue and wage war with the darkness?

 Do we think that we MUST go by the way of the grave as all before us? Is it possible perhaps that some present truth or reality has been missed?

 Who am I to think that immortality has a visible, distinct look about it vastly different from the look of mortality? Why was Jesus mistaken as the gardener by someone who was close to him? Why was he not immediately recognized by the two on the road to Emmaus? I am sure Christendom can explain these things. 

 To be obedient to the Spirit often requires us to go contrary to our own thinking and the limitations of our own mind. It may not seem logical to us, but to follow our own logic will keep us in bondage under the bars of our own thinking. It is very sobering, whether we are willing to admit it or not, to realize that we are the victim or victor to our own doing which is a direct result of our thinking. Every failure or victory, even our present condition, whether we like it or not, is simply the result of our own thinking which is why we do what we do and say what we say. We are all programmed to think certain ways therefore believing and doing certain things. We consider anyone whose program of thinking is different than ours to be insane or inferior to us or else we think we’re right and they’re wrong. Our Father loves and blessesall of his creation no matter how we have been programmed to think.  There is no such thing as right or wrong in God or the Spirit realm.

 What do I believe, for what I believe will govern or determineevery aspect, issue, and activity of my life? What we believe for some future time or event does not help us NOW. It is what I believe for this moment that is important. Is my life centered in this natural, visible, material world that can only be accessed by the five natural senses, or is my life centered in the invisible, spiritual world that cannot be accessed with the natural senses? Do I believe the things I partake of with these natural senses are the realities of life, or do I believe the realities of life are in the unseen, invisible world? Do I realize that the things I partake of with the natural senses are simply a shadow or type of the true? I’m not saying we should neglect the five natural senses, but I do believe they should be governed by the invisible, spiritual world. Do we believe we are in control of our lives or do we believe He is in control? If you want to know what we believe just listen to us talk and watch our actions? Do we believe God was in Christ (The ONLY begotten Son) reconciling the world unto Himself or do we believe He failed in that mission or effort?

 When someone goes by the way of the grave or cemetery it is said by those considered great ministries that they went to be with God or God called them home. These same people think they are a natural human being and they identify with their body considering that their origin is natural. If we can go home out of this body we can go home in the body. It all depends where we think home is. Selah!!

 In I John we are told if we say that we abide in Him we should walk as he walked. He was not subject or at the mercy of sickness or disease. He could not be killed or injured until the cross, even then He said no man takes my life but I freely lay it down. We consider we are subject to sickness and other people have the power to take our life. The truth is that we are only subject to sickness, disease, or even death only if we give these things mental consent. That is what we believe, not necessarily what we think will happen but what we believe can happen. It may not be what we believe for at that moment but what we believe in general. Nothing can touch us unless we allow it to or give it the power to, not even fears, frustrations, worries, anxieties, or any emotion.  Do webelieve we can walk this way? We cannot do this within our own ability but he can and will do this through a people.

 There are parallels between the natural and the spiritual including male and female. Everything we partake of in the natural with our five natural senses are but shadows and types of true realities which exists in the spiritual realm. We are deceived in believing the visible to be real when actually the invisible is the only eternal reality. Everything in the visible world is passing away, even the mortal body.

 There are two types of understanding, one is devastating or detrimental to our spiritual growth or well being and the other is vital, crucial, or essential to our spiritual growth or well being. One is natural and the other is spiritual. There is nothing wrong with the natural in performing our daily tasks but must not be relied on when it comes to spiritual matters. We are told in Proverbs to trust the Lord with ALL our hearts and lean not to our own understanding. Paul prays that the eyes of our understanding be enlightened. Aren’t you glad the disciples didn’t lean to their own understanding when they were told to fill the vessels with water and bear them to the governor of the feast at the marriage at Canna where it was turned into wine? In all of your getting, get understanding (spiritual) and lean not to your own (natural) understanding. This is hard but it is crucial.

 There are many who claim to be Christians that are content to splash around in shallow water whose only spirituality is through the church system. There are those He beckons to launch out into the deep. They are not to be prideful because they are deeper. The commission is to let down the nets for a haul. They are not to forget that they are fishers of men.

 The things I am about to say will seem radical to many. Those who claim to be Christians will consider these things heresy. They are not to be ridiculed for even I would have considered these things to be false or untrue a very short time ago. One of the most misunderstood, misinterpreted, mistranslated, unbelieved, and misused books in all the world is what is referred to as the bible. I don’t belittle or underestimate by no means the importance of the bible. Many don’t understand our father at all. They think God is some kind of monster who burns people in a burning hell who don’t accept him the way they have been told... The fact is we don’t understand God, hell, sin, judgment, heaven, the devil, or many things. The problem is we have believed what we have been told and we have had plenty willing to tell us what they think. Only what He tells us is important for His words are Spirit and Life. As He is so are we in the world. Does He have sickness or disease, does He have pain, or does He have any lack at all? I don’t think so. Then neither do we if we’re in Him. Can we believe this? Do we ignore the Truth because we think it is too difficult or seemingly impossible? The fact is we are without excuse.

 There are two worlds and two kingdoms. The Kingdom of God is invisible and the King is God or His dear Son. There is No time is this kingdom. Everything in His kingdom is very good. There is Only Love in this kingdom. There is no such thing as opposites in His kingdom. There is No enemy or adversary. There is only one power in this kingdom. Then there is the kingdom of darkness or the kingdom of this world. This kingdom is very visible and tangible. In the kingdom of darkness is the knowledge of good and evil which is death or separation from God. There are opposites in this kingdom such as love and hate, right and wrong, and the list is endless. In this kingdom we are subject to sickness, disease, pain, or any natural suffering. We are subject to everything this world is subject to. These two kingdoms are both within us. Out of one or the other are all the issues, life (knowing God) and death (separation from God.). If we are having trouble with an adversary ( referred to as the devil or satan) we are trying to serve two masters or Kings and trying to live in both kingdoms Darkness is the absence of Light and we will remain in darkness (ignorant of truth) until He says Let There Be Light.

 He is Lord of lords and King of kings. That is very true but did you ever stop to think, who are the lords He is Lord of and who are the kings He is King of? If He is our High Priest, there must be priests under Him. We are a Royal priesthood, a Holy nation, a kingdom of priests, set apart unto Him. What are we ruling over??

 When we face the storms of life such as pain, disability, sickness, disease, sorry, etc., it is because Christ is asleep in the back of our boat? Are we always conscious or aware that He is there? If he is first and foremost in our lives, there will be no storms. Do we only turn to him or pray when we can’t handle it ourselves or some crisis prevails?

 Our loving father NEVER condemns us or places any penalty or punishment on us. He only judges us with righteous judgment which is ONLY to correct and instruct us. We often judge ourselves harshly deeming that we are worthy of punishment. We even commit others to hell if they don’t repent. Our judgment is based upon our knowledge of good and evil unawares that to partake of that tree [which IS spiritual. There is no literal tree] is spiritual death. As long as we judge others by the knowledge of good and evil, we will be just as mortal as those we judge.

 If I have a natural light and it is not activated or turned on, darkness will prevail or remain. If the Christ {who is spiritual light} and is not activated in my life, darkness {which includes frustration, fear, impatience, death, disability, sickness, disease, pain, and a myriad of other things} will prevail or remain. If the Christ is activated all darkness and my mortality will be swallowed up of life or simply disappear. I can gauge or determine how much Christ is activated in me by how much darkness remains or how much I can do the works that Jesus did. How much do I Believe?  Everything is by Faith.  It is amazing how much unbelief still remains in us whether we are willing to admit or not.

 In Luke 8 when Jesus rebuked the storm He turned to the disciples and said in verse 25 “where is your faith?” It was not a question of whether they had faith but where was that faith.  Some time ago the Spirit asked me a question. He said “what do you believe?” My mind immediately went into gear and I thought of who or what I was praying for. Then He said “I don’t mean in particular but what do you believe in general”. Since then I have been examining myself. It is not a question of do I believe. Everyone on this planet believes something. The truth is we believe what we choose or want to believe. Our belief system has been programmed by what we have learned based on what we have been told from our infancy to this present day. What we experience from day to day is a result of what we believe. Do I believe my Father cares for me or do I think or believe I must take care of myself? That same word says whatsoever is not of faith (believing) is sin. I have said it before and will say it again, the biggest problem we believers have is believing (what is recorded for us). No wonder there is so many denominations based on the same book. Different people’s minds are programmed differently so they believe different. Are we being taught by Him who is the way, the truth, and the life or are we being taught by some man who has been programmed to believe what they do? Do I believe Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today, and forever? If I do then I must believe God is a respecter of persons unless He heals me. The question still remains, “where is your faith”?

 Perhaps one of the greatest revelations we have received is that there is no enemy or adversary outside of us that can oppose the work God wants to do in us. We do have a natural or carnal mind which is our enemy and adversary. It will hinder the work Father wants to do in us, no matter what name or title we choose to call it.

 It is a sobering thought to realize that every failure, stumble, or fall is part of Father’s effort to process us lest we get too prideful, opinionated, or have an inflated ego. We certainly do, which will have to go, if we are to have an unhindered relationship with our heavenly Father.


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