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Inspirational Poems
By Dalton Wallace


 Our attitude is our frame of mind, or consciousness,
Forming our present disposition.
Our actions or behavior during trials, circumstances,
Or any adverse condition.


These mentioned are not some special occasions,
Life simply continues all the time.
We choose when we’re selfish, impatient, unloving.
Or considerate and sublime.


Whenever someone comes around, many actions
We usually manage to suppress.
Especially if those who come to grace our company
Happens to be those we would impress.


We quickly curb our words, actions, and behavior.
Other feelings we often hide.
There is one who knows our hearts and our thoughts
No matter what we show outside.


Our attitude in our daily life is surely a very vital link
Always playing an important part.
We must gauge our behavior, our way of thinking,
Or the things that lurk inside our heart.

Did you ever hear the phrases, that your attitude,
Sucks or your attitude stinks?
It is simply one’s daily frame of mind resulting in,
What one says or thinks.


Too often our attitude depends on selfish feelings,
These feelings will tell us lies.
When we’re able to do or say only what He wants,
It is truly marvelous in His eyes.




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