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Inspirational Poems
By Dalton Wallace


 Do we consciously take heed?

Or do we randomly scatter seed?

 We always reap whatever we sow.

It is too late to change our mind,

And wish we’d sown another kind,

After our seed has begun to grow.


In many things we often do offend,

In our conscious effort to ascend.

Many times we sow our opinion seed.

We may think we try with all our might,

To do or say the thing we think is right,

 In truth we’re serving a selfish need.


When you think that you are all alone,

Everyone you know has left and gone.

The seed you plant, no one will know.

Though you may think it’s all concealed,

Every secret thought will be revealed,

When the seed you planted begins to grow.


Every thought man thinks is a seed he sows.

He may think it’s small but how it grows.

We’re a direct result of the thoughts we think.

Our lives many times are a darkened waste,

Because we often spend our time in haste,

Unconsciously, we pour each cup we drink.


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