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Inspirational Poems
By Dalton Wallace



There are a multitude of opinions

Throughout our world today.

Each one struggling to get attention,

Stressing what they have to say.

We also add to them our own opinions,

Feeling justified in our self-righteous way.


Some opinions can be very helpful,

Exhorting, instructing, friendly, kind.

 To be complimented for loving effort,

Yet in the end we will always find,

Only a transformation shall set man free,

From his dark and corruptible mind.


There is a still, small, silent voice,

That everyone has access to hear.

Even though this voice is very soft,

Its message comes both loud and clear.

The natural senses we have are useless.

We can only hear it with a spiritual ear.


Our fathers ate manna in the wilderness.

 They now are all physically dead.

They that eat the Christ shall never die.

He is now that living, presence bread.

These are not simply my wild opinions.

That is what the Christ in Jesus said.


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