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Dear Lord I Pray

Inspirational Poems
By Dalton Wallace



Dear Lord I pray, “Help us each day

To live beyond the veil

Of this carnal mind”, with it I find

We cannot cease to fail.

To comprehend, let us ascend

To heights of selfless love,

Lest we should fail and not prevail

In the way that’s far above

The bottomless pit of carnal wit

That can never have enough,

But suffers pain for earthly gain,

And thinks faith is being tough.


Dear Lord we must begin to trust,

And know that thou art real.

It is just a fable to say you’re able,

Unless we know you will.

Help us believe we can receive

The things we can not see

With natural eyes that tell us lies,

And say it can not be.

Thou Lord hath said you are the bread

We could eat and never die.

Still yet we eat bread of defeat,

We speak of truth but we live a lie.


On death we feed and sow corrupt seed

In the soil of a carnal mind.

Then we wonder why we continue to die,

How can we be so blind?

Lord open our eyes, let us realize

Thy spirit must take control

Of every thought so we can be taught

To yield to thee our soul.

Dear Lord I pray, show us the way

To be swallowed up in thee

‘Till we’re all one revealing the Son,

And creation has been set free.

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