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Inspirational Poems
By Dalton Wallace



Caterpillar, oh caterpillar,

Like man you’re but a worm.

Bound to earth and helpless

With only the power to squirm.


Caterpillar, oh caterpillar,

All day long you feed,

Consuming all you can consume,

A typical example of man’s greed.


Caterpillar, oh caterpillar,

Do you know your destiny?

Like man, you may be ignorant,

But God has a plan for thee.


Caterpillar, oh caterpillar,

It’s time for you to die.

From that death you shall come

Forth as a glorious butterfly.


The former life forever gone,

We’ll be earthbound no more.

To the Spirit we will ascend,

In the heavens we now will soar.

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