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Trials and Tests

Inspirational Poems
By Dalton Wallace



When I think I’m strong and done my best,

The father sends along some trial or test.

No matter what I confess or claim to be,

These tests will reveal what’s wrong in me.


These trials are invisible, yet seem so real,

Exposing all the things I think or feel.

Trials and tests are never for me to dread,

Always exposing thoughts within my head.


When I relax and seem to have found rest,

The lovng father sends some trial or test.

These trials and tests will reveal and show,

Many things in me only the spirit can know.


Only through Christ will my life ever be hid,

In these tests I appear, only to regret I did.

When I’m totally in Christ I’ll finally be free,

From the self that causes all the trouble in me.

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