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Woe To The Shepheards

Inspirational Poems
By Dalton Wallace


 Woe to the shepherds who have scattered my sheep,

Loving to slumber, they have fallen to sleep.

They have given heed to pleasure and greed,

Being snared by the enemy, they’re unworthy to lead.


Woe to the shepherds who have neglected to pray,

There’s no care for the sheep that are going astray.

They’re feeding themselves while fleecing my flock.

They’re a reproach unto me, a great stumbling block.


Woe to the shepherds who are not keeping my fold.

What on earth shall I do? Just watch and behold.

I shall raise up new shepherds after my heart.

They shall not slumber, but true life shall impart.


In love they shall lead, not seeking their own.

 Gathering my sheep from whence they have gone.

 Then they shall direct their path back to my fold,

Where I, the great shepherd, shall care for their soul.



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