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Yes You Can

Inspirational Poems
By Dalton Wallace


 You can be free if you want to be,

And happy if you choose,

To pay the price, the sacrifice,

Is the old life you must lose.


You can have peace that will not cease,

Though adverse winds may blow.

You’ll find that realm as you dwell in him,

His love you will come to know.


You can rejoice as you hear his voice,

In the midst of every trial.

And as you see why tests must be,

It will make it all worthwhile.


You can receive if you’ll believe,

The living word, who, cannot lie,

For he hath said he is the bread,

We could eat and never die.


Yes, you can win this race you’re in,

If you’ll determine not to stop.

It takes strong will for it’s all uphill,

But you can make it to the top.


Though others say there is no way,

You must know you surely can.

This path was trod by the Son of God,

But he was also the son of man.


Through his name, you can do the same,

Let nothing stand in your way.

The cross you must bear cannot compare,

To the glory of God’s new day.


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