and "THE BEAST"  


There is a great deception in the earth today. It has multiplied tremendously in its magnitude since the fall of mankind. This blindness in whole, is due to the "mystery of iniquity" which is inherent in human nature, causing man to rebel against his own Creator in the pursuit of fulfilling his own will. In his rebellion, man has built up for himself a whole new order and system of life which is apart from the perfect and ultimate will of God. Yet God is not entirely apart from it. Not at all. In His mysterious ways, the Lord is using the evil contained therein, to work for the ultimate good of both God and man. It is through the fallen state of man that every purpose of the Lord shall be performed - Jer.51:29; Rom.8:20.

Just as the natural carnal man is unaware of the true God which reigneth over all, he is also unaware of evil and Satan, who have been given a form of power to rule for a time in a subjugated manner over things in the earth. This master of deception exercises His relegated authority from a spiritually dark, unseen realm - Matt. 4:8,9; 2Cor.4:4. There is a vast ungodly system of principalities and powers and spiritually wicked rulers of darkness, operating not only in high places of the heavens, but also of the earth - Eph.3:10; 6:12; Col.1:16 . The worldwide spiritual network , an empire of darkness and powerful ungodly and demonic influences, operates undetected in the earth portrayed by what the Bible refers to as "the beast"---a servant and companion of that "great dragon", the devil. The dragon gives this beast HIS POWER, and his seat [throne, rulership] and great authority - Rev.13.

According to the Bible, the beast reflects the characteristics of fallen humanity - Eccl.3:18,19; Jb.18:3; Psa.49:12,20; 73:22. The natural beasts of the earth have a carnal nature similar in many ways to man. In type, Rev.13:17,18 reveals that the number [character, nature] of the beast is the number [character] of a man. Collectively, this beast symbolizes world powers and governments of man - Dan chptr.3. Individually, every man has the nature [name] of the beast, established and rooted in the form of a carnal mind which contains wisdom that is earthly, sensual and devilish - Jas.3:15. This mind operates as part of the five natural senses of fallen man who puts them and esteems them, above the true pleasures of God - Prv.16:26; Isa.47:8. Closely tied in and intertwined with these senses, are the five "I wills" of Isa.14:13,14.

In the past, there have been many identifiable beasts in the form of organizations, empires, kingdoms, governments, nations and rulers --- both political and religious. It is not the intention of this expose’ to single out any specific visible persons or governments and interpret them as being "the beast", "the antichrist", "the false prophet" etc. Many have done this but to what real avail?

Christians have had their eyes fixed so intently on the world and on outward appearances that they have failed to focus on spiritual truths and realities within themselves. What we shall begin to reveal here goes much deeper than that which is apparent on the surface. It is a spiritual truth of such a nature, that when and if it is grasped in all its reality, should influence and change the attitudes and even the lifestyles of all fervent Christians who can hear - Mat.13:11.

The true disciple who can hear, will ever seek to become totally unshackled from the tightening grip of the many smothering tentacles of this worldly beast. These tentacles, under the direction of their seven heads, have reached out down through the centuries in their many forms and deceptive guises, to keep their victims hypnotized and blinded. This is the many headed beast does, through the ungodly powers [pride, lust, fear, anger etc.] in its ten horns–the number ten signifying need of on other power but its own.

In the visible earthly realm, the devouring power of this great spiritual beast is manifested through the outward forms and activities of huge multilevel, multi-purpose governments, even world organizations, and on down through powerful industrial and corporate institutions, even into smaller institutional branches involving such things as finance, commerce, business, education, cultural traditions and even sports. Included also are even the smallest of organizations involving human activities. All these structural institutions and systems of our human society and economy, hold a greater or lesser degree of detrimental ungodly spiritual power over the lives of individuals on this planet. These all have been perpetuated by the fallen adamic race to provide the best life support system possible under adverse circumstances. However, left to go it alone without God, mankind has brought the world into gross disharmony and chaos and now in his proven helplessness stands dangerously close to an unavoidable world wide conflict and disaster of unimaginable consequence.

Corporately, as well as individually, the fallen spiritual nature of man is also referred to as "the beast" or "beasts." We stress the following point once again in order to make it very clear. These fallen heavenly principalities and powers, through the many facets of the beast become manifest in powerful, controlling, earthly forms of corruptible nations, governments, economic conglomerates, alliances, huge corporations, institutions, unions, organizations etc. This is true not only in all the political, social and economic structures of society, but the same basic ungodly spiritual powers also control and dominate in different forms, great religions, their religious governmental bodies, denominations, organization and institutions, right on down to the level of local sects, churches, groups, and their people. No one is immune. The beast nature of man has become the dominating spirit of the world. Unfortunately, it is devoid of true righteousness and holiness.

The Church.. A Chaste Virgin?

The church structure itself, Christianity included, both corporately and individually has become captive to its culture and tradition and generally speaking, merely echoes the false and unholy values of the much larger and greater corruptible society wherein it exists. This church in type as a woman, has give birth to much flesh. She is in this role, "mystery Babylon" ( Rev.17:5), the whorish apostate church, who’s wayward conditions are described in the seven churches in Revelation chapters two and three. She has become a fleshly body of people divided from the true Spirit of God. "Babylon" or Babel is in its most basic truth, simply a symbol of fleshly rather than holy trying to come into unity apart from the true moving of the Spirit of God.

The prophet Isaiah foretold of the day when seven women [the seven churches of Revelation] take hold of one man [Christ], yet soon begin to eat their own bread [man made doctrines and traditions] and wear their own apparel [self righteousness together with many other false coverings] - Isa.4:1. She [the outward fleshly visible structure of the Christian church] is today, a divided family system of what the Lord calls "harlot daughters" (Rev.17:5) and sons (Isa.57:3), found in likeness to their soulish mother. Ezekiel describes her as having done the works of an impervious whorish woman, and as a wife who commiteth adultery - Ezk.16. She is no longer a chaste virgin espoused to one husband (2Cor.11:2) but this once faithful "city" has become a harlot as did Israel of old - Isa.1:21.

This Soulish woman has corrupted herself in numerous ungodly alliances. When her children were fed to the full, "they then committed adultery and assembled themselves by troops [even denominations] in the harlots houses" Jer.5:7; Isa.8:9-15. They have proceeded to build strong spiritual walls around themselves and become as "fenced cities" Jer.5:17; Isa.27:10; 2 Chr.33:14. Spiritual Israel today, also like as natural Israel of old, hath builded temples and forgotten his Maker, and multiplied fenced cities which shall one day be consumed by fire - Hos.8:14. Ironically, the beast has been fenced within every structure of man, instead of being fenced out!

It is because of the flesh that divisions exist outwardly in the Christian church today. Man has long being trying to reach God in his own way especially since the city and culture of Babylon was took root. And man has long been trying to build the true church. Because it has been for the most part an effort of the flesh, the church remains outwardly divided. However, the true "ecclesia" is not divided. It is a divine spiritual structure that is joined in complete union with Christ its builder. Our shameful outward divisions can only cease to exist when enough people, even a remnant of Christ, come apart from their carnal childish thinking (1Cor.3:1-4) and enter into the reality of the Spirit of Truth. There it is we discover the mind of Christ and the reality of true oneness in His body. There we find that His body is not divided but is united in His agape love - Eph.4:11-16.

Spirit Of The World

Because of numerous deceptive and seductive influences that this great Babylonish spirit of the world and flesh emanates, no longer do many of God’s children have a distinctive style of life apart from the world. As befell Israel of old, they have become corrupted by the spirit of the world in them and around them - Jer.3:3. The cares of this world, the deceitfulness of riches and the lusts of other things entering in have rotted a lot of their fruit - Mk.4:19. The dominant deceptively false values of our fallen and corrupt society have become generally practiced and accepted in the Christian community. As one small example, local churches often place more importance in social gatherings centered around food and worldly conversation than they do in prayer, worship, and Bible study. The people generally are unaware of their lukewarm attitudes. Their priorities are flesh serving rather than God serving. They love to look upon the cross of Christ but have no intention of taking it up daily, much less dying daily on it themselves. The sociological conditions of their environment have enveloped them in a style of deceptive life that is actually still in conformity to the rudiments and base elements of the world, whether it be in sociological values or in religious tradition - Jas.4:4; Isa.1:13-15. All this is conformity to the soulish worldly spirit of "mystery Babylon."

As soldiers of the cross, we should desire earnestly to be not conformed to this world (Rom.12:2) and to its ungodly values. Rather, seek ye daily to be conformed to the image of the Son (Rom.8:29), being made conformable unto His death (Phil.3:10) in order that we might experience the reality of His life and that more abundantly. If you truly believe Christ has freed you from the dark powers (Col.1:13) of this worlds principalities and powers, why do you continue in bondage by reverting to their dead and sterile structures and principles, consenting to be under their power all over again? Gal.4:8,9. No man that warreth a good warfare with Satan and his bestial powers, can entangle himself in the affairs of this life and expect to be pleasing to God - 2Tim.2:4. Those who seek first the kingdom of God, must also of necessity be seeking first to obey God rather than man - Ac.5:29.

Both the beast and the woman of whom we will further speak, together have become the major controlling ungodly influence in the earth, and the people who gave birth to this beast and his works are now become its willingly loyal consumers, servants, and employees. They have become its dependent slaves whether they are obedient or not. At the root of this evil system is the love [lust] for money, power and the fleeting pleasure and fleshly comfort it brings.

The monetary system and its usury and all it entails in its mediums such as resources, commerce, world wide trafficking and merchandising has become the principle dominant controlling force of the entire beast system. World stock markets and their financial allies will play a key role in the eventual total destruction of this degenerate and corrupt system. The worldwide balance of oppression and deceit are in the hands of the great merchant system -Hos.12:7. Rev.18:3 depicts the traffickers and merchants [corporately] as the great men of the earth and by their sorceries [natural and spiritually deceptive remedies to comfort and heal the nations] were all nations deceived. No true comfort or healing was found because of the multitude of the whoredoms of the "well favoured harlot, the mistress of witchcraft" that selleth nations through her whoredoms, and families through her witchcrafts - Nah.3:3; Rev. 18:3,23; Isa.47:9.

It would be useful in our spiritual walk to more closely identify the many subtle operations of this harlot woman and the beast she "rides". These are profound spiritual things, so consequently their truths can only be seen through the eyes of the spirit. John saw a WOMAN sitting upon this scarlet colored BEAST [sin filled adamic nature] Rev.17:3. Upon [in] her forehead [mind, soul] was a name written [signifying an engrave character or nature] which was joined in ungodly union with the spirit of the beast. Hence, together with the beast, there is revealed a mysterious woman…"BABYLON the great, the MOTHER of harlots and [progenitor of all religious, political, social and economical] ABOMINATIONS of the earth." Rev. 17:5.

The Woman and the City

There are several spiritual realms manifesting some natural applications wherein we can see the presence of this Babylonian woman today. In the mysterious realm of an individual’s spiritual state, the woman represents the unregenerate soulish part of man’s mind which control’s the actions and functions of his earthly body. In another application she is the universal spirit of the world that originates from the carnal mind and controls the world. Individually, it’s the dwelling place of every human soulish mind wherein abide resident traditions and vain and ungodly thoughts of the carnal mind. Babylon is the dwelling place of every soul of humanity wherein their mind is still in captivity to the world, the flesh and the devil.

Collectively, spiritual Babylon is a great ungodly city, the city of man. The first earthly kingdom mentioned in the Bible (Gen.1:10) was Babylon. It is the great kingdom of man. It is the very antithesis of the last kingdom that will be established , namely the kingdom of God.

As a part of the religious realms of application, this woman is a type of Satan’s wife [eg.his soul..mind, will, emotions etc.], the spirit of Satan being "the king of Babylon" Isa.14:14. This same woman saith, "I sit a queen." Rev.18:17. So says the carnal soulish mind which is not yet in union with the Spirit of God but remains in union with the spirit of Satan. This harlot woman is opposite to the virtuous virgin woman, New Jerusalem being prepared as the bride and wife of Christ the king -Rev.21:9,10. The Almighty Spirit and mind of Christ is the only power in all the universe that can bring the spirit and soul of man "out of Babylon", out of this captivity and bring them into the new spiritual city being built without hands, even that New Jerusalem the city of God.

In political, commercial and economic realms [first spiritual then natural], and again in contrast to God’s holy city, this woman Babylon is also depicted in type as a spiritual city [dwelling places of spirit] that cover and control the whole earth. This "drunken whore" is no longer such a great mystery when viewed through the eyes of the Spirit and the Word who exposes her as "the woman" AND "that great CITY [full of dwellings of spiritual darkness] which reigneth [has a temporary relegated power] over the kings [natural rulers and even all carnal minds which exalt themselves above the Lord - 2Ths.2:4] of the earth - Rev.17:18. The carnal mind in the spirit of man, is the place of ruling principalities and powers and spiritual wickedness in high places of the earth -Eph.6:12. In the souls of men lie all forms of fallen spiritual powers which are included in "the covering cast over all people, and the vail that is spread over all nations." Isa.25:7. So this is just another picture of "the woman which thou sawest…that great city which reigneth over the kings of the earth." Rev.17:18.

The Great Whore and the Beast

In yet another picture, this woman is also spoken of as the "great whore" which does corrupt the created earth with her spiritual fornication (Rev.19:2) by sitting upon [controlling the reins—wills, hearts of] many waters - Rev. 17:1. These waters symbolize real peoples, multitudes of unregenerate humanity, controlled by the beast nature [the carnal mind] and its characteristics, are joined inwardly in unregenerate spirit and become one harlot body (1Cor.6:16) together with this soulish woman. In unholy union, the degenerate spirit and soul of this spiritual harlot body, continues in committing all kinds of spiritual fornication and adultery (eg.Jas.4:4), giving birth only to more harlot daughters [systems]. This extremely subtle harlot woman has succeeded in seducing both the heathen and the church alike - Prv.7:10-23; Rev.2:20-27.

In Rev.17:3, it is the beast which is synonymous to the waters [peoples spirits] in Rev.17:1 and 5. In a realm which can be seen manifest in the natural, the woman Babylon truly represents all which humanity in the state of its fallen beastly nature has built in the natural world in order to rule over, support and to provide for themselves apart from the intervening help of an Almighty God. In searching for true freedom and peace, this diverse, confused, conglomerate world wide system, created of self-worshipping, self-willed independent men, has made humanity its slave. Here in this picture, fallen man [the beast] blindly supports and sustains the woman [the ungodly world systems], which unknown to him is destined to carry him to destruction - Rev.17:7.

Let us now look at these spiritual pictures and types from yet another view point. It is a fact that both people and things become idols of human affection and worship. Humanity continues to feed and worship this IMAGE OF MATERIALISM which they themselves have carved—which Babylonish image is actually constructed from none other tool than a mirrored reflection of the carnality and godlessness of his own fallen nature. This inward nature is also spiritually called "the man of sin", "the son of perdition." 2Ths2:3. This nature and image is a direct result of his rebellion and pride whereby he chose and still chooses to go his own way - Jas.1:22-24.

The False Prophet

Of course all of this was never really apart from the overall plan of God in creation. This "image of the beast" is also "Babylon the great", an image entirely foreign to the perfect and righteous "image of God." It includes as well as promotes, a false image of God and all that is reality of truth. Its image came forth through the mind of man, and through his hands has become a false reality of truth in the earth.

When this Babylonish image speaks, in comparison to the voice of the Lord, it is utter babble. It can come forth only as from a "false prophet". Because its very source of life [in reality it is death and] is from the father of lies, the great dragon himself "which deceiveth the whole world." Rev.12:9. Unknowingly, the world worships the dragon which gives power unto the beast (Rev.13:4) in whatever worldly form or system he occupies or dwells in. Our present world system is full of the voice of the spirit of the false prophet. This is because the carnal mind is promoting and supporting it. This spirit is also known as that "spirit of antichrist" (1Jn.4:1-3) which indwells the lower nature of Christian or heathen, denying or falsifying the most high God by worship or exalting himSELF in countless ways, hence becoming his own god - 2Ths.2:4.

In worldwide political, economic, and social and Babylon, the voice and spirit of the false prophet is heard and seen daily in all the media such as radio, TV , movies, music, books, newspapers, periodicals, advertising and so on. His voice and spirit is everywhere in the religious world as well (Jer. 7:4), speaking to millions in spoken and printed words of religious deception. In doctrines and traditions of men, they are led or directed astray from real truth. For example, multitudes are induced into looking to their leaders for salvation, or they are told in essence that church attendance is a necessity or requirement to their salvation. Many come to depend on the local church rather than in truth (Christ) Himself. Most have damnable doctrines of eternal hellfire and a theology which demeans the power and true sovereignty of the "Saviour of all men." 1Tim.4:10,11. They are led astray from the genuine worship in spirit and truth which Jesus taught (Jn.4:20-24), and sadly, in their deception they love to have it so- Jer. 5:31; Isa.2:8.

The Mark Of The Beast

This beastly spirit of the world continues to enslave and set a stamp, a seal, a "mark" in men’s minds to the extent that they truly believe in the values, philosophies and theories which their false system teaches. Man comes to worship himself and the great image he has created. The impress [mark] of this sin in all its aspects, rules the mind (what you think), which in turn rules the body (what you do). The Bible shows this as a mark in the right hand, or in the forehead - Rev.13:16. The right hand is a symbol of that which the power of your mind causes you to take hold of with all of your strength and might. As you give your hand of fellowship to the secular world, you are really signifying your harmony with the principles, purposes and goals of this Babylonish system that controls the fleshly soulish beast.

On the other hand, if you will hear O Israel of God, and observe to do it…that is to love the Lord thy God with all thine heart, and with all they soul, and with all thy might…thou shalt bind these words of my commandments [religious] , statutes [political] and judgments [judicial] , binding them for a sign [mark] upon thine hand and as frontlets between thine eyes [forehead; mind] Deut.6:1-8. This is the anti-type to the mark of the beast. Think about this. Even if you as a Christian are submitting in part to the old Mosaic law, you could in essence, even be summating to the mark of the beast!

As has been previously stated, the basic controlling evil influence in the world today is the monetary system and the love of money. The lust to possess which extends to obsession, is the root of all evil. It is a basic identifying characteristic of the mark of the beast. The dragon promises riches, delicious living, delectable exotic delicacies, fun and false pleasure which can never satisfy, ease, earth wisdom and knowledge, and all things catering to the comforts of the flesh…thereby enslaving the souls of men who are taken captive at will - 2Tim.2:26; Rev.18:9-24.

But alas, these deceiving treasures shall in one hour, all come to nought - Rev.18:17. Therefore, set not your affections on earthly things (Col.3:2), but rather lay up your treasures in heaven - Matt.6:19; Rev.10:2. Ye cannot serve God and mammon (material wealth) Lk.16:13. That unrighteous mammon which is coveted by men is an abomination in the sight of God - Lk.16:15. Thou man of God, flee these things - 1Tim.6:11.

Beloved saint of God, which mark will you choose to accept now that you

have eyes to see it?…"the mark of …God" (Phil.3:14) whereby God seals His firstfruits (Rev.7:3; 14:1-5) with the mature mind of Christ (Phil.2:5; 3:15),

or will you continue to accept the mark of the beast? The potential for the fulfillment of either is dwelling right within us and we become a servant to whom we obey - Rom.6:16; Jn.8:34. The old compromising order of religion in this world is on its way out - Dan.7:9-12. The new order of the kingdom which is NOT OF THIS WORLD is on its way in - Jn.18:36; Dan.7:14-27.

Spiritual freedom from this worldly beast system comes only through our hearts choices and attitudes day by day, determining whether we truly are disciples of Christ or not. We are certainly free to choose either God or mammon but remember, in God’s eyes, we best be found serving only one -Rev.3:15-18. We can be IN the world but not OF it! Jn.17:15. We have been given as a legal right, all the power of Christ to overcome the world and all evil that’s in it - 1Jn.5:4,5. We must appropriate it. We must experience the delivering power which is the greater in us, and we must forsake the known ways of the Babylonish woman and her beast - Jer.51:9. Beloved, let us diligently seek to be of "them that are escaped." Isa.4:2.

Come Out Of Her

The only sure way out of Babylon’s trappings, tribulation and wrath, is found in our obedience to these words of the Spirit…"COME OUT OF HER my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues." Rev.18:4; 2Cor.6:17. The Lord is calling a remnant of His own to "COME UP HITHER" Rev.4:11. Rise up from carnal worldly thinking and acting into a much higher place in the Spirit; to a place of safety and rest apart from the world, found only in the secret place of the Most High - Psa.91.

It is clearly evident everywhere in scripture that the church must LOOSE HERSELF from the hands of her spiritual captivity (Isa.52:2) and deliver herself from the whoredoms of the present daughter of Babylon - Zec.2:7. Don’t sit back self satisfied and expect Christ to come for us in what man terms "the rapture." It just may be that He is coming again in a time and manner that ye least expect. Almost 2,OOO years ago He came to His own in a time and in a manner for which they where ill prepared. He came as the baby JESUS in a manager. He came back as the anointed CHRIST to be seen fourty days following His resurrection. He returned again in an unexpected manner of the day of Pentecost in the power of the HOLY SPIRIT. Likewise He is coming again "in the glory of His FATHER" in a manner that is unexpected by the majority of the church. Therefore, seek Him with all of your heart. "GO YE OUT to meet Him" (Matt.25:6), as a bride adorned for her husband. "It may be ye shall be hid in the day of the Lord’s anger." Zep.2:3. Let us GO FORTH now therefore to Him WITHOUT THE CAMP, bearing His reproach - Heb.13:3. Listen closely to His beckoning call: "He that hath an ear, Let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches." Rev.2:29.

"DEPART YE, DEPART YE, GO YE OUT from thence, touch no unclean thing; GO YE OUT OF THE MIDST OF HER; be ye clean that bear the vessels of the Lord" Isa.52:11. "GO YE FORTH OF BABYLON, FLEE YE from the Chaldeans, with a voice of singing declare ye, tell this, utter it even to the end of the earth; say ye, The Lord hath redeemed his servant Jacob." Isa.48:20.

Spiritually speaking, the spirit of the beast and of Babylon rules in and over the carnal minds of all mankind. Before we can truly COME OUT OF BABYLON, it is helpful to see it for what it is. Then we must allow the Holy Spirit to purge the works of Babylon out of us. Coming out of her does not necessarily involve a physical departure, but it surely involves a departure of the heart and soul from the enslavement’s of the spirit of this present evil world. "My people, GO YE OUT OF THE MIDST OF HER, AND DELIVER YE EVERY MAN HIS SOUL from the fierce anger of the Lord."

We are really no less captive of Babylon than Israel of old. But with their ensamples for our admonition (1Cor.10:11) and with the Holy Spirit that desire to lead us, we are well able to "FORSAKE HER", that deceiving woman, "Babylon the great" deceiver & lustful woman who dwells (in and) upon many waters- Jer.51:13; Rev.17:1,15. In doing this, thou shalt both SAVE THYSELF and them that hear thee - 1Tim.4:16.

By keeping thyself in the love of God (Jude 21) in obeying His precious words and promises (Jn.15:10), you will be well on the way to experiential victory, HAVING ESCAPED the corruption that is in the world through lust - 2Ptr.1:4; Rev.15:2.

The Mystery Revealed

Now that the mystery of Babylon, and the spirit of the beast, the spirit of the antichrist and the spirit of the false prophet uncovered, the enemy of your soul can no longer hide behind their shield of deception. They are flushed out into the open, forced out by the Spirit of God’s true Word. Their battle plans are exposed. Therefore, make haste to put on your full armour, ye saints of the Most High and prepare your weapons of warfare. The Lord Victory is in sight! There are some preparing to make up the hedge now, "TO STAND IN THE BATTLE in the day of the Lord." Ezk.13:5. Are you one of these? Then take your rightful place at the forefront of His army (Rev.19:19) "as a strong people set in battle array" Jl.2:5. You shall be His"battle ax and weapons of war…….And I will render unto Babylon and to all the inhabitants of Chaldea all their evil that they have done in Zion in your sight, saith the LORD."

+ + + + +

"I have a few things against thee, because thou allowest that woman Jezebel (type of the harlot Babylon), which callest herself a prophetess, to teach and TO SEDUCE MY SERVANT TO COMMIT (spiritual) FORNICATION, and to eat things sacrificed unto idols. And I gave her space to repent of her fornication: and SHE REPENTED NOT. Behold, I will cast her into a bed (covered by doctrines of falsehood), and them (of the church, my people) that commit (spiritual )adultery with her into great tribulation, except they repent of their deeds. And I will kill her children with death (the results of her own separation and sin); and ALL THE CHURCH SHALL KNOW that I am He that searcheth the reins and hearts: and I will give to every one of you according to your works."Rev.2:20-23.

"Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world.

If ANY MAN love the world, the love of the Father is not

(being made manifest) in him. For all that is in the world,

(Babylon), the lust of the flesh, and the lust of the eyes, and the

pride of life, is not of the Father, but is of the world ( and the

beast spirit that dwells therein). 1Jn.2:15,16.

K.Ross McKay


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