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Light Of His Glory


Ross McKay

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Light of His Glory Ministries literature is written out of a sincere love and desire for all fellowmembers of the body of Christ. Its purpose above all, is primarily to exalt and honour the Lord Jesus Christ in the message of His word and to prepare people to meet their Lord. The Father desires all in His body to grow in grace and peace, being fruitful in every good work. The desired qualities of fruitfulness are essentially multiplied to us all through a progressive knowledge of the will of God and of Jesus our Lord - 1Ptr.1:2; 3:18; Col.1:9,10. The intent of these writings also, is to promote these fruit bearing qualities to the body through introducing scriptural study and research in what we believe are interesting, important, and even essential biblical topics. Our hearts desire is not to see a deeper revelation simply for the sake of knowledge itself, but we desire only the plain truths of the word of God—that many will come to understand and come to know in a fuller way, the true giver of grace and peace.

 We pray these writings will provoke deeper thought and encourage further study regarding the manifold purposes of God in creation, redemption, and final restitution of all things and that the Spirit of God through these writings may bring each one a new found love, faith and purpose in life. We make no claim to have all truth on any one biblical subject, nor do we expect anyone to agree entirely with us in interpretation of any particular subject. To all who have an open mind and are interested, we would simply like to encourage and even to challenge these ones to study pertinent scripture on their own, and then make up their own mind as to their belief and conduct.  

We seek not to bind anyone in strict doctrinal conformity. Instead, our prayer is---that they would be released and begin to grow out of the many confinements and traditions of man and his religion. Conformity to the Lord Jesus Christ only, and not to man should be the major on-going quest of us all. We as maturing Christians are called to be free in Christ, and no person nor institution has the actual right to take the place nor hinder our personal relationship with Christ and the Father - 1Tim.2:5.  

In the majority of our writings we have endeavored to focus in on scripture as precisely as possible for the sake of brevity. Our primary aim has been to let the actual "rhema" Spirit of the scripture speak truth to individual hearts in words that no words nor works of man could fully express. Where scripture references only are added, these are included to inspire individual participation and to act at times as forerunner guidelines to further personal interest and study. For like reasons, some exegesis is in outline form only. 

Readers queries as well as their critical and constructive comment is welcomed. Though each individual’s understanding in the truth of God’s word may vary to a greater or lesser extent, we all have something---a part of God—that can be shared with each other. Whatever we may have, should not only be shared but also received in the Spirit of God’s love. Of course all are free to accept or reject doctrinal understandings but all are free to do so in love. Freely we have received, so freely we do give of that portion of the Lord’s Spirit which is becoming life, liberty and reality to us. Meanwhile, as time progresses more and more unto that perfect day, may we all continue studying to show ourselves approved unto God as workmen and women who need not be ashamed, ever cutting a straight path for the message of truth.






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K. Ross (and Sue) McKay