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The Ministry of Charles and Paula Slagle
Charles and Paula Slagle believe that soon there will come a wave of spiritual awakening which will usher in the pure desire of Godís Spirit for all His creation. This coupleís compelling motivation is for all people to know that the Heavenly Father loves them and for each person to experience literal relationship and intimacy with Him and His Son, Jesus Christ.
Since the Reformation that began in the late 1400ís, two main tides of the Holy Spirit have swept over Christendom. First came the truth that simple faith in Jesus Christ alone is what restores and transforms us. Next came the revelation that the Holy Spiritís miraculous power is still available to all who seek and desire it. These tides of truth have churned a continuous and ever-increasing flow of heavenís life into our world. With each new wave rising higher than the one before, a sense of increasing exhilaration and expectation of "More!" has arrived with it. Charles and Paula want all who seek to follow Jesus Christ to discover how, as it were, to ride this coming "wave" of the Holy Spirit that soon will flood the world with unprecedented signs of Godís presence and His heart of love for hurting humanity.

The Slagles believe that millions of Christians world-wide are filled with an expectation that this next "wave" will reveal Godís kingdom and true character in a manner never before seen in human history. And Charles and Paula are convinced that expectation will be met. The upcoming "tidal wave" of global spiritual awakening will cause Christians to abandon hope-destroying legalism and religious traditions not founded in Scripture. Heavenís agenda is that every person in Godís creation enjoy a life-changing 'Abba, Father' relationship with their Creator. "Only when such heart-intimacy is happening with our heavenly Father," according to Charles Slagle, "can Christians fully relate to Godís heart for the world."
For nearly three decades the thrust of the Slagleís widely-traveled ministry has been to encourage and help sensitize people to first embrace the Father's heart as the Spirit of Christ reveals it, and then by practical experience, know His true character. In their public meetings, Charles and Paula are known for "prodding people out" to learn to hear Godís voice personally for themselves. The Slagleís down-to-earth quality and good sense of humor quickly creates a comfortable and informal environment that is conducive to this. Charles and Paula believe that Christís followers must learn to enjoy their Good Fatherís actual presence. For having only head-knowledge about Him will lead to a life of powerlessness and sterile religiosity.
Charles says he does not perceive himself as being a "prophet," but only another devoted "listener" of His Heavenly Father. However, through his own experience of being an intimate son of his Heavenly Father, Charlesí ministry has evolved into a unique "prophetic" approach which profoundly impacts those whose with whom he comes in contact. Though he does speak supernaturally revealed "words of knowledge and wisdom" to individuals, beyond that he yearns to communicate Godís heart to searching and hurting people. And there is often an evangelistic edge to his prophetic "listening" ministry. On occasions he finds himself speaking even to those present in the meetings who are (as it turns out) non-Christians, and he conveys the Father's heart and healing to them as well.

Charles is an established minister (listener, as he terms it) who has proclaimed the Heavenly Father's love over the last 26 years in various nations, particularly the United States, the United Kingdom and Latin America. Both Charles and Paula exhibit a warm and light-hearted sense of humor, and they have greatly encouraged many battle-weary warriors. People leave their meetings with an impartation of grace, love and renewed wonder of God's personality.
Charles is the author of two devotional books, "From the Father's Heart" and "Power to Soar" (published by Destiny Image). These down-to-earth renderings of the Heavenly Father's heart in the form of letters to His children have restored and revitalized many all over the world in their relationship with God. He has recently authored another book, "Absolute Assurance in Jesus Christ." In this book he shares his testimony of how the miraculous revelation of Godís unconditionally committed love freed him from decades of wrestling with addictive behavior and manic depression.
Charles and Paula travel to minister as they prayerfully respond to various groups who invite them. The Slagles do not charge a set amount for their ministry but trust God to meet their needs as His people respond by their love-offerings and gifts. If you would like Charles and Paula to come and minister, you can reach them via:
Charles & Paula Slagle
PO Box 211447
Bedford TX 76095
Phone: (214) 282-5505
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PO Box 13942
Tuscon AZ 85732
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