What Am I Missing

I received this letter, a few weeks ago, and with the saints permission have placed it on the site. I pray the reply I received and shared, will bless you as it did this saint.

Hello, I have read some of your insights with much interest and recognition.

I am 62 years old, have been saved for 15 years and since have tried to overcome a persistent habit through own strength and after beginning to understand Rom 7 by the grace of God, have confessed to a few leaders hoping to get reprieve. I consider myself a committed and surrendered Christian and would not hesitate to give all I have to God as He gives me the strength to thus surrender. All I think about is Jesus and how I would love to be so close that things of the world would not bother me anymore. What am I missing? I know I have no need yet how can I experience this knowing in reality for what is it to know to be cleansed yet to feel dirty.

Dear Saint: Thank you for writing and sharing with me, a concern you have in your walk with God.

As I read your letter, I noticed that you are trying to overcome something that has not yet been overcome. You have not received the reprieve from your leaders either. Let me address this part first. What you are doing is trying to do that which has already been done. Jesus overcame ALL things and if you are in Christ, as He IS so are you in this world. The problem is not in the overcoming, it is in the condemnation you feel when you do that which you do not want to do, like Paul. Condemnation comes from feeling guilty after you have done something you think is bad, wrong and sinful. You must realize, however, that there is no guilt, for anything laid to your charge. To Be guilty of something, you must have been charged with an offence. But you have NO offence against you for God was IN Christ RE-conciling the world (cosmos) unto Himself, NOT IMPUTING....

Stop finding yourself guilty of an offence that does not exist. This is the ego/mindset in you that wants to condemn you for anything that one calls sin. Condemnation most often, comes from others who place it upon you, because they feel condemned for doing something sinful. So they lay a guilt trip on you, so that they can have company in their misery. As the saying goes...misery loves company. A small example is smoking. A preacher tells his congregation that smoking is sinful and that you must stop or you will go to hell. Now take that same preacher and place him in the tobacco belt of the USA and see if he can lay guilt on them. Don't think so. This is also called performance based Christianity and the performance is decided by others who judge you by their standard. Now smoking may not good for the body, but is it sinful?

You cannot overcome that which you wish to overcome, until you realize that there is nothing to overcome. Man wants to overcome, by "doing". God would have you overcome by BE-ing. When you have Be-come His rest, His peace, His joy, you have overcome. This is NOT done by Doing, but by BE-ing. The Spirit within is the changer, not the flesh. And the Spirit IS ALL Being. When you realize this, you have given it over to the Christ in you. You do not find yourself condemned for anything, for there is no condemnation to those that are in the Spirit and not in the Illusion of the mind.

You will not find reprieve in the leaders, for they must continue the Illusion that you are guilty of something, in order to BE a leader in the church. They, and most, do not truly realize what it means to not have something Imputed to them. They have a difficult time understanding fully, the Scripture that says "Behold the Lamb of God that TAKETH AWAY THE SIN OF THE WORLD". And please excuse me for saying this, neither do you, for if you really believed that Christ took away the sin of the cosmos, you would not feel condemned for anything. And with NO condemnation, there is nothing - that is no-thing - to overcome.

I noticed, also, that you say that you "would" not hesitate to give all. What is stopping you? Condemnation of not BE-ing able to measure up to some performance guilt laid upon you by others? Fear that you somehow do not measure up? God has NO measuring stick placed beside you to see if you are the right height. Man does. God's measuring stick was the Cross and He sees you fully covered and nothing, no-thing, imputed to you. Do not listen to your ego/mind telling you that you are guilty and condemned. Do not listen to other "leaders" telling you that you have missed their mark. They would have you beat yourself to death for a sin already paid for and forgiven two thousand years ago. God forgave and He forgot, man does not. Who are you going to believe?

You say: "All I think about is Jesus..." Stop thinking about Jesus and begin to live the Christ in you. We tend to look at the man Jesus and forget that the Spirit that was in Him is IN us. We look to the outward and not within. We look back and not NOW. We visualize someone from 2000 years ago, and not the Spirit that we are. We dwell in the Illusions of the past or the future and leave the present NOW, to believe in something we thought we were or hope to be. You will never BE closer to Christ, than you are NOW. Enjoy the NOW of God and you enjoy All that is around you as well. The things of the world no longer matter, but they are there to experience and love. Enjoy a good movie and don't let someone tell you that going to a movie is sinful. I have received many revelations and insights into the Spirit world, from a movie like "The Matrix". Most Christians will differ with this, but I do not walk in their shoes, so I do not have to fill them. I walk in the steps prepared for me by the Christ within, not the Christian without.

"What am I missing". Nothing. Christians dwell on the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, both of which are fed from the same source, the mind. When you Live from the Tree of Life, ALL IS LIFE and you miss nothing. Life is What you are and Who you are. Life is not dependant upon the situations you think are life, but upon the Essence you are. It is what you give to others, when you love them as Christ loves them, with unconditional Love. That means you love them like God loves you and He loves you and sees you without sin, without guilt, without condemnation. If you dwell on the missing, you miss the dwelling. You miss BEING Love, joy, peace, etc. If you are missing something, (and I do not hold to that), you are missing ALL the fruits of Spirit that is your BEING.

My friend, you are complete in God. You lack nothing in Him. It is your mind that has created an Illusion that you are separate from God and so being separate, you miss out on all that God has for you. This is an Illusion that can BE changed by understanding and realizing that God IS ALL in ALL, NOW. He is fully dwelling within you and all that you are and ever will BE is what you are in the NOW. You are not what you think you are. You are, what you are not.

If you have been blessed by this article, bless others, for freely you have received, freely give.



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