Well Jesus Did It

Ever wonder why some claim they can take the whip to the Pharisees they see in the Temple? Well…Jesus did It.

Ever wonder why some can call others hypocrites, snakes, etc., and other such names and think themselves justified in doing so? Well Jesus Did It.

Ever wonder Why? Just Why….


Well…Jesus did all kinds of things. He healed the sick. Can't do that, eh! He raised the dead. Haven't done that yet either! He walked on water. Keep getting that sinking feeling with that one! He was nailed to the Cross. Ouch, too great a task for you! Oh well, too bad. He was resurrected from the dead, Ah, let's skip that one, for now. Well…Jesus Did It.

It is interesting that Christians claim they can do some things that the Lord did, most of which glorify self and abuse others, simply because Jesus Did It and so can they. Yet most of the good stuff, they find hard to accomplish. Ever wonder why?

Well there is a difference between Jesus doing it and us. You see, Jesus did it because He could and believed He could. He did it because He was sinless and you believe you are still in sin. He saw the Father doing it and you see yourself doing it. Jesus did all things from the position of Righteousness, while you do them from a state of self-righteousness. Why? Because you believe you are a sinner, still in sin and must continue to confess and ask forgiveness for the condition you're in. And because you believe this, ALL that you do is from a state of a little sin, and a little leaven, leaven's the whole loaf.

Jesus had no sin, no leaven and therefore ALL that He did was from the realm of Righteousness, with nothing of self in it. When He took the whip to the money changers, He did so from the realm of Righteousness. When He called the Pharisees hypocrites, it was from the realm of Righteousness. You can't, because there might just BE some self righteous attitude mixed in with your whip, and probably is. And there lies the problem!

You quote all the Scriptures of how Jesus did all those harsh things and because He did them, you believe you have the right to do the same to others you judge as doing something wrong. You are somehow qualified to be the judge of others behavior, yet cannot see the leaven in your own loaf.

Well…Jesus Did It. Yes, but you can't. And you can't, because you do not see yourself as Jesus saw Himself.

Jesus condemned no one, for He came not to condemn the world, but to save it. You condemn all that does not measure up to your concept of belief, doctrine, behavior, etc. You see yourself as Jesus, and others not like Him, so you are able to justify your behavior to others in the light of how you measure up to Jesus. But you see there is a difference between you and Jesus. In some cases you see yourself like Jesus does, and so you judge accordingly. At other times you see your self as a sinner, still in some kind of sin nature with imperfections, faults and separated from God. Because of this mixture, you can never be assured that your judgment is Righteous.

Jesus did not have that problem. He knew who He was at all times. He was the Tree of Life bringing Life to whatever He touched and ALL His judgments were Righteous. The Tree of Life knows not the other tree.

Until you live from Life and Life alone, your judgments upon others, and upon yourself, in this realm, are from an imperfect tree of right and wrong, good and evil, my truth your lie or deception. If you are in Christ, like He, you know not this tree. Ah, yes, but your claim is that we are in Christ, we do not live by the other tree, but in Life and so we can judge others accordingly. Can you, now?

Well Jesus Did It! Yes He did and He did it once, for ALL, on the Cross. Jesus took ALL judgment of sin and crucified it, once for all. Never to be judged again, by God nor by us. It is said that we are to judge nothing before its time. Why? Because if we judge before its time, we will judge it in mixture. But when the time comes to judge anything, we will see it as having already been judged and the verdict will be not guilty, nothing IMPUTED to it, for we will see it as being nailed to the cross.

When you see yourself as Jesus saw Himself and how God sees you, you can judge matters. When you see sin paid for, nothing Imputed to anything, never charged, never arrested, never condemned, never judged, never found guilty, then you will see as Jesus did. Then your judgments will BE righteous. Then you will see as the Father sees. Everything through the blood which covers ALL. Do you see the difference between Jesus and you?

Actually, there is none. You just think there is and it is your thinking that causes the problem, for as a man thinketh, so is he. It is time to Re-new your mind. Stop thinking you are something you are not. You are not a sinner, lost, separated from God, so don't give this thought a second thought.

Jesus was always in the realm of BE-ing. His attitudes were the BE-attitudes. His realm was the I AM, not the I think I am, or perhaps I might Be. His realm was I and the Father ARE One, not separated by anything. I Am not separated from my Father, for I do Only what I see the Father doing. I AM God manifested in the flesh. And Sons, so are you.

But you say you are a sinner. You are flesh manifesting himself and thinking himself to be that which he is not. You do not see yourself as Jesus did, not as God sees you NOW. God sees the butterfly, in ALL its perfection and beauty. You think you are the caterpillar crawling around on the ground, knowing not your true Identity and that you are able to fly. Knowing not your own inner perfection, beauty and BE-ing. And so you stay in the realm of your thoughts instead of the Reality of your Be-ing. You refuse to believe as Jesus did and so remain in the earth realm, hoping, hoping, that someday, things will < change. Waiting for the manifestation of the Sons of God. There is no reality in hope, for hope is in a future that does not arrive. Reality is NOW. All your waiting, brings only more waiting. You know not that you manifest God, NOW.

Reality is, no judgment upon you or any, no condemnation, no guilt, no charges, no imputing to any, for ALL, ALL, ALL was crucified and found wanting. You are Spirit encompassed in a physical structure, called a Temple, in order to experience that which cannot Be experienced in the Realm of the Absolute, but must have time and space to do so. Yet ALL experiences are experienced in Spirit. But all at once. It takes time and space to slow them down in order to see them.

When spirit was lowered into the physical realm of the first Adam, it forgot or lost it true identity. Jesus brought back Re-membrance to the Spirit in the Re-surrection to Re-newed Life. To stay in the thinking mind of a sinner, is to say that you are still in the first Adam realm and not in the newness of LIFE. If you are in Christ, there is no first Adam, for he is dead, crucified, gone, removed from ALL your re-membrance and you are NOW a Holy Spirit in a Holy Temple. Do not lower yourself back into an Adamic realm of thought whereby you think you are that which you are not. As you see yourself, you see others in like fashion. Do not Impute to others that which God has not imputed to them.


Because Jesus Did It at the Cross.



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