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DISCLAIMER: It is our desire that saints of the Most High increase continually in heavenly knowledge and obtain as much understanding as the Lord is unveiling to all the  members of His far-flung Body.  We do not profess to intimately know all the ministries on the other sites and must tell you bluntly that we do not agree with all of them.  I can, however, personally recommend J. Preston Eby, Elwin Roach and Elaine Cook because I know them personally.  That is not to imply that those I have not mentioned here are not to be trusted.  It simply means that you will have to judge for yourself since I do not know them well.

Therefore, "Reader Beware," and may that precious Spirit of Truth, whose mission it is to guide and lead us into all Truth, be your guide as you surf on.  Remember, the Lord is your Shepherd.  Amen.


Kingdom Resources


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Thomas Bromley




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