The Seven Signs Forerunning This Kingdom

    Now as there were signs literally given by Christ of His coming in His Kingly power, which had its first accomplishment in His coming to deliver His persecuted and oppressed ones, and bringing down severe judgments upon His and their enemies, as in the destruction of the Jews--so now it becomes that which is more spiritual and internal. For the mystery of iniquity does work after various ways and manners in the commotions of various kingdoms.

    As first, the kingdom of the Beast which consists in sensual pleasures and worldly advantages, stretching themselves upon their ivory beds, not only neglecting and disregarding but opposing the Spiritual Kingdom for fear it should supplant them of their transient and temporary kingdom. And it may very well be hoped that this prostration in pleasure and lasciviousness which reigns so universally in a more than ordinary manner at this day, is indeed a sign of the near approach of the overthrowing of the kingdom of the antichristian Beast.(27) Yea, there can be no manner of doubt made hereof by those who are wise to search into the calendar of former ages or who have but an open ear to hear and receive what has been delivered by Truth's infallible oracle itself.

    For as the days of Noah were, so shall also this coming of the Son of Man be to destroy and overturn the whole bestial kingdom. They did eat (and feast), they drank, they married wives, they were given in marriage and went on secure and unmoved in their voluptuous courses (notwithstanding the warnings given and preaching of repentance for above an hundred years) until the very day that Noah entered into the ark.(28) They knew not until the flood came and took them away, destroying them all. Likewise also it was in the days of Lot. They were feasting and making merry, buying and selling, planting and building, until a sudden destruction out of heaven overtook them.

    Now even thus it is to be for a certainty in the day when Christ shall be revealed--for salvation to them that wait for His appearance but for confusion and desolation to the unbelievers and disobedient and all that have the Beast's mark and that worship his golden image.(29) This is the first sort of forerunners.

    The second is under the Dragon's regency. He does assume and take up persons in a particular manner in this day and vaunt himself very high with great arrogance, persecuting and spewing out his fury most impudently against the saints of the Most High. This is also a forerunning sign.

    There is another (third sign) sort of persons that are very serious and pious according to their present understanding but cannot bear any spiritual dispensation that might prepare for the reign of Christ as coming contrary to their expectations and traditions. This sort find themselves greatly repugnant and opposite to all that may be appropriated to the Spirit of Wisdom and Revelation breaking out at this day.

    Now upon the spiritual ministration opening at this time, these are as stirred up and awakened as were the righteous Jews and Pharisees who did ignorantly deny the appearance of God in the humanity of Christ in their day. So these after the same manner, out of an ignorant zeal, would persecute the Spirit of Christ in His resurrection (in spirit) in the children of the Kingdom. Of this sort there will be found a great spreading and high swelling before the coming of Christ's Kingdom.

    There is a fourth sort that do suddenly expect the personal glorious reign of Christ before He has accomplished His preparatory reign in spirit. These raise a mighty cry in the world but are too hasty to fetch down Christ before He has a church and bride prepared for Him. Such as stand gazing here must frequently be frustrated of their expectations.

    Another (fifth) sign will be the opening of the living testimony which proclaims the approach of Christ's Kingdom.(30) This shall be guarded and fenced with such power and authority from the Holy Ghost as shall convince and invite the monarchs and nobles of the earth to hearken thereto and look into the deep mysteries relating to it and to prepare for it. By their countenancing these spiritual things and improving all their power to promote this super-eminent Kingdom, they will be great presidents and leaders to their subjects. Hereby also there will be a mighty stirring for the bringing in of the scattered tribes of Israel. For they will begin to come in at the hearing of this joyful sound, to receive a resurrection out of their deadness in unbelief. This will be marvellous and wonderful.

    There is another (sixth) sort that may have hit the right mark and do profess and own the regency and dispensation of Christ in His Spirit, who are promoters of it and avouch themselves to be under the teachings and leadings of it, but these must not pass without being weighed according to the balance of the sanctuary.  These are such as have sprung up too quickly and suddenly in the true light and notion of it but have not taken deep root from the central wheel and essence of Christ the Eternal Word in themselves. Among such there will be a mighty shaking and falling away in the time of trial and probation. And among these will great subtilty and treachery of spirit be found against those of the same profession and alliance with them, even the betraying of the spiritual life.(31) This is a strategem of the serpent more subtil to hurt than any other.

    Of this too-gloomy appearance there is at this time that which cries for vengeance against those satanical powers who have thus craftily crept into the minds of those that were enlightened and had tasted of the heavenly gift.

    Now all these signs being increased and made good at this time, do certainly foretell that the kingdom and dominion is drawing near to the Daughter of Zion. This will constitute the Seventh Order, which consists of such choice and virgin minds in whom there shall no guile be found. They have passed through the probation-state(32) and have possessed the conquering bow of faith to such a degree that they are strong to go on in an overcoming might. By this they put to flight all opposing powers, whether in invisible, dark regions, or in the visible and temporary.

    Now it remains that the government and power and dominion of the Kingdom will rest upon such a select number who have first passed through great tribulations for the witness and testimony of the expected reign of the Spirit. This being kept yet in abeyance and delay, does awaken a mighty cry and ardent and vehement interceding among the sanctuary-waiters and worshippers.(33) This cry has entered and deeply pierced the heart of Him that is to descend as the mighty Saviour and Deliverer. For He is so deeply pierced by these cries that there was heard from the heavens a Voice saying,

    "Behold, I come with a full recompense of reward to the patient waiters and those holding out in this hour of probation. Yet a little while and the judgment shall sit and the decision be given, for there shall be a sealing go forth in the Father's name and My name and the Holy Ghost's, that shall be the true living drink that shall put an end to all prophetical worded testimonies, turning them into pure act and power."(34)

    This was the joyful sound heard from the Throne and Kingdom of the Lamb which gave also further intimation whereby it should be known by some following signs in whom the Kingdom of God should first appear, at first invisibly and internal, and afterwards, visible and external. This will be in such qualified persons as have been separated and called out of this worldly principle to see to the ends of their own earth and their sun, moon and stars of the rational and sensitive life, that ruled and governed in the earthly part, to be darkened and fall away.(35)

    This is an evident sign that the true Son of Glory will break forth and enlighten the whole inward heavens and earth in man. Thus He will set foot in the inward ground of the heart that it may be His Throne-habitation, there to reign until He subdue every thought, and every motion made subject to Him. Then shall the heavens and earth, in the new creature, rejoice that the King of Glory has taken to Him His great power to reign internally in the Omnipotence of His Spirit.

Seven Signs Following and the Sevenfold Process

    As it is thus invisibly made manifest, so it will open itself also and spread into a visible kingdom. There are seven visible signs that will make out the dominion and kingdom in its first appearance in whatsoever persons it shall open.

    The First is the dying marks, whereby they are thoroughly slain and crucified to the love of all inferior things pertaining to this earthly principle and kingdom.(36)

    The Second sign is that there shall have been a sowing into the death and perfect crucifixion, so that it rises and becomes a resurrection-plant in the Love-principle and Light-Kingdom. Here is all liberty, power and might to act and do visibly, according to the property of Christ's Resurrection-Life. Nothing of the worldly principle can any more touch or bind them down, being translated from out of the power and dominion of the satanical kingdom.(37)

    The Third sign that follows is the marks of the Ascension into those goodly tents which Christ, the Kingly Shepherd, has pitched for them near Himself. Here they may have free and immediate recourse to Him and He to them, receiving the impression and similitude of their Lord and having such relation to Him by standing so near His Glorified Figure.(38)

    The Fourth sign is their being constituted and deputed by virtue of the gift of the Holy Ghost to bear rule and government over the starry constellations and earthly elements (as to their malice) so as that no destructions or wounding weapons can enter here.(39) Nothing contrary to God's love can enter here because those in this place are encircled with the eternal burning element of God Himself which will devour all pricking thorns and briars that shall spring up and set themselves against them but which must turn to dust and ashes before them.

    The Fifth sign is the opening of the mighty spring of the Spirit of Faith that shall rise and conquer all self-reasoning so as not to admit of any doubt or staggering, but make its pass in a straight line up to the Glorified Jesus, as He is invested with all power in the lower regions as well as in the upper: and so unite with that powerful name, Alpha and Omega.

    Which faith in this great Name must produce those mighty works and deeds mentioned by our Lord after His resurrection as the signs that shall follow them that believe--"In My name shall they cast out devils, they shall speak with new tongues, they shall take up serpents and if they drink any deadly thing, it shall not hurt them. They shall lay their hands on the sick and they shall recover."

    Now by virtue of these mighty acting powers, redemption will be wrought out, setting free from the burdens and oppressions, penuries, maladies and other miseries that the whole creation has groaned under for so many ages.(40) From this no deliverance can be until these resurrection powers can come down to rest upon those who are to be the first risen witnesses hereof.

    The Sixth sign will be the great amazing wonder of all appearances that yet have been. A New Paradise shall again spring in the midst of this worldly Babylonish principle. The rosie and lily plants will lift up their heads as being installed again in their own native kingdom. It is the goodwill and pleasure of their Father to restore to them the rich dowries out of Wisdom's bank and storehouse which never was opened before. They shall be commanders both of what is needful in the upper world and in this nether world. No need of taking thought for this or that which belongs to the outward bodily state, for it will be given them as they stand united with Christ, their Head, to possess the earth and to inherit all things.(41)

    The Seventh sign is putting on Transfiguration, which will be accompanied with the descent and appearance of Christ in them, in His Glorified Figure by the glimpse of which glory they are transformed into the express image of His bright body. To this prepared Spouse, a Voice was heard saying, "Arise, Shine, for thy Light is come and the glory of thy Bridegroom is now become thy covering." The marriage here will be consummated from the High-Throne Majesty, who gives His full concurrence. Now what may be less expected from this matrimonial unity but such an offspring and new creation of spirits that may be all pure and perfect as was designed by the Father of eternity to bring forth after His own similitude before Adam's fall.(42)

    This was God's original purpose and could never be made void, though a stop was permitted to be put to it temporarily in order for the bringing forth of the manifold (and very highest) wisdom and wonders by Him who was, from eternal generation, the Son of God. By Him, all that was lapsed was to be repaired again to far greater advantage, which in the concluding part of all, secrets will be made manifest for the admiration and astonishment to all throughout the whole universe of God's creation.

    It remains now to observe what the seven eyes have truly discerned: the signs forerunning the kingdom and those that follow its arrival, as evidences of when the kingdom is truly come. And it will begin, as it was in the first Paradise, in male and female, through the restoration of the lost eternal Virgin-nature.(43) And as Eve did suck in the serpent's venom and introduced it into the first Adam, she thereby corrupted and involved him in the same transgression, leading to a going out and dividing from God the eternal root. Hence the banishment out of Paradise, and an exclusion and loss of the kingdom and dominion, was pronounced.(44)

    But now the Virgin(45) rises in her office to draw and feed upon that Tree of Life, and having tasted of the virtue thereof, gives to her chosen and elected mate, so known and assigned to stand in the office of him that brought in sorrow and the curse.

    That sorrow and curse must die and be extinguished as this Tree of Life, by this true eternal marriage of the Male and Female, come to spring up in fruitful powers. Then comes forth the renewing of that blessed Word that God spake in the beginning, "And God blessed them and God said unto them, 'Be fruitful and multiply and replenish the earth and subdue it. And have dominion over the fish of the sea and over the fowl of the air and over every living thing that moveth upon the earth'" --Genesis 1:28.

    Now this has been obliterated and lost in that lapsed generation that proceeded from the first Adam for these many ages of time that have passed over. But the grace and purpose of God cannot be nullified. It must be made good. The pure Eternal Virgin-nativity will recover itself and stand above all this apostatized state(46), whereby an end may be put to this sinful progeny of the Old World. But this great renovation and change will rise and come about gradually.(47) So from hence a new generation shall spread and multiply upon the earth as a deified leaven that shall eat out the bitter and sour leaven that had gotten into depraved nature.

Manner of Kingdom Entrance
and the True Virgin's Fruitfulness

    After this manner the Kingdom of God and His Christ shall come to be made manifest. Blessed are those that shall stand in the lot of this age and time,(48) worthily taking notice how the fore-mentioned signs do proceed as a sure prelude to indicate how near the Kingdom of God is. Which will run parallel, according to the type of the first creation.

    Now it may be considered what is required and may be incumbent on this latter age, chiefly those that are in a hopeful way of possessing and entering into the reign of this blessed day, looking forth as to when and where the Eternal Virgin will appear to clothe any with her bright clarity. From whence the kingly births and powers shall multiply into pluralities abundantly to replenish the New Paradise.

    This will be a wonderful time. Who among mortals shall live to see it but such as have reached the faith of a Christ-like unity? To them this new Kingdom shall stand all open and free to possess it in a joyful triumphant victory.

    I must not omit here to give the reader caution to avoid a mistake concerning the two representative figures made mention of.(49) As to the manner of generation, it is all purely spiritual, as the Holy Ghost shall go forth from them to overshadow and give a conception in such as are predestinated to bring forth Christ numerously through corporeal (bodily) forms in His various spiritual statures, as from an infant of days to the full grown age.

    When this blessed day from on high shall spring for the bringing down of this Kingdom of Heaven, there will be marriages of another kind than that which has been. It shall be all spiritual, angelical and divine; from whence a pure and holy progeny shall stand in this latter day upon the earth, born as Princely Heirs to reign with Christ in these lower regions.

Angelical and Spiritual Generation

    Further it is also to be taken notice of, that the first figurative representatives of this new modeled kingdom in which the Paradisical Male and Female do express Christ and the Virgin, taking elementary form, stand united most intimately and yet distinct. The Male has His Virgin in himself and so from thence may multiply a spiritual offspring as was proposed in the first Adam. And on the other hand, the Female Virgin shall have her male power and spirit in herself to bring forth in the like manner, according to the excellent might of the God-Man so incorporating with the Virgin-mind.

    So there will be no dependency upon what is without themselves, each one having the Deified Seed to procreate these angelical births from themselves. And though it may be the Wisdom and counsel of God to take up two figures in order to portray the matrimonial tie, yet no bonds will be upon them as to their outward persons being confined either to place or time. For when the happy day for their rising and appearing shall come to be, it will stand in that glorious liberty that they may be either resident together in one family, or otherwise in two different nations.

    For there shall be no hindrance hereby to their united spirit and power that shall co-work together for the bringing forth and spreading the miraculous powers of Christ's Kingdom. For by pure act of Omnipotent power, this New Creation state must be maintained and upheld. Its government and authority will be so surely fixed and inclusive that nothing like it has ever yet been known in the world since the creation. For the tide must turn and the Satanical powers and kingdom must give way to the Virgin with her Male-Birth that shall crush and bring all opposing nations under with the rod of iron.

    But others shall see and submit to this day of Christ's glorious Sovereignty, offering themselves willingly to be admitted as subjects of this Kingdom and Dominion that is given to the saints of the Most High. The motives hereunto will be so great and marvelous as shall invite all from the highest degrees and ranks of persons, to the lowest of conditions. There is a Gate of Paradise that shall be opened to such as can derive their descent and birth-degree from the Virgin and the Father of Eternity.

The Gate of Paradise Opened

    Now it must be further declared what was figuratively represented of a fiery horn filled with oil, that was held in the hand of an angelical person who was sent forth to sound. A voice was heard saying, "Cry aloud." And it was answered, "What shall I cry?" And it was said again, "O earth, earth cast forth thy dead that have lain buried with Christ their Head." The power of this sound did make the earth to tremble. And by the dropping oil out of the fiery horn it gave a resurrection, mystically, to all that were dead to the delight, love and resting in this outward principle.

    These were those that were signed and marked to be made partakers of the first resurrection-life, over whom the second death had no power. These have received the royal stamp and dignifying power to reign as Kings and Priests and Prophets, having the spiritual seal upon them of the Father and of the Son. And these, being as the firstfruits of God and the Lamb, shall go forth to awaken those that are dead in a sensual and earthly life by sounding forth the Love-call of God to those that are yet strangers to the knowledge of this blessed Resurrection-State.

Ministration of Fire Prior to Sounding
of the Seventh Trumpet

    But here it is to be understood that these do first rise but in a child-like state and so grow up as Christ Himself did, in Wisdom and Stature. This being as the time of their minority, they cannot suddenly reach to the full possession of their inheritance and kingdom. But as Princely spirits they will be brought up and served according to their high spiritual birth-degree. As Moses was brought up in all the learning of the Egyptians as the son of Pharoah's daughter, so shall these Heaven-born children be taught, disciplined and instructed in all the divine arts in the Royal Court of God their Father, and the New Jerusalem, their true native Mother.(50)

    From which may be expected the great deeds and wonders to be acted forth after the manner of Moses and of the prophets and apostles and that in a degree more eminent and glorious than all that has been heretofore. This is because it will be the manifestation of the great day of Christ's setting up His Kingdom and Reign here upon earth, over all nations and kingdoms(51) --this has never yet been, but the prophecies concerning it are now at hand to be fulfilled.

    Therefore it is foreseen and shown that this fiery horn does forerun the Seventh Angel's sounding, to awaken and raise the dead. The extent and power of this sounding will be such, and the motives so strongly prevailing, as to take hold of the great potentates that are in possession of temporal honors and riches, rule and governments. All of which they will be convinced are much inferior and beneath what the children of this new Kingdom shall come to inherit.

    For here in this Kingdom there shall be no cross in their crowns, no fear of loss or suffering, nor dread of death. So many are the prerogatives that do attend this state that they cannot be numbered. For they have here their pass out of the land of curse and all evils and maladies, into the Land of All Blessing and Plenty, Peace and Joy.

First Sound To Invite Kings and
Nobles of the Earth

    O, ye great and mighty ones of the earth! Know that this Love-Horn has its commission to blow to you. So that a resurrection-life you may advance unto, to put on such Princely Glory as you need never fear to be disrobed of. Surely nothing can parallel with such a Love-call as this, for the giving of such a full exit from the delights and pleasures of the earth. Which will be the most admirable, because hitherto God has chosen the poor of this world and the weaker and foolish things, to confound the wise and the things that are mighty.

    Not many wise men after the flesh, not many mighty, not many noble have been called, but now it is understood and perceived that there is a peculiar purpose and goodwill of God to these, to as many as will incline to obey. They may count it their more abundant dignity, pleasure and honor to serve in the Courts of the Mighty God and King, improving all their interests and powers from Him, and counting it their great happiness that they have any powers and opportunity in their hands to promote the Reign of Christ in Spirit--according to all that has been made manifest.

    Thus ye would be as mighty Presidents to turn the stream and tide that hath run so vehemently downwards for the propping up the Satanical and earthly kingdoms, and cause it to run as a mighty torrent for the Spiritual and Heavenly Kingdom. Which may hereby come to spread as Lightening through all parts.

Second Sound to Invite Priests and
Pastors of the Church

    The second cry that sounds out of this fiery spiritual horn is to awaken such pastors and watchmen(52) as may go forth in the power and spirit of Elijah to turn the hearts of the fathers to the children and the disobedient to the wisdom of the just. For this the age of time is now ripening, that such shepherds God will raise up as shall feed His flocks from a lively ministration of His Own Spirit and no longer from a low traditional form to take up a rest therein. Instead, they are to move and press themselves, and excite others, to reach this Resurrection-mark.

    When God shall revive this Ancient Prophetic and Apostolic spirit in a public ministry, this will be a great sign that the harvest of Christ's Kingdom is to be gathered in.(53) Therefore, a Healing Embassage (a message delivered by an ambassador) from Heaven is now sent down that calls and urges for a universal harmony and unity. From this harmony and great unity may be expected a marvelous and wonderful change in coming out of all strife, contention and division. For the Prince of Love and Peace is near to pitch His Throne-Dominion and Kingdom--first invisibly and spiritually, in the hearts and minds. And from thence will go forth such mighty influencing powers as shall cause all that is destructive to this Love-Kingdom to cease.

    Highly favored and blessed will those Holy Watchmen be, that in a reconciling spirit, shall be sent forth to prepare a people as subjects to the Mighty King. He, in judgment, truth and righteousness must rule and reign over the whole earth.


    So according to these forementioned signs and prophetic sounds, a lively hope may spring in the faithful, who do continually intercede, wait, and pray for the Resurrection-flock to be gathered in, to feed under the overshadowing power of the Mighty God and Saviour. To Whom alone renown, praise and glory will herefrom spread throughout the earth. FINIS.

27. It cannot be successfully argued that this is not one of the signs of the coming of the Son of Man. "But as the days of Noah were, so shall also the coming of the Son of Man be" --Matthew 24:37. They were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage. But we find upon a reading of Genesis that is not all that was going on in the days of Noah. We find that wickedness was great in the earth. So great that, when Enoch began to walk with God, it was worthy of note for it implies that others did not. It does not take long at all for spiritual decline to set in. Enos, the third from Adam was a very wicked man. The KJV is translated to read, "Then began men to call upon the name of the Lord" --Genesis 4:26. But other translators disagree with this rendering and translate it thus: "Then, in his days, the sons of men desisted from praying (or became profane so that they prayed not) in the name of the Lord." To whom did Noah, a preacher of righteousness preach but to the ungodly? For what reason did God send the deluge but to bring an end to the wickedness on earth? Of whom did Jude say that Enoch prophesied but those ungodly in his day?

28. I suspect that many are led to believe that upon some great and catastrophic occurrence we shall be encouraged to expect the day of the Son of man, but that is exactly opposite to what we are told the days of Noah reflected. We are told that in his day all continued as every other day before it, with no alarming incidents transpiring in order to indicate the arrival of a particular event. Rather, we are told that nothing of that nature ever occurred, but that they knew nothing until the floods came and took them all away. Instead of some calamity being a sign, it seems that the very nature of all things remaining unchanged and "as they had been since the fathers," is one of the foremost and surest signs of the coming of the Son of Man.

29. It is helpful for us to understand that the mark of the Beast is not primarily something which can be seen or placed upon our hand or in our foreheads. It is not natural at all but an evidence of a spiritual alliance. Many may never take a physical mark in their physical hand and forehead and yet still be required to go into the lake of fire because they were never delivered from the true mark of the Beast. His mark, name and number are one--the nature of fallen man, a bestial nature. From this all must eventually be delivered. The opening of the sixth seal in Revelation six reveals that a people are to receive His Father's name in their foreheads. This is the sealing of the sons of God, and it is at this time, I would surmise, that those remaining under the mark and nature of the Beast must continue under it until provision has been made for their release from it. "He that is unjust, let him be unjust still: and he which is filthy, let him be filthy still: and he that is righteous, let him be righteous still: and he that is holy, let him be holy still"--Revelation 22:11. But we know that something must take place even after this pronouncement, for if He is to make all things new, then those who are as yet under the reign of the Beast must find their release, for the Beast is at last cast into the lake of fire for its destruction.

30. The opening of the living testimony, we are told, takes place after the sounding of the seventh trumpet and the temple of God is opened and there is manifested in His temple (in David's tabernacle) the ark of the testimony which is Christ in a people. The temple of God is that people - a temple not made with hands. In that people is Christ, the hope of glory, yet hid and obscured by the veil of flesh until its removal in Christ. When the seventh message is sounded forth and God's people hear it and believe it, the veil is done away in them and they find themselves living in the place of "not I, but Christ." This experience places them inside their inheritance for it is the catching up of the manchild of Revelation 12:5 and there is war in the heavens, war in the inheritance, and Satan and his angels are cast down. The warring spirit of David is manifested in God's people at this point to the removal of every adversary and impediment to Solomon's peaceable reign. For Solomon's typical and permanent temple cannot be raised in us until David's wars have ceased.

31. This often seems too difficult for many of us to truly conceive as being a possibility. That is, that even among the remnant there might be tares that have grown up with the wheat, awaiting the end of the age when the separation comes that finds out that Judas spirit which has thus far mingled among true brethren. We might note that if it was so with the Lord Jesus in particular, it shall also be so with His members and those who follow Him all the way.

32. If you have read another of Jane's books (which we have available) called Ascension Angels, you will know that this term, "probation state" has to do with that trial period through which one is required to pass wherein all that is of the soulish realm finds its end and may no longer be allowed to place its obligations or concerns upon us. Here is the cutting of all shore lines and soulish umbilical cords as children, parents, family and all loved ones find that Christ is all and that they no longer have either preeminence or control over what once was almost entirely theirs. This trial period must be passed through before there can be the ascension for union and glorification.

33. It is for His government, power and dominion to be established and fully reached within us that we groan as those souls under the altar which cry out, "How long O Lord? How long?" The answer is that those who have reached such a station, must wait yet a little season, for this is but the opening of the fifth seal in us. It is during the opening of the sixth seal in us that there comes the sealing in the forehead and the mind of Christ is imparted. With that the dominion, power and government so long delayed is at last possessed.

34. I have shared for years with those I have ministered to, some of the testimony concerning this very thing which occurred in the life of Mrs. Martha Wing Robinson, of Zion, IL. She lived near the turn of this century and had been mightily used of God. But she became so hungry for more of God that she began to cry out to God for whatever this thing called "death to self" meant. She said that she had not prayed long before the Holy Ghost began to intercede through her and His prayer, she said, was like that of a grandfather tick-tock clock--"Let-me-die! Let-me-die! Let-me-die!" She said that she continued in this manner for some months, until one night as she knelt down to resume praying, there was no prayer in her soul. She said that then suddenly she heard the Lord speak and the peculiar thing about it was that He spoke simply across her lips. She said that it was as if He had taken her and put her someplace else and Himself had completely possessed her. "I had no thoughts of my own," she said.

This testimony was not a mere flash in the pan but remained her abiding state in God until He took her home some 15 years later. She did nothing except what she saw her Father do. She spoke nothing except what she heard her Father speak. The Lord worked such a supernatural work in her body that her natural body was changed in certain ways. She found that she could eat, but she didn't have to. He gave her another body not subject to the same laws our natural bodies are subject to. She had stepped over into the reality of "Not I, but Christ" --Gal. 2:20.

She said that no one knew at first what she had come into for there were no books, no tapes, no preaching or teaching on it in those days. Then the Lord showed her that it was the mystery of the indwelling Christ and was a taste of something that He would do in the last days. Her experience was given as an example and an encouragement to those called into it in this day. Thus far, there has been much teaching about it, but none of it has come near touching the glory of it.

35. We are to know that when our sun of reason is darkened and the moon of our sense-life does not give her light, and every starry imagination has been cast to the earth in us like untimely fruit and every island and mountain of human self-strength has fled away--then, then shall we see the sign of the Son of man coming in the new heavens with great power and great glory. It is upon such a blessed ruin that Christ makes His advent within those who are looking for Him. This glorious appearing shall first be an inward and invisible one, but it shall soon be contained and restrained no longer but go on to fill and lighten the earth with both the glory and the knowledge of the Lord. These are that city Abraham looked for--coming down from God out of heaven adorned as a bride for her husband in the glory of God. In this city there is no light of the sun, neither is there the light of the moon. There isn't even the light of the golden candlestick of Bible-knowledge that was once needed in the Holy Place. The only light in this city is God and the Lamb.

36. We will do well to keep in mind that it is only Christ who is able to lay His life down. We therefore need to abide in the place of "Not I, but Christ.", by faith. The spirit of that life is a sacrificial life. It is His life.

37. Unless I err, this is that into which Martha W. Robinson entered. The life she knew in this place had nothing of the imposition of the flesh nor any actions or assertions from the flesh about it. It was the beginning of the glorious liberty of the sons of God.

38. Here is a manifestation of a further work of renewal which we are to expect. There comes such a union with Christ that no longer must we turn aside by the shepherd's tents asking after our Beloved. We are joined unto Him.

39. What she here alludes to as the "gift of the Holy Ghost" is not as it had to do with the in-part realm but speaks of His bestowal upon some in fullness. "By virtue of His power they are to rule over the starry constellations and earthly elements" denotes the imaginations and workings of the rational mind and the lusts and workings of the flesh, to which she characteristically refers in a metaphorical sense.

40. From the reading of this line we may form some idea, although altogether deficient, of that which God is about to begin bestowing upon mankind through Jesus Christ, manifested first in a remnant. Those coming into the "glorious liberty of the sons of God" shall no longer know anything of such as are listed in this line and further, they are to be completely released from the burdens of the fallen physical body. How truly spoken is it that "Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the mind of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love Him . . . but God hath revealed them to us by His Spirit" --I Corinthians 2:9,10.

41. It is to be reckoned a great irony and paradox that what was lost through Adam's transgression is to be restored and know its debut right in the midst of the Babylonish principle working as yeast or leaven in its midst until the whole is thoroughly transformed. Here all is brought forth from the supernatural ground of faith, the new currency by and through which all is to be procured. While some do presently share out of their abundance of carnal things today, they shall discover that they have made to themselves friends with the mammon of this world by using the mammon of this world discreetly. For those elected to enter first into these glorious things still need sustenance in temporal necessities until entrance is fully gained. When the great overturn occurs and a new coin is stamped, those whose temporal needs they have attended to shall now begin to furnish their needs, both from that which is spiritual and eternal and that which is temporal and natural.

42. It should be ever remembered that God never deviates from a thought or an aim. He is able to do all that He desires to do. The fall and all that has taken place from the beginning is all part of the original purpose God had for man at the start. We are not involved in Plan B or C, for the Lamb was slain before anything of the original creation was ever undertaken. He worketh all things after the counsel of His own will.

43. We must understand that if God made man in His image and after His likeness and made him male and female, it can only follow that God had His female, Virgin Wisdom, within Himself just as did Adam before he began to look without himself for his completion. Jacob Boehme and Jane Leade both have much to say about this.

44. It strikes me as most interesting to note that Adam and Eve, in this garden called Eden, typify the spirit and soul. The spirit is the masculine and the soul is the feminine. In fact, the Hebrew word, Ruach, (spirit) is a masculine word and the Hebrew word, Nephesh, (soul) is a feminine word. We are taught mighty things in this type if we are willing to hear it. Also, it is interesting to remember that until the Serpent asked Eve the question, "Hath God said?", there had never been a question asked. She should have resorted to her husband, the spirit, for the answer. Instead, she reached with her mind for an answer and when she arrived at an answer she had partaken of the tree of knowledge and in the process had awakened the carnal mind. To be carnally-minded is death. God does not speak to us in our soul but in our spirit.

45. This Virgin is the same Wisdom spoken of so highly in and throughout the book of Proverbs. "My son, attend unto my wisdom, and bow thine ear to my understanding: That thou mayest regard discretion, and that thy lips may keep knowledge. For the lips of a strange woman drop as an honeycomb, and her mouth is smoother than oil: But her end is bitter as wormwood, sharp as a two-edged sword. Her feet go down to death; her steps take hold on hell"--Proverbs 5:1-3. She is referred to as Virgin Wisdom because, as God's Wisdom, she is utterly pure. She is sometimes referred to by Jane Leade as Sophia, because Sophia is the Greek word for Wisdom.

46. Jane Leade uses such beautiful metaphors in her descriptions, yet it requires the spiritual mind to understand that of which she speaks, and this is as it should be. What she is telling us here is that the state from which Adam fell, the state where all is ordered by Virgin Wisdom, shall be again attained to by those fully redeemed. We see this state manifested clearly in the Pattern Son, Jesus, the last Adam. It is to this that man is to be returned.

47. This we cannot seem to get into our heads or hearts, that God does nearly everything that He does gradually! We're in a hurry. We plant trees. God plants acorns. He is in no hurry. He has waited 6,000 years getting us where we are now. The Husband has long patience as He waits for the precious fruit of the earth--Christ. It is in this gradual unfolding that is seen the manifold wisdom of our God.

48. I am sure that we do not, indeed cannot, fully appreciate the blessedness of being born into such a time as this. When I think of the multitudes of holy men and women of old, more worthy than us, who have walked this way before us, and that we, of all people have been blessed to look into the mysteries of this hour I am simply astounded and at a complete loss for words. He uses such contemptible earthen vessels so that it may be quite obvious that the glory belongs to the Lord and not to the vessel.

49. It is comforting to note that Jane gives such a warning. It is quite easy for the carnal understanding to take a spiritual truth and handle it in such a way as to completely pervert it. These marriages metaphorically spoken of here, as well as the conceptions and generations are completely and entirely spiritual. We have it upon good authority, the Lord Jesus Christ, Himself, that those who come forth in the first resurrection neither marry nor are they given in marriage, but are as the angels of God in heaven. All thus begotten of the Spirit shall be without the leaven of sin, thus bringing to an end the self-perpetuating curse passed on to mankind through the first Adam. All this is effected by way of the last Adam--Christ Jesus.

50. It should be once again noted that in Tabernacles it shall not be as in Pentecost where they were all together in one place and suddenly the Holy Ghost fell upon them and great spiritual transactions were made. No, everything about Tabernacles has to do with a gradual process.

51. It must be admitted that, thus far Christ's kingdom has held sway only in the hearts of men. Now it shall, as Daniel's "little stone cut out of the mountain without hands" begin to manifest itself and increase (and of the increase of His government and power, there shall be no end) until it covers and holds sway over the entire earth, including all nations and kingdoms whatsoever.

52. Is it not strange, indeed, that the first call is to presidents, kings and potentates of the natural, earthy realm and the second call is to pastors and watchmen of what we have considered a higher realm? It seems to indicate that these heads of state are in many cases as much ministers and servants of God as some so-called pastors and watchmen.

53. It seems to me that we can, without a doubt, look about us and see this ancient prophetic and apostolic spirit in public ministry in operation even now among some. Also, as never before in my own life and observations, there is an incitement and incentive to press in and strive toward the mark of the first resurrection. She says that this is a sure sign that there is soon to be a gathering in of the ripe harvest.