The Prefatory Letter

To all the Love-Flock of Christ that are, or shall be
Elected and Chosen at this Day to wait for and to
bring in, and to enter upon the Fruition of His

Approaching Kingdom: Grace, Peace and Love
be multiplied abundantly.

    To you is this little tract commended so that you may observe with joy the forerunning signs of the Kingdom that is even now at hand; that you may lift up your heads because your redemption thus draws nigh. And being thus animated with fresh zeal, life and vigor, you may run your course with all steadfastness and haste, even to meet your Lord and enter with Him into the Marriage Feast. Then you may see the blessed dignity of your nuptial tie with Him actually performed in the New Philadelphian Temple.(1) This temple is consecrated to and built up by Love, Divine Love, to God and to each other.

    Thus, as true members of the same Body, sympathizing and partaking of each other's good, and being united under the same Head and Spring of life and joy, you may be made fixed pillars herein and never more go out.

    The author was under a strong impulse to bring forth these Signs of the Kingdom and had thoughts at first to have added them to the former book, The Ascent to the Mount of Vision. But as the Spirit opened and enlarged upon the subject, it was found convenient to make a little tract of it by itself. Also, it bears the date of another year.

    It may well be expected, upon the breaking forth of Wisdom's Day-Star (Jesus Christ) from on high, that many new and wonderful things shall be brought to light.(2) The darkness of the present age, with its prejudices and biases against the truth, shall give a great shock and offence to many. They, by thus confining themselves to the narrow compass of their own design, deny and dispute the entrance of every truth that is still to be opened. Thereby they shut the door upon themselves. Whereas, those who stand in an unbiased and impartial Spirit may, by the free admission of one ray of light, make way for another. Those who do so shall come to such a prospect of Divine Truth as should, by its orderly range and connection of each part, give an evidence of itself far more clear and sooner than can be acquired by a long, scrupulous and sceptical examination of each truth separately.

    The writings of this author are full of surprising manifestations of divine knowledge and are chiefly given forth for the children of the Kingdom(3) for their direction and assistance in their preparation-work. On this account they are earnestly recommended to their constant and diligent study above all others. And all that would receive the benefit of them are advised to suspend their censures and pass over such things as at first they fight and may not be able to receive. But they are to go on and draw together and compare the whole scheme of her writings, whereby I doubt not but there may be easily discerned the hand of God, and the conduct of Divine Wisdom therein.

    The Spirit of Wisdom at this day calls aloud to all the lovers of her, that they stand with open and enlarged hearts to receive her instructions and learn her secrets. She invites and encourages them to proceed in the quest and knowledge of her, and at every step and advance they make, she cries, "Believest thou this?" Thou shalt yet see greater things than these. And to those that shall thus freely admit her doctrine and obey her discipline, her intent is no less than to lead them on to full redemption. Yes, even to the recovery of their lost and faded state to the opening and enjoyment of Paradise upon the earth again.

    One of the signs given of the near approach of the kingdom of power and glory is the divisions and contentions that will arise through the malice and subtlety of the Enemy among the true Zion-Waiters, the children of the Kingdom themselves.(4) The Father of the family will be drawn to come Himself and quiet them and set all in due order. This sign we have verified already, and by the strong drivings of the Holy Spirit upon many at this time, we conceive the good hopes and assurance that God is indeed drawing near to do it.

    Wherefore we would bestir ourselves and excite all engaged in the same blessed hope in unity and love. For though the clamor the Enemy would make may hasten the deliverance, yet God cannot be expected to manifest Himself in the power of His Kingdom, except in such as do conquer and hold out in the hour of temptation. These shall stand stedfast in the true child-like simplicity, in sincerity and love of the Brethren. And this they shall do, notwithstanding all the exercises and trials they may undergo for the approval thereof, and in spite of all the stratagems, engines and batteries of the now raging enemy to drive them from it.

    Wherefore it has been thought convenient to insert the following persuasive to brotherly love and unity. It is a brief treatment of a comprehensive matter, drawn from a display of that mighty increase of the blessings of the Kingdom that are to be brought forth by it, and in it; and which are unhappily stopped and impeded by the contrary spirit.

For the Divisions of Reuben
there were great searchings of heart

    As there is a great occasion of rejoicing in the Holy Powers of God that are moving among us at this day, it is much to be wondered at and lamented that the children of the Kingdom, who are made partakers of them, should be so divided among themselves; falling out, opposing and fighting one against another.(5) They do thereby stop the free-flowing of the blessed Spirit among them and retard to themselves the Kingdom whose full possession of which they are awaiting.

    This is one of the greatest stratagems of the Enemy, to raise contentions about particular sentiments to the unhappy breach of that charity and unity in which they ought to stand overlooking and bearing with and in each other, those things wherein they differ in opinion.(6) This they ought to do while studying and pursuing unitedly those great and weighty things wherein they agree.

    For all agree to the bringing forth the Image and Life of Christ in themselves and others, the carrying on the work of the Kingdom, and the drawing down those mighty blessings wherewith the heavens are at this time teeming as they were in pain to be delivered and empty them forth into our bosoms. They call to us loudly and earnestly to bring our vessels that they may be filled; yea to bring more; to unite our vessels that they may be enlarged and multiplied; that the powers and blessings of God may be also multiplied among us.

    As God is at unity in Himself and also in all the inhabitants of the heavenly worlds (which is the completeness of their happiness), so He would be likewise in us, only we ourselves hinder it and, as it were, tie His hands and imprison the Holy Power and Spirit within us. God in one would go forth and meet Himself in another and unite them in One, both in Himself and in one another.

    But the corrupt man in us interferes by his own act, his own wisdom, his presumptions and his prejudices, and disputes His passage and denies Him free entrance. If these bars were but removed, how blessed and happy might we be! Every one might then freely open himself into another in pure union of divine love, under the conduct of the Holy Spirit and really enlarge Himself into a new Kingdom of joy and power in every member of Christ and the children of the Kingdom.

    Each one would communicate his talent to another and have it doubled and redoubled in himself, thereby into as many as he shall pour it, and everyone would possess the talent and Joy of another in himself. Now how glorious is this prospect in the increase and enlargement of the Kingdom of our Lord? For herein each one that shall be added, shall be given into us to be enjoyed and possessed as the addition of a new Kingdom. If, even now, when two or three of us, or a little company meet together in an imperfect and low degree of union and opening of the holy powers, we cannot forebear crying out, "How great, how excellent, how blessed is this ministration of the Spirit!", what shall we say, or what shall we think when it shall come to increase to hundreds, to thousands, to millions?(7)

    Yea, how blessed beyond all thought or expression is this prospect of the increase of the dominion and powers and joys of this Kingdom, and that still more and more in vast and redoubled portions without limit and without end, whether in time or in eternity itself. Here is the full completion of what the apostle describes (Ephesians 4:11-14) - the apostolic, evangelical and pastoral work, the perfecting of the saints, the edifying and building up of the glorious temple of the Body of Christ till we all come in the unity of the faith [the Divinely supernatural, all operative faith, the power, the will of God](8) and the knowledge of the Son of God, unto the perfect man. [The perfection of Christ Jesus in us, or the measure of the stature of the fulness of Christ.]

    That, speaking the truth in love, [Inspeaking from the Godhead Fountain opened within us, God Himself the Essential Truth, speaking into each other. That thus receiving Him into ourselves more and more, as the spiritual food of the divine life in us,] we may grow up in Him in all things, [answering and corresponding to Him by an essential reflection of Himself or a secondary way of His existence, by generation of Himself into us, according to His own fullness] who is our Head, our Root and Center, even grace for grace, beauty for beauty, glory for glory, according to the proportion of each member to the Head.

    From which, [our Head and life Root in whom dwells the abyssal fullness of the] Godhead Bodily, the whole Body [of His Church] is fitly joined together, [and united into One with Him] and compacted by that which every joint supplies [each member adapted and linked together, intertwining one into another in a seraphic wreath of love in its proper part and office], according to the effectual working in the measure of every part [as God opens Himself in this or that power according to the nature and due proportion of each member to the whole] makes the increase of the body to the edifying of itself in love. [By the outflowing of the Deity through every part, makes it increase with the increase of God in likeness to Him and possession of Him, more and more eternally.](9)

    Thus the act of edifying or building up the Holy Temple-Body of the Church of Christ will be this divine union and triumphant act of love. Hereby the eternal Father, ever generating in Himself, His Son and Spirit shall, in and through the humanity of Christ, make the Body partaker of the same joy with its Head. This shall draw it into a representation of and conformity to, as well as a concurrence with, that beatific act which united the Deity and Humanity in one in Him.

    Thus shall be the full answer of that prayer of our Lord, "That they all may be one, as thou, Father, art in me and I in thee, that they also may be one in us." And again, "The glory which thou hast given me, I have given them, that they may be one even as we are one." (John 17).

    Here also is the full accomplishment of that glorious prophecy of Isaiah, Chapter 9:6, "Unto us [now in us] a child is born, unto us a Son is given: [Christ in us in His resurrection life, born to dominion and Kingdom. For] and the government shall be upon His shoulder: [the government both of the heavens above and of the earth beneath; He shall display His glorious Reign in and through us and we shall reign in Him and with Him.] and His Name shall be called Wonderful, [Opening the amazing Wonders of the heavens, and the renewed and sevenfold powers of the Holy Ghost in His Church.] Counselor, [Possessor of the Eternal Wisdom; Opener of the everlasting Womb of the morning; the Morning Light; the Divine Sophia and Virgin Spouse of God represented in Revelation 12 as the wonder of the heavens, clothed with the sun, and the moon under her feet.

    Of which the Church is made representative as she shall open and display herself within her, travailing in and with her, as the true Mother of this divine birth, the Manchild that is to rule the Nations with the Rod of Power. This shall open that glorious dispensation and day of Wisdom expected in the Evening of the World (age), wherein Knowledge shall cover the earth as the waters cover the Sea.] the Mighty God, [In whom the Deity shall now exert itself in its mighty strength and power. The Omnipotence of God now gloriously manifesting itself for the bringing forth and establishment of this great birth and Kingdom.

    Wherefore also He is eminently called] the Everlasting Father. [For in this last ministration, the Eternal Father opens His principle and joins in the peculiar Power thereof to relieve and reverse the long dying and suffering state of Christ in His Church to a state of glory and triumph. And thus He becomes] the true Prince of Peace. [Putting an end to the bloody wars and persecutions that have been raised hitherto against His church, whether by the Prince and powers of darkness, or this world; quenching the spirit of strife and division in it and pouring out the spirit of meekness and brotherly love among all nations, turning their swords into plough-shares, and their spear into pruning-hooks.

    This shall be the reconciling of the discord of the elements and all the contradictions of nature so that nothing shall hurt nor destroy in His holy mountain. It will introduce the blessed and peaceable reign of the true Solomon (whereof the former was but a type and shadow), wherein shall be the abundant increase and plenty of all good things. Riches, both spiritual and temporal shall be had, with the highest Honor, magnificence and glory. Longevity of Life, as in the patriarchial age, shall be obtained for the enjoyment of it.

    Such is the dowry of the Virgin-Wisdom--as it is said, "Length of Days is in her right hand and in her left, riches and honour." (Prov.3:16). For this is the reign wherein she manifests and gives herself. Working with those who possess her, she orders all things sweetly and harmoniously and brings them into the peaceful triumph and joy of concord and love. Thus the Church and Kingdom of Christ on earth is formed after the model of that which is above, and that prayer of our Lord, so earnestly and constantly offered by His Church, is answered by the Father in its full extent. That His Kingdom come and His Will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Its peace is the complete rest of the Bride in the bosom of her Lord, enjoying the eternal stillness of the Deity and Dying, as it were, out of herself into God.]

    Then follows, "Of the increase of His Government and peace there shall be no end. [It shall increase till all nations shall be brought into it, and when the corrupt and fleshy births everywhere shall cease, it shall be multiplied by heavenly generation only, and that to infinity. It shall increase in each particular member to boundless empire and dominion in itself, each one possessing a new created world and paradise in himself--His Emmanuel dwelling in him centrally, as in microcosm. So also, shall be the increase or manifestation of God in the whole, as in macrocosm, through the eternal impregnation of the whole Virgin-Body from and with all the various powers of the deity.]

    This, in and "upon the throne and kingdom of David to order it and to establish it with judgment and with Justice from henceforth even forever." [The concurrence of the Father's power and Kingdom with the Son's, shall be the uniting of the two reigns of David and Solomon in One. The invincible Might of the Former subduing all enemies and bringing forth judgment unto victory, concurs with the righteousness and beauty of holiness in the Latter, for its manifestation and triumph; its fixation and establishment forever.]

    "The Zeal of the Lord of Hosts will perform this." [The severe, earnest, all-powerful, all-active Fire of the Father, united and manifested in the meek love-flame of the Son, proceeding and issuing forth together in the fiery baptism of the Holy Ghost; the whole Trinity, as it were, focusing their power and influence in this third and last ministration, will gloriously, triumphantly, and speedily bring all these wonders to their accomplishment. His own arm will bring forth this mighty salvation and total redemption for the honor of His great Name alone.]

    This is the Kingdom blessing and joy that our good God is moving in the powers of His Spirit to bring down and open among us, and so dispense it to the whole Church. Yea, the whole creation is groaning and travailing in pain even until now, waiting for this manifestation of the sons of God. Yet, there is now that which causes a delay in the birth and calls aloud for the unanimous consent and concurrence in the strength of divine love to bring it forth.

    Oh, who among the Zion-waiters would not be ashamed and grieved at the thought of being in any way instrumental in the unhappy prevention or proclamation of it? Or who would not upon the nearer view and prospect of such indescribable blessings, immediately discard even the least motion that shall tend to strife, disunity or alienation of Love? Would not all true Zion-waiters rather concur with all their might, in unity of Spirit, to increase the little strength of brotherly love for the bringing forth of the Manchild of power; the son of Mirth and Joy, of Peace and consolation to the whole creation of God?

    If there were among the apostles of Christ contentions and disputes, and that from the evil root of self-love, emulation and prided strivings about who should be the greatest in the Kingdom, it is needless to be wondered at, if among the candidate-disciples for the triumphant Kingdom there should be found the like Spirit of ambition and emulation and jealous eye in some because of the gifts and favors bestowed on others. From there, through the violent temptation of the Enemy at this day, it proceeds to variance and distraction and an untying of the holy bands of love.

    But as our Lord, by an excellent document, set a little child in the midst of His disciples to reprove and teach them, so here the childlike spirit must principally be recommended and by all means labored after for its attainment of. This spirit is meek, humble, peaceable, obedient, patient, modest, submissive and resigned to the will of its Father in all things. We must have no will or desire of our own; no opinion of our own gifts or wisdom; no evil eye upon, or too forward to censure the gift of another, but delight to see them displayed for the honor of God though it be in others more than ourselves. Here there must be no self-appropriation. The very root of self must be removed.

    For the blessings of the Kingdom are not to be enjoyed in propriety, but in community. Here, instead of striving to be the greatest, those that are highest and enjoy most, must be the least and servants to the others. Communicating freely all they have, to make it theirs as well as their own. This is the true, generous and Christian Spirit, which according to the nature of love, overlooks, forgets, and goes out of itself into that which it loves, and that is its God and its brethren. As we shall be found in this, we shall truly approve ourselves in the relation we profess to bear to that glorious Philadelphian church which is to arise.

    We are not to bear only the outward name thereof, but also its inward signature in our hearts and show forth its lively impress in our conversation and actions. This will prove the most powerful and effectual persuasion to others and cause our light indeed to shine before men [in the brightness of the Holy Flame of Charity and Love] that they, seeing our good works, may glorify our Father which is in heaven, and acknowledge the handiwork and presence of His Holy Spirit in us.

    For this, O ye chosen and beloved ones, let the Spirit of supplication evermore ascend and wrestle till as Princes ye may prevail with God, and the everlasting day dawn upon you. Ye that make [such glorious] mention of the name [and Kingdom] of the Lord, keep not silent, and give Him no rest until He make Jerusalem a praise upon the earth. Give Him no rest till the New Jerusalem descend from heaven and the Church Militant becomes one with the Church Triumphant and both sing together the song of victory, blessing and honor and glory; and power be given unto Him that sitteth upon the throne and to the Lamb for ever. Amen.

Behold how joyful 'tis, how good, how dear,
Brethren to dwell in Love's delightful sphere,
Linked in Seraphic wreath of Union,
Each other's beauty, crown and joy their own.

Where the true High-Anointed Priest divine,
Mingles His heavenly manna, oil, and wine,
Through every part the flowing unction,
From the head e'en to his garment's hem runs down,
The garment of His whole creation.

'Tis the rich, odorous, fruitful, balmy dew,
That falls from God's high mountain, Hermon true,
Watering the dear-loved Zions hills below,
Which makes the Sharon Rose and Virgin-Lilies grow.

For hence the promised blessings wondrous store,
Proceeds in the First-Resurrection Power,
Blessing of joy and life, e'en Life for evermore.

1. She is, of course, here referring to that temple of the Lord made up of all those in whom the spirit of "brotherly love" is predominant because they Love the Lord with all their heart and therefore, their neighbor or brother as themselves.

2. There seems to be a delicate balance in God needed by those going on with Him into what is for them uncharted territory. There are things which God has ordained be placed under the seal of secrecy until its time for unveiling has arrived. For many, anything new is to them error. While fear will indeed keep one from going on with God, it is here that the delicate balance mentioned above is needed by us. While we are not to fear that we shall be led astray in our quest for God and His truth, we must exercise caution that we do not allow our quest for truth to outrun our quest and hunger for Him. If we are not balanced in this we stand the risk of straying into extremes. Let us keep our hearts set upon Him. As we do, He shall create that hunger in our hearts for truth as it is in Him, and having created it in us, He shall also satisfy it.

3. This is the one thing which has bothered me about making these things known through such a medium--that those who are not of the children of the kingdom might do injury to themselves by intruding into that which is not their portion. But if unsanctified gazers at the Ark could learn not to do so, I suppose God is still able to place a guard upon that which is for His children alone. Only those who are the children of the kingdom shall perceive the true value to be found herein.

4. What a humiliating confirmation it is to have contentions among brethren and fellow-ministers of the gospel, who ought to be contentious only as to who shall lay down his life, not as to who is first or gets the highest seat or receives the credit for work done. I still see nothing to change my mind about the following verse of scripture being the one, in all the Bible, most extravagant in its claims and which calls for the most faith in order to believe it. "All My watchmen shall see eye to eye when I bring again Zion." --Isa.52:8.

5. Since we are only now of late come to the "end of the age,"--that time reserved for the separation of the tares from among the wheat, we must conclude that at least some of what has hitherto been considered "children of the kingdom" has been but tares. Nothing else could account for such divisions, contentions and strife as that to which we have all been witness. We have it upon good authority that there were to be tares found in among the wheat until the end of the age. That they are found among the wheat tells us that tares are religious. I think it is interesting that we are told that the Lord will send His angels (messengers) to do the separation. The word used is, reapers, but He then tells us that the reapers are angels. A messenger is one who has a message. Thus, it seems wholly plausible that the very thing which separates the tares from the wheat, the goats from the sheep, is a message so requiring, so compelling that only the children of the kingdom, only those called to it are able to continue following. "Except ye eat my flesh and drink my blood, ye have no life in you," caused many of His own disciples to part from Him and follow Him again no more. It is to be that way in this peculiar and very unusual hour.

6. One of the surest signs of maturity is the willingness to accept differing views for the sake of maintaining the unity of the Spirit. Essentials excluded, of course. To bicker over nonessentials, and in the process, destroying the essentiality of the unity of the Spirit testifies loudly to the immaturity of those involved.

7. What Jane is here describing to us is the answer to that prayer that Jesus prayed in John 17:21, "That they all may be one...", and precious brother or sister of mine, that shall never be the result of some carnal or merely religious ecumenical movement on the part of men. God is the Author of this unity from start to finish! It must have its genesis within the breasts and spirits of men and must be according to a birthing of the Holy Spirit if it is to be real or lasting.

8. It should be noted that the faith by which all this works is not merely "faith," it is God's supernatural faith working in full agreement and accord with the one and perfect will of God. It is that which looses the omnipotent power of the omnipotent God. Thus we see something of the importance of God's dealing with many in this hour to bring their will to be yielded to Him in exchange for His. "Thy kingdom come, thy will be done in earth as it is in heaven." There is no kingdom of God where the will of God is not.

9. The section through which we have just passed may be thought by some to be excessively wordy, but she is merely quoting a lengthy Scripture with explanatory insertions throughout. She thus continues to do at various places throughout this writing. Her explanations have been italicized in an attempt to bring some clarity to the whole.